Gu’s Bistro + Krog Street Market = In Town Awesomeness [Rumors] 4

Posted by Foodie Buddha on May 10, 2013

gu's bistro food

Gu’s Bistro is on the cusp of changing the entire Chinese restaurant scene here in Atlanta. As it stands, ATLiens find themselves pilgrimaging to one of two zip codes whenever they crave something other than Americanized Chinese cuisine. One area is the Cloverleaf, where two Szechuan kitchens founded by the ronin-esq Peter Chang stand by (for the uninitiated, those two restaurants are Tasty China and Tasty China 2). The other area is the much mythologized Buford Highway, home of great mystique and much pomp.

It’s in the latter culinary causeway that we find Gu’s Bistro; perhaps the most lauded example of traditional Szechuan Chinese food in the Atlanta area. No doubt there are many devotees of the two Tasty China outposts; however, a number of his minions now frequent Gu’s in light of Chang’s departure to VA.

Regardless of which restaurant you fancy, most all will agree that good Asian restaurants in inner city Atlanta are few and far between.  Now, Gu’s is looking to change that and save folks many many gallons of gas.  Their targeted destination is the yet to open Krog Street Market. The ink isn’t on the paper yet but it’s about to be. Call this a rumor; but, call it a rumor with A LOT of legs.

If you haven’t heard of the KSM metroplex, it’s a large project going down in the heart of Inman Park.  It’s scheduled to open this year and the builders are actively pursuing restaurants from the likes of Ford Fry.  Meanwhile, with the recent opening of BoccaLupo and the impending opening of Staplehouse, the area is almost certain to be Atlanta’s new “it” neighborhood (at least in terms of restaurants … which is the only thing that matters).

Holeman & Finch Braves Burger Gets A Ticket Package

Posted by Foodie Buddha on March 28, 2013


So it’s been about a month since Southern Living told us that the Atlanta Braves were adding a Holeman & Finch burger stand at Turner Field.  Turns out, there’s a little bit more to the story.

Here a few neat little details:

a) There are three stands serving up the double stack patties, not one!

b) There are a limited number burgers available each game.  That’s not surprising given the fact that 24 are made each night when the burgers go live at 10pm back at the gastro pub.  However, the Braves has released a HF Burger Ticket Package.  Available on, there are 24 of these tickets available each game.  Basically, you get a seat in the pavilion and are guaranteed a burger.  If you haven’t had it before … the H+F burger is a double patty cheese burger served with three house-made treats: ketchup, mustard, and pickles.  Also, it’s served on a pan de mie bun from their bakery. The cost for the package is $32.  Yes, H+F will send an employee to each home game to monitor quality control.

c) If you don’t buy a burger ticket (which is special b/c it looks different than the other Braves tickets also commemorative), you can still snag one at any of those dedicated stands.  What’s bad ass is that the burgers are $10, aka the same price as they are at H+F’s mother ship.  That’s a far cry from the ludicrously priced steak sandwich Kevin Rathbun serves at the game.  That alternative gourmet option is something crazy like $24.  [I don’t remember the exact price]

Anyway, just thought it was worth a mention … if you missed the link to buy tickets that’s earlier in the post, here it is again!

Celebrate Charlotte Nelson [Reminder]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on February 23, 2013


I just wanted to remind everyone that on Tuesday, February 26th (aka this Tuesday), there is a fundraiser at SweetWater Brewery for Fox Bros. BBQ executive chef Charlotte Nelson.  Nelson recently succumbed to breast cancer.  The event will serve to celebrate Charlotte’s life.  Meanwhile, the proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Research Center, which is widely regarded for its extremely low overhead (aka … the money you give will end up in the scientist’s hands).

There will be plenty of “action” at the event. Ryan Hidinger of Staplehouse, who is in the midst of his own cancer treatment, is scheduled to speak.  There will be roughly twenty chefs (including Ryan Smith of ESS and Eddie Hernandez of TdS) slinging grub; and, in addition, tickets to the event are now just $50 (originally they were $100).  So basically … GO!!!!!

It should be a rocking good but bittersweet time; check out the details after the jump.

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Umi Sushi From Fuyuhiko Ito [Coming Soon]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on February 19, 2013


It’s been a few months since Fuyuhiko Ito‘s plans to open a Buckhead sushi bar started to leak out.  Now, it appears things are finally starting to come together.  The restaurant has been branded Umi, which is the phonetic equivalent of the Japanese word for sea.  Seems appropriate.  The restaurant just launched a facebook page and it’s replete with construction images.  The restaurant is located at 3050 Peachtree Road in Two Buckhead Plaza, which is right in the midst of Chops/Lobster Bar and the St. Regis (amongst other tenants).

It’s one of the restaurants I’m most anxious to see open.  Both Ito-san and his wife Lisa previously worked at the now defunct MF Sushi Bar.  Ito was one of the chefs while Lisa deftly executed the restaurant’s excellent Japanese desserts.  She also showed off her skills as head of service in the fancy pants Omakase room at MF.

While the restaurant hasn’t officially said what the opening date is, they are shooting for March 1, 2013.  My peeps tell me that date is more or less in play.  If there are delays, it might be a result of licensing and such as opposed to construction stalls.

