How A Vegetarian Cheats

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 31, 2012

Here’s an oldie but goodie … proof that even vegetarians love bacon.


Bacon Pancakes [Recipes] 3

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 28, 2011

I hate bacon.  I don’t really mean bacon itself, rather … I hate what has become of bacon.  It’s everywhere and it’s Benton’s fault!  Still, when I found this recipe for bacon strip pancakes, I knew I had to make them!  So while y’all are reading this, I’ll be making this!

To be honest, had this been a recipe for regularly shaped pancakes with crumbled bacon, I’d have passed.  Apparently, this healthy little breakfast destructor was posted in a 1962 magazine ad.  It read as follows:

"Just about the best breakfast that ever greeted a hungry family! And it’s as easy as this: Shake up Aunt Jemima batter according to package directions. Place cooked bacon strips on the griddle and pour batter over each strip. Bake ‘em golden brown on both sides. Couldn’t be easier – couldn’t taste better! How about Aunt Jemima Bacon Strip Pancakes at your house tomorrow!"

Anyway, the recipe is after the jump!

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Bacon Ipsum: Lorem Ipsum Goes Meaty [Laugh of the Day]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on June 11, 2011

BACON!!!!!!! BACON BACON BACON BACON!!!  Yes, is just what it sounds like … a lorem ipsum generator for the foodie challenged.

Here’s a sample:

Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet sunt adipisicing laboris, qui in eu velit short loin. Occaecat fatback nulla laborum quis, adipisicing nisi pariatur irure tri-tip. Voluptate ham hock pork belly, tenderloin magna ham aliqua ut bacon duis enim strip steak meatball. Aliquip beef ribs venison consequat turkey culpa aute, sed ground round pork chop. Shankle labore ham hock irure, sint short loin biltong pancetta ham. Aliquip esse duis, venison et exercitation chicken fatback est shankle laboris beef sint consequat. Laborum pork belly meatball, swine qui pork loin ea venison in chuck ullamco aliquip.

[via Giz]

BaconFest At Dad’s Garage Renders In Fat On March 27th 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on March 24, 2010


Ladies and gentleman, vegetarians and pescatarians of all ages, get ready to check out BaconFest 2010 this Saturday, March 27th.  Hosted annually by Dad’s Garage Theatre Company in Inman Park, the fundraiser features the predictably awesome combination of beer, bands, and bacon!  Admittedly, I’m not such a big fan of the first part, but it’s still a hell of the combination.  The party starts at 1pm and goes until 5pm (which is when the improv show starts).

Amongst the musicians that you’ll find on site, Mike LaSage of P’Cheen will be serving up jalapeño-infused bacon while playing tunes with his band.  You’ll also be able to hear the Fingering Brothers, Bases Loaded, The Jaguars, and Nine Inch Neils.

Here’s the deal on tickets:

  • Big Pig – VIP Fest + Show Tickets: $45- Includes admission to BaconFest from 1-5pm, game tickets, UNLIMITED BEER & BACON, and admission to the 5pm improv show.
  • Medium Pig – Festival + UNLIMITED BEER & BACON: $35 - Includes admission to BaconFest from 1-5pm, game tickets, and (yup, we’ll say it again) UNLIMITED BEER & BACON.
  • Lil’ Pig – Fest Only: $15 – Includes admission to BaconFest from 1-5pm, game tickets, 1 draft beer, and 1 pork-tion of bacon.

If you hurry, you can buy your tickets online!!!


Dad’s Garage Information

280 Elizabeth Street, Atlanta, GA 30307 // 404.523.3141 // Dad’s Garage website // Dad’s Garage twitter // Dad’s Garage on facebook

Learn How Kevin Gillespie Takes Down Snail Fricassee,Top Chef Style [Lessons] 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on September 10, 2009

By now, you almost certainly know that Atlanta’s own Kevin Gillespie, the chef/partner at Woodfire Grill, is kicking ass and taking name on Top Chef: Las Vegas.  His latest accolade came on the heels of an impressive quickfire performance in which he prepared snail fricassee with bacon jam, parsley puree, Brussels sprouts, and mushrooms.  Lucky for us, Bravo posted an instructional video on their website.  So here it is in all it’s glory:

JCT Kitchen Goes Bacon On Food Network Tonight At 9:30 3

Posted by Foodie Buddha on June 30, 2009

On tonight’s episode of The Best Thing I Ever Ate, you’ll get a chance to see the “Angry Mussels” from JCT Kitchen. [Yes … the same dish that I recently said “squeaks by meekly”]  While I’m not really a huge fan of JCT and yes, I’m over the whole bacon craze, it’s nice when any local restaurant gets national attention.  For all you homebodies, foodies, dvr freaks (that would be me), and anyone else with cable … tune in tonight (that’s June 30th) at 9:30 PM EST for some local love.

If you happen to miss it, the show will air again at 12:30 AM on the 1st (just a few hours later) and again on the 11th at 6:00.

BaconLube Taste Test [Laugh Of The Day]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on May 15, 2009

The only reason these words are here is to inform you that I really don’t have any words for this.  Thus, I’m speechless!

[Via Gawker]

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BLTs Are The New Hangover Cure [Seriously]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on May 07, 2009

It what is sure to bring droves of binge drinkers, alcoholics, and inebriated college kids a new lease on life, big news has hit the web.  Well, actually, it hit about a month ago … but I’m just now hearing about it!

According to some scientist, bacon isn’t just tasty, it helps cure hangovers.  Who would ever have thought that greasy food is good for the hangovers? I have my own tricks for handling Drunky McDrunkalot, but this sounds like a good addition to my repertoire.

According to the article:

Researchers also found a complex chemical interaction in the cooking of bacon produces the winning combination of taste and smell which is almost irresistible.

The reaction between amino acids in the bacon and reducing sugars in the fat is what provides the sandwich with its appeal.

[From Via Twitter]

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Death By Prosciutto: The Flaming Bacon Lance Battles The Vegan Cucumber Lance … Thanks Theo Gray [Laugh Of The Day]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on April 17, 2009

If you are wondering why I only put up one other post today – it’s because I’ve been doubled over in painful laughter!  Who knew that ordinary, American bacon does not have the structural integrity that is necessary for this application?

Anyway, what you have here is your basic flaming tube … of BACON (err… prosciutto).  Ah, but we believe in the fairness of society … so Theo Gray made a cucumber lance for all my vegan buddies! Show up to your next party with this sucker and I bet you’ll get some mad love:

[Via BB]

Recipe: Mushroom Risotto with Bacon

Posted by Foodie Buddha on February 16, 2009

So we bantered back-and-forth all day long.  Were we going to do something last night? Would we go find a place or cook in?  Who was coming and who was going?  Finally, by 7:30 pm I was on my way to the grocery store.  I grabbed some olive oil, salt & pepper, and some Hobnob chardonnay [warning:another annoying website] and made like a tree.

What we knew – I would be cooking dinner.  What I did not know: What would that dinner consist of? While there was a strong push for my homemade meatballs, I just didn’t have the energy for that labor intensive of a process.  What would fit the bill and the tummy?

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