Legos + McDonald’s: Every Thing Tastes Better In Plastic

I’ve expressed my love for LEGOS before.  I’ve also made no bones about my appreciation for rapidly prepared and delivered morsels of cow parts, pig parts, and “other” parts [See: fast food].  So now we have the heavenly marriage of two of my favorite things!  Enjoy:

Lego version Mac food Lego version Big Mac burger Lego version french fries

Yeah, you’ll probably notice that weird looking little symbol by the number … that’s a yen symbol folks … so no available in America-oh.


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  • Buddha, I got Lego’s for Christmas as a prank gift and had a ball with ’em–brought back so many great memories from childhood. Thanks for the post!

    • As a prank gift? Shizzle – those are some blinged out pranksters because legos are freakin expensive 🙂 Enjoy!!!

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