Serious Eats Says Atlanta Has Some Damn Good Burgers

Posted by Foodie Buddha on November 28, 2011

ann's snack bar - oh my god that's huge

Super blog Serious Eats just published a list of burgers they say are worth the hype.  The list includes 11 restaurants from all over the country and sure enough – Atlanta got two nods.  Both Holeman & Finch and Ann’s Snack Bar scored spots on the coveted list.  What’s more interesting is that Atlanta was the only city to get more than one place on the list.  NYC and SF sort of did – as Shake Shack and Umami Burger showed up – but those are chains.

Anyway, here’s what Serious Eats had to say:

Holeman & Finch

Holeman & Finch’s burger has been hailed by Food & Wine and Epicurious as one of the best in the country. I chose it as my favorite burger of 2010 for good reasons, reasons that I’ll just copy and paste here: "The juicy patties are simply exploding with a beefiness that sings freshness. The bread and butter pickles, ketchup, and mustard are all impeccably made in-house and are joined by melted American cheese and red onions. The whole thing is served on an unsweetened brioche made next door at the company bakery, which Bon Appetit just named one of the 10 best in America. I’m hesitant to call any burger perfect, but improving this thing does not seem possible." —Daniel Zemans, Chicago correspondent

Ann’s Snack Bar

I’m not sure any burger in Atlanta (even Holeman & Finch’s now-iconic double-stack) has been more hyped over the years than the Ghetto Burger at Ann’s Snack Bar. (A shout-out from The Wall Street Journal calling you the best in the US will do that.) At first blush, it sounds like it can’t possibly be a pleasant experience: a sketchy neighborhood locale amidst razor-wire chainlink fences where you’ll likely endure a crazy-long wait for one of only 8 seats and then risk getting yelled at by the sexagenarian proprietor for anything ranging from using a cell phone to cursing… all for what amounts to a double bacon cheeseburger with chili on it? But, yes, this sloppy one-pound-plus behemoth is that good. Like, last-meal-on-earth good. —Todd Brock, Atlanta correspondent

If you’re interested in some more burger porn – check out my Ann’s set on Flickr or watch Ann make her ghetto burger!

Ann’s Snack Bar Hopeful Sale Now On NBC [Videos] 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 04, 2011

Ann’s Snack Bar is famous.  You know that, I know that, and anyone who’s had the Ghetto Burger knows it.  Over the past year plus, rumors have inundated our food waves regarding the imminent demise/sale of Ann’s.  Now, NBC has picked up on the story.  Short but sweet I suppose:

[via NBC]

The Making of The Ghetto Burger At Ann’s Snack Bar [Burger Porn Videos] 8

Posted by Foodie Buddha on May 10, 2010

ann's snack bar - oh my god that's huge by foodiebuddha.

All this Atlanta burger chatter got me thinking: “Maybe it’s time for a diet.”  Then, I got a late night request from The Legend (twitter) which brought me to my senses.  Yes, maybe just one more day of gluttony (haven’t we all said that?).

You see, The Legend was taking a few people for a little afternoon birthday party at the world famous Ann’s Snack Bar.  It’s one of the few well known burger joints across our land that claims to be world famous … and really IS.  Despite rumors of its demise, brought on by the dominating Miss Ann herself, the Snack Bar is alive and well in East Atlanta.

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Ann’s Snack Shop Gets More National Love

Posted by Foodie Buddha on April 16, 2009

We all know the legend!  Ms. Ann runs a tight ship.  She’s gotten love from many of the top food publications, the Wall Street Journal, and now … CNN.  Deemed one of Five Tasty Burger Joints Worth A Visit, the buzz continues to grow.  I posted a quick hit review last month on the place.  The burgers are great, though I wish she did them medium-rare … oh well!  Even though the massive mounds of meat are heavily smushed, the grub is still good!  Check it out if you haven’t.

Ann’s Snack Shop Address & Information:
1615 Memorial Dr, Atlanta, GA 30317 // P: Don’t Bother // Hours: 11:30am – 7:30pm

Quick Hits: Ann’s Snack Shop – The Mellowing Of The Burger Meanie 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on March 05, 2009

My first trip, circa 2003, to Ann’s Snack Shop (internal), was as memorable as it could get.  Given the absence of great Atlanta food blogs at the time, I had no idea what to expect.  I sauntered in, plopped myself down at a stool and quickly hunched myself over the bar.  Within moments, I was summarily dismissed from my seat by Ann herself.  I walked out that day hell bent on returning!  Several years later, and with a few extra pounds on me, I find that Ann seems to have simmered down a touch.

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Ann’s Snack Bar Still Rules This City!

Posted by Foodie Buddha on December 21, 2008


UPDATE (12.22.08):Cliff Bostock posted this over at Omnivore as well! Way to go ANN!!!!

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