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Posted by Foodie Buddha on December 11, 2011

ramen at holeman + finch

Holeman & Finch’s foundation is in the craft beverages they mix up; however, their food is no slouch.  Actually, H+F is most well-known as “that place with the 10 o’clock burger.”  But beyond their nationally acclaimed burger, this gastro pub offers a constantly changing menu that has more than a few dishes worth talking about.

One of the latest additions to their current menu is a pork skin ramen.  Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup that’s going through a renaissance not unlike the current burger and pizza craze.  While not as prolific of a trend as burgers or pizza, ramen has been getting a lot of love from all sorts of restaurants who are adding this dish in a one off setting.  H+F is just the latest to do so.

Holeman & Finch’s ramen actually reminds me more of phở than it does of traditional ramen.  It’s absolutely loaded with garlic and ginger, and the murky soup seems to elicit the characteristics of lemongrass (though that may just be my imagination) perhaps on account of the abundant inclusion of coriander leaves.  But regardless of what traditionalists will say, this packed with flavor “ramen” will no doubt get your tongue to move.

pork skin ramen from holeman & finch public house.jpg

The base of the broth is of course pork, it’s touched with a hint of hot sauce, topped with a huge slice of H+F’s housemade bread, and comes in at $12 per order.  The fun little twist is the chopped bits of pork skin that hide like mines beneath the sea surface and detonate in your mouth with a soupy crunch.  Cutting through the five-minute egg floating in the center might take a little effort, but that’s what happens when you try and wrangle a free floating cocoon of gooey yolk.  Pop that sucker open, watch the yellow spill like oil, and  comprise your bite of a good helping of all the little ingredients the ramen offers.

It’s not the greatest ramen ever to land in Atlanta, but Holeman & Finch’s newest creation is certainly worth an order … it’s packed with flavor and that butter toasted bread is the ultimate dipping tool.  Check it out and let me know what you think … I most definitely dig it.

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Holeman & Finch Address & Information

2277 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30309 · view map
404.948.1175 · · menu
Cuisine: Gastropub, Modern American · Price Range: $$

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Watershed Opening In Buckhead

Posted by Foodie Buddha on September 02, 2011

the brookwoodBack in early August, Tomorrow’s News Today reported that famed Decatur restaurant Watershed was on its way to the South Buckhead neighborhood of Brookwood Hills.  The details were simply that the restaurant was opening in the Brookwood Condominium complex at 1833 Peachtree Rd.  That report was quickly disputed by What Now Atlanta, TNT’s arch nemesis.

Well, it appears that where there was smoke there is indeed fire.  An extremely reliable person who is intimately involved confirmed that the deal is indeed on like Donkey Kong.  I wouldn’t be surprised to hear more public denials; but take those with a grain of salt.  How many times has Brett Favre retired?

I’m still not entirely sure if things will happen before the end of the year; but regardless, in terms of rumor versus fact, this has just been given a dramatic shove into the fact department.

Update: Here is the official position of ST Residential:

While we can’t comment on current negotiations, we can confirm that ST Residential is in negotiations with several retail outlets for space at The Brookwood, one of them being a restaurant.  We’d be lucky to have one of the caliber of The Watershed.

Cakes & Ale Closes and Reopens / Watershed Moves To Buckhead 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 08, 2011

Before I skipped town a little over a week ago, I made mention of some rumors.  I was hoping to get them posted while I traveled; however, a burned out MoBo and the realization that vacation was for … well … vacationing, left y’all with a stagnate page to stare at.  Anywho, while I operate on a bandaged up computer system, here’s what’s happened with those rumors about Decatur’s two most notable higher-end dining establishments …

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Bruce Logue To Open New Italian Restaurant [Openings] 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on December 22, 2010


Chef Bruce Logue, the esteemed champion of La Pietra Cucina, is moving on to bigger and better things.  After spending the last couple of years trying to make it work in the location that just won’t go away, Logue is scheduled to cut ties with that albatross of a location sometime after January.  My understanding is that he’s looking at Grant Park, but that’s 100% rumor at this juncture.  The Atlanta native, who has spent time at the famed Babbo, may just be ATL’s best chef.  He’s certainly one of them.  I am not exactly sure what the exit strategy is for LPC … I don’t know if they are closing, keeping Logue on for an extended time, or what … but I’m sure that info will all come out in the not too distant future.