Charlotte Nelson of Fox Bros BBQ Passes

Posted by Foodie Buddha on February 11, 2013


Sad news from over the weekend.  Charlotte Nelson of Fox Bros BBQ has passed.  She was 37 and she had breast cancer.  On Friday, Jonathan Fox emailed folks to update everyone on the status of Charlotte.  In that email, Fox mentioned an event for “Charlotte’s Web”, to help curtail medical costs and ease the family’s tension.  Sadly, Charlotte passed away on Saturday.  However, I have been told that the event is still a go, though the details are a little in flux.


The event is on Tuesday, February 26th, tickets are $100 and there are a bevy of participating restaurants/chefs.  You’ll get some grub (in the form of passed hors d’oeuvres), some booze, and you’ll get to participate in a silent auction.  Meanwhile, Moontower will be providing all of your auditory needs.

Tickets can be purchased via brown paper tickets and details of the event can be found on event website SupportCharlottesWeb.comThe website has not been updated to reflect Charlotte’s passing, but updates will be posted as soon as they are available.

I’ll update this post with any pertinent information I receive.


The proceeds from Charlotte’s Web are now going to go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation –92 percent of donations there go to directly back to research.

Sukiyabashi Jiro Gets Instagramed Hip-Hop Style 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 25, 2013

The opportunity for me to eat at Sukiyabashi Jiro, the 3-star Michelin subway port in Tokyo, before Jiro Ono departs is looking highly unlikely at this juncture.  So I must rely on others for any semblance of sushi satiation.  With some luck, maybe Jimmy will get there in a few months and I’ll get a true secondhand encounter.  But in the meantime, I’ve resigned myself to repeat viewings of Jiro Dreams of Sushi, continued refreshing of my Japanese food news feed, and conversations with my tomodachi in the Land of the Rising Sun.

While Sukiyabashi Jiro has long been a pretty big deal for food freaks, the aforementioned documentary has put Itamae Jiro Ono on the lips of people from all over.  Enter Questlove (@questlove), that dude from the Roots (you know – that flavorful hip-hop group that also serves as the house band for Jimmy Falloon).

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Kevin Gillespie: The Ronin Chef

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 23, 2013

Kevin Gillespie, the celebrity chef/cookbook author who is about to open Gunshow in East Atlanta, has decided to fill his time by offering his services up to small groups who want to hire him.  Basically, he’s decided idle hands are the devils play toy … so if you want Kevin to cook for you and up to 11 of your closest friends, email him at

gillespie-private-menuHe’s already got one on the books.  It’s tomorrow night and you can see the menu over to the right a few pixels.  Meanwhile, he followed up with a few points of clarification:

Hey Everyone,
Thanks for the overwhelming response to my last post. If you emailed me you should receive details about the cost and general format soon. To answer the most common questions:
1. Driving distance is anywhere I can reach in 5 hours or less from Atlanta.
2. Yes I will fly to you…if that’s what you would prefer.
3. The cost varies based on details of the event, but honestly , its not the cheapest dinner you will ever have.
4. Yes I can provide signed copies of my book when I come….actually no one asked that, but just in case someone was thinking it.
(via facebook)

So it’s kind of a cool opportunity.  The critical thinker in me says that no chef opening a restaurant should have that much time on their hands, but if Kevin’s confident that he can hit the ground running … well, then have at it.

Team Hidi: 01.27.13

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 07, 2013


Support Ryan Hidinger and Team Hidi.  All you need to know at

The bullet points:

a) Several Atlanta restaurants (Muss & Turner’s, Local Three, Empire State South and Five & Ten) to name a few have added a line to the bottom of their guest checks … it’s called “Round Up for Ryan”.  You can donate that way.

b) On Sunday, January 27th, there will be awesomeness from 4pm until 8pm at the King Plow (  It’s $150 plus some fees … buy tickets

The list of food that will be there is impressive and still growing:

Floataway Cafe
Muss & Turner’s / Local Three
4th & Swift
Brick Store Pub / Leon’s Full Service
Taco Mac
STG / Bocado
Miller Union
No. 246 / The Optimist
Double Zero Napoletana / The Iberian Pig
Restaurant Eugene / Holeman & Finch
Empire State South
Cakes & Ale
Greg Hardesty with Recess in Indy
Six Feet Under
Honeysuckle Gelato
Fox Brothers BBQ / The Big Tex

A Medical Diagnosis From Staplehouse

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 04, 2013

For those of you who follow my blog and the ATL food scene with any semblance of frequency, you probably know about Ryan Hidinger and his wife Jen.  They put together Staplehouse, perhaps the best supper club this city has to offer.

Well, Ryan is very very sick.  I’m not going to dress this up; rather, I’ll just point you to this post if you care to find out more.  Go check them out on the Staplehouse facebook page and spend some time over on the Staplehouse website.  They have a mailing list you can sign up for, which will be the best way to keep up with what they are dealing with.

Gato Arigato: Baton Supper Series Is Back … Sort Of

Posted by Foodie Buddha on December 09, 2012

noodle porn from ivan ramen at baton supper series

Baton Supper Series, that “on hiatus” underground supper club run out of Gato Bizco in Candler Park is revving up again.  Moses Archuleta & Bryson Tedford, who brought us awesomeness like this, mass mailed some people earlier tonight with some information.  All you need to know is in the email, which I’ve posted after the jump.

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