H&F Bread Co’s Loss is Alon’s Gain: Rob Alexander Moves To Alon’s 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 23, 2012

Not 24-hours after Holeman & Finch Bread Company opened their doors to the general public do we have some even bigger news.  Rob Alexander, the wunderkind head baker at H+F, has moved to Alon’s Bakery, another titan of ATL’s bread scene.

Even if you don’t know Alexander by name (cough … Tami …), you certainly know his work.  HFBC provides bread to many area restaurants.  Alexander has plenty of bread certifications, cut his teeth in France, slung flour with Thomas Keller, and has done great work wherever he’s gone. Dude is for real.

While I have your attention, this seems like an opportune time to mention the post on Alexander written by the better half of Ambiguously Foodie Duo over on Eat It Atlanta.  That’s one of the best food articles to come out of Atlanta’s writing culture, so give it a read if you haven’t.

Meanwhile, mark my words: this is the most notable movement in the Atlanta restaurant scene in at least the last year … if not longer.  On a more practical note, this isn’t like a new chef showing up at a new restaurant, so noticeable changes will probably take a little bit to come to fruition.

* Props to the Eat It for his twitter creativity for the post title.

BATON Supper Series: M. Wells and Black Pepper Appreciation Week 4

Posted by Foodie Buddha on October 25, 2011

M. Wells / BATON

Atlanta, I have a bone to pick with you … and I’ll explain why in paragraph six.

For the past few years, supper clubs have been one of the best, if not the best, things about Atlanta’s dining scene.   Tonight (or last night by the time you see this) marked the debut of BATON Supper Series, a locally grown concept that seems poised to make a name for itself.  The brainchild of ATLiens Moses Archuleta (of Deerhunter) and Bryson Tedford,  BATON is a supper series set to throw down on the last Monday and Tuesday of each month (6p-11p).  BATON currently operates out of Gato Bizco Café, a fabulous and truly under appreciated breakfast joint located in Atlanta’s Candler Park neighborhood.

What makes BATON so appealing is its unique way of introducing Atlanta to different types of food.  Instead of relying on a single voice, Archuleta and Tedford are going to put on each set of monthly meals with the help of a chef of notable acclaim.  Sounds pretty run of the mill right? Wrong! The catch: each round, BATON will feature a different chef who hails from far away.  It’s a kick ass way to breath fresh life into Atlanta’s dining scene and give Atlantans a taste of what’s around.

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MF Omakase Room at MF Buckhead [Splurges] 3

Posted by Foodie Buddha on September 15, 2010

Patrons of all sorts debate the value of a meal at MF Buckhead, Atlanta’s most shi-shi sushi spot.  Together with MF Sushi Bar and MF Omakase Room, Chris Kinjo’s restaurants are the easiest way to have sushi burn a hole in your pocket.  Though indulgent excess is on the decline, and Atlanta’s high-end dining scene is so thin that even Quinones is a once a week affair, elegant expense still has its place in our city.

For the past year and change, Kinjo has been utilizing his hidden room at the Buckhead outpost to serve some of the best sushi this city has seen in many a year.  Up a single flight of stairs, tucked away in a serenely styled room is a Japanese speakeasy that should be on everyone’s list for special occasions.  Believe you me, the MF Omakase Room is as good as it gets.

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Bobby & June’s Kountry Kitchen Restaurant Review – Midtown, Atlanta, GA [First Impressions] 6

Posted by Foodie Buddha on April 13, 2010

bobby & june's - street side by foodiebuddha.

Bobby and June’s Kountry Kitchen is a place of romanticism and idealized memories.  Every city has a place (or two) like this, a breakfast joint that serves as a tribute to times gone by from era’s long past.  It’s here we find this simple little shack, nestled in the bosom of high-rises and traffic jams.  Sitting proudly on 14th street in the cleavage between Midtown and Westside, Bobby and June’s bright yellow sign and weather tested wood planks immediately call attention to this Atlanta institution.

It’s a popular eatery amongst those that attend Georgia Tech, as it serves as a comfortable mixture of Waffle House meets Fox Bros.  With its very own barbecue pit, Bobby and June’s moves seamlessly between the world’s of Meat & 3’s and diners.  It was this history that coaxed me out of bed one recent morning, inviting me in for a meal where calories aren’t to be trifled with and organic is a term that applies to the Streak-O-Lean on your plate and not a food movement.  Though I’m much more likely to see a sunrise on my way to bed than on my way out of it, the opportunity to rejuvenate the Ambiguously Foodie Duo was just too much to pass up.

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Eat It, Atlanta Becomes Eat It, New York

Posted by Foodie Buddha on April 12, 2010

“Am Foodie, Will Travel For Meals.”  Many of us live by that motto … not all of us have the budget to fulfill that dream.  Thankfully, we can live vicariously through others.  Hot of the plane, Eat It Atlanta has blessed we plebeians with some excellent photo documentation of his recent excursion to New York City.  Included are pictures from his lunch at Eric Ripert’s Le Bernardin and his meal at Thomas Keller’s Per Se.  Sorry ladies, this half of the Ambiguously Foodie Duo is actually off the market … and his lady was the tag along of all tag alongs!  :-)  As you can see … it was awesome!  Go give the trip a twirl!

Le Bernardin by jwsobeck

The Iberian Pig Restaurant Review – Decatur, GA [First Impressions] 17

Posted by Foodie Buddha on September 29, 2009


Tucked away in the depths of Decatur’s town square, a new food-stop has emerged to beckon the foodies, the adventurous eaters, and the hip.  Backed by a wealth of internet buzz (here, here, & here – just to name a few), The Iberian Pig supposedly opened this past evening.  Truth be told, the restaurant found themselves accepting business over the weekend; hence the inclusion of the word “supposedly” in the previous sentence.

While people have shuttered at the meat-centric name bestowed on that relatively new joint over on the Westside, the reference to Iberian pigs has seemingly drawn a great deal of praise.  The truth behind the name is that Iberian pigs are the source of Iberico ham, aka pata negra, aka jamón ibérico.  As the restaurant has made it a point to include the delicacy on the menu, the name seems apropos.  Why the French word for slaughterhouse caused such a ruckus, whereas the reference to a slaughtered piece of pork brought praise, is an unsolved mystery.

But we digress.  Back on point, good press will only get you so far.  For a restaurant to succeed, they need to deliver.  Like the clockwork that is my life, the Ambiguously Foodie Duo (one part me, one part this guy) set out last night to see how things were starting off.

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