The Kind Pie Restaurant Review – Buckhead, Atlanta, GA [First Impressions] 3

Posted by Foodie Buddha on March 31, 2010

the kind pie - margarita by foodiebuddha.

Hello to The Kind Pie in Buckhead.  You see, crave worthy deliciousness is something we all obsess about.  While achieving that meditative state is difficult and rare, when we do stumble upon such wonderful morsels of yum, those of us lucky enough to have the time will do what we can to feed that obsession [case in point: 3x visits in nine days].  Amongst foodies in the Dirty, nothing seems to draw us out more than the opportunity to expand our waistlines and spike our cholesterol at the mercy of the pizza gods.

Being the creatures of habit that we happen to be, many of us have started to make our way over to The Kind Pie.  Within 24-hour of my initial notation on the place, @EggRollStan started abusing TKP’s gratis delivery service, The Bliss followed shortly thereafter, and Live to Feast oozed all over it just a few days later.  At the tail end, even the mainstream media is on the trail (ATL Mag’s Bill Addison has been over for a meal).  While we wait for further dissemination by foodies, cavorters, and grublets alike, early impressions from this guy are that TKP should easily be considered amongst the best pizza pushing drug dealers in the city.

the kind pie - john at work by foodiebuddha the kind pie - the oven by foodiebuddha the kind pie - nina by foodiebuddha

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Dynamic Dish To Expand [News That Doesn’t Suck] 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on December 03, 2009

Big ups to Atlanta Magazine’s Bill Addison … who dropped this jewel on us via twitter.   Apparently, Dynamic Dish, everyone’s favorite healthy eating spot, is scheduled to expand in the spring.  According to Addison, DD will do away with their BYOB policy as they are due a liquor license.  More interesting, is the idea that there will be a semi-standard menu in place.  I’m not so sure how people will react to that point.  Some people love that DD is different everyday, other’s hate it.  I’m sure it’s hell on owner/chef David Sweeney and this will almost definitely help him streamline his business.  Congrats to DD, and if you haven’t been … get there now!

[via @BillAddison]

Dynamic Dish Restaurant Address & Information
427 Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30312 // 404.688.4344 // Dynamic Dish website

Antico Pizza Napoletana Trends Like Twitter – Midtown, Atlanta, GA [First Impressions] 7

Posted by Foodie Buddha on October 05, 2009

antico pizza - luca varuni on displayA little over a week ago, as I scuttled home from the office, I took an unusual turn down Hemphill Ave.  Traffic was thick, and I like to keep moving.  So down the side streets I went and as I peeled off of Northside Dr, I noticed that Jaqbo Bakery & Café had a whole new paint job.  Something was up, so I pulled over.  As I got out of my car and approached the building, a small, solitary word caught my eye: Antico.  Jaqbo was no more!  I had, completely on accident, stumbled upon the newfound home for Enrico Liberato (and on day freaking one no less).

The story goes like this: Liberato arrived in Atlanta just a few short months ago.  Brought in to resurrect the tragically bad pizza that was being served up at Riccardo Ullio’s Fritti, Liberato helped put Fritti back on the map.  Some months later, the marriage was over.  It’s worth mentioning that I think the ‘za is a tad better since Liberato’s departure.  Whatever the reason for the split, word around the campfire was that Liberato had teamed up with a Brooklyn native who got his start in this world back in Naples, Italy.  That much was and is verifiably true.  So here we stand.

I passed on the opportunity to immediately share my delight for a number of reasons.  One of them being that I was confident Antico would remain off the radar for at least a few days.  BUZZ … WRONG!!!  Within a few short hours, news of the place darn dun blewed up and foodies, pizza passionistas, and bloggers alike have started talking up the place like a trending topic over on twitter.  While nearly everyone to write on Antico has painted an idealized picture of halcyon times, in true Foodie Buddha fashion, I can’t say everything is peachy.  That’s not to say that this chat of Antico Pizza will approach any semblance of the tongue lashings I’ve been known to hand out.  If you decide not to continue with this post, take this one opinion with you: this pizza is really tasty.

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Bill Has The Goods: Holeman & Finch Burgers Now Have Legs 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on April 10, 2009

Title says it all … according to Bill Addison of Atlanta Magazine, meatetarians who fear the early day can sleep a bit easier!  Holeman & Finch is now serving up their famous burger as a to-go option.  Details he-ah!

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