The Atlanta Sub & Sandwich Tour: Sandwich Shop Stops And The Quest For Atlanta’s Best

Sandwich Shop Stops: quick, say that again three times!  So after a LOT of research, I have come up with a list of 20 spots to visit.  Two places that I want to try are named… but not included in that twenty.  I really wanted to focus on locally owned and operated Atlanta joints; however, I did include three franchises.  Details after the jump!

If you want to see the rules for this tour, visit my Buddha Tours page.

The list (in alphabetical order):

Local: Alon’s Bakery, Café Pharr Out, Carolyn’s Deli, Henri’s Bakery, Lotta Frutta, Matty Cakes, Mimi’s In A Minute, Muss & Turner’s, Noni’s Deli, Patrick’s Sub Shop, Papi’s, Red Salt Pub, Sawicki’s, Souper Jenny, Southern Sweets, The Bread Garden, & the Mercantile.

Evil Empires: Firehouse Subs, Jimmy John’s, Jersey Mike’s.

I REALLY want to try Café Gourmandises, but I just think it will be too tough for me to get to.  That said, if anyone wants to bring me a sandwich … I won’t complain!The other spot I want to try…but seems to be just too far OTP is Vito’s Cafe.  That might change though as a weekend drive is not out of the question for either of those spots!

Well that’s about it for this post folks! Did I miss any must hit spot?  Stay tuned as only one sandwich can reign supreme!

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  • If you want to add one Vietnamese banh mi sandwich stop, I’d go with the roasted pork variety at Quoc Huong:

    You have lots of great picks already! Enjoy 🙂 I look forward to reading.

  • Oh man, I’ve been craving banh mi, buddha, if you go there, please let me know.

  • Yeah…i’ve thought about quoc … i might still do that…but I had planned to get my banh mi fix in at lees

  • Ok, put me down for the banh mi. Just way when.

  • oops typo 🙂 Just “say” when.

    P.S. When do you want your Cafe Gourmandises sammich? It’s up my alley. Go there all the time.

  • you know – i put that in there just for you (the request for a sandwich that is)…. i have wanted to try the place. We’ll work something out!

  • Greg

    You might want to include Savor on your list – they have a few really good sandwiches.

  • jonnymack

    New Yorker Deli on South Atlanta Rd just INSIDE 285 in Smyrna has excellent sandwiches and some of the best fries in the city. Worthy your time for sure.

  • merrymac

    5th Earl Market in Decatur is a must add when they re-open (closed due to fire at Trackside).

  • biskuit

    Two words: Star Provisions

  • @biskuit & greg – Star Provisions and Savour will *probably* get added in once I realize that this is probably just going to be a never ending excursion… I didn’t want to get too much into the markets but am already visiting Muss & Turner’s so who knows. I’m trying to keep this thing manageable, but that might just be wishful thinking.

    @merrymac – If 5th Earl re-opens, I may add them in

    @jonnymack – I will probably add in their Pharr road location… we’ll just see how this thing develops!

  • dawgfan

    I hope you try out Vito’s Cafe … Businesses in the burbs never get any love… I recommend the rueben, the french dip, our any of the paninis like the chicken artichoke with basil pesto! Yummmmm.. I’m hungry now

  • dawgfan

    When can we expect some updates?

  • @dawgfan: Sometime in the next couple of days. I wanted to hit up a couple of these places before issuing my first review. I think it’s important to get myself in the right mindset….

  • dawgfan

    I feel you …take your time and enjoy each place… Have fun… i’m jealous

  • cracklingchar

    pita palace

  • You need to try the po’ boy at Benny’s Bar and Grill. I just tried the restaurant and reviewed it on my blog. I did not review the po’ boy they feature, but since the AJC said in January 2008 that it was worth the drive to Snellville to try, I don’t think I need to punctuate their notion.

  • Sabrina

    Next tour you should go check out Nectar, this new spot in Decatur. They specialize in Panini and serve really amazing stuff. A lot of fresh and organic ingredients. The Truffle Panino is awesome, as well as their veggie panino… you have to try the Nutella/ banana panino too… I can just keep going. The greens, tomato are all organic and the bread is really fresh. This place is a must try.

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