My understanding now is that this has been put off indefinitely.

Thirsty Dog Tavern Restaurant Review – Peachtree Hills, Atlanta, GA [First Impressions] 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on April 15, 2010

thisrty dog tavern - got logo

Fresh out of the groomer, The Thirsty Dog Tavern is now open in Peachtree Hills.  A hot mess of Olive Garden meets The Titled Kilt plus Park Tavern with a touch of Taco Mac, it’s a reworking of Vita, the previous tenant at 2100 Peachtree.  While it’s location is ideal for the nomad in you and me, I was able to coax Deez from his real world responsibilities so that we could enjoy a little lunch at Atlanta’s newest pet friendly establishment.

The restaurant itself is conceptually all over the map, but the food is most similar to those nationwide chains that try their best to serve basic Italian fare.  If memory serves me right, the vast portion of the menu at TDT is a holdover from the previous restaurant.  That is no surprise when you consider that Vita’s Tony LaRocco, as noted by John Kessler, is one of the proprietors.  Along with Dave Heany, formerly of Star Bar, LaRocco has driven out one failed concept and replaced it with a straw-grasping alternative in the hopes of righting the ship.  While little there was horribly wrong, save for the fried food, there wasn’t a single aspect of the meal poking at me for further inspection.

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Baroni Italian Restaurant Set To Open In Midtown [Openings] 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on April 14, 2010

baroni-logo Baroni Sign

The owners of Baraonda are expanding their mini-empire with the opening of a new Italian restaurant on the north side of Midtown.  The still cooking Barona is set to open in Brookwood Place (1745 Peachtree St. Atlanta, GA 30309) in the space vacated by Wolfgang Puck’s.

The restaurant group made some waves last year when they shuttered Bazzaar Lounge in favor of Publik Social House.  Then, earlier this month, they shut down Enoteca Carbonari in order to expand Baraonda (the new adjunct is named Baraonda’s Wine Room).

There isn’t a whole lot known of Barona at this time, however, a few things are out there.  There’s no fixed opening date on the map, but late April to Mid-may have been tossed around.  The vibe will definitely be that of a neighborhood trattoria, with pizzas, pastas, and a handful of traditional Italian options available.


Varasano’s Pizzeria Going Late Night 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on March 30, 2010


varasano's pizzeria - caramelized onion pizza by foodiebuddha.

As I work through my full First Impressions review of The Kind Pie, I thought now is as good a time as any to mention that Varasano’s Pizzeria is getting ready to go late night on the weekends.  Starting this weekend, V’s will keep their ovens running until 1 AM on both Friday and Saturday nights.  Also, you’ll find pizza guy Jeff Varasano is in the process of putting some Sicilian pies on the menu.  Things keep on trucking for Atlanta’s most talked about pie man … we’ll see what else comes out of this Peachtree Hills pizza oven!

Varasano’s Pizzeria Restaurant Address & Information:
2171 Peachtree Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30309 // 404.352.8216 // Varasano’s reservations // Varasano’s website // Varasano’s twitter

Thirsty Dog Tavern Set To Open In Peachtree Hills [Openings] 3

Posted by Foodie Buddha on March 17, 2010

thirsty dog tavern

The Thirsty Dog Tavern is set to open on Monday, March 22nd, 2010 in the Peachtree Hills/Brookwood Hills area.  Located at 2110 Peachtree Rd, the Thirsty Dog is taking over the old Mick’s space (via the defunct VITA).  If that doesn’t help you place TDT, maybe this will: It’s essentially in the same strip center as the Houston’s on Peachtree and just south of Varasano’s Pizzeria.

I wasn’t able to look inside, but judging by the “salacious” pictures and sparse text on their website, this seems like a close cousin to The Tilted Kilt chain.  What I do know is that there is a strong emphasis on being pet friendly and sports, as there are 15 flat-screens on site.

Thirsty Dog Restaurant Address & Information
2110 Peachtree Rd. Atlanta, GA, 30309 // 404.367.8482 // Thirsty Dog Tavern website

Zoes Kitchen Restaurant Review – Peachtree Hills, Atlanta, GA [Quick Hits] 3

Posted by Foodie Buddha on February 10, 2010

zoe's kitchen - the space by foodiebuddhaOn an early afternoon scamper from Buckhead back to the Westside, I found myself looking for sustenance.  As I was heading right past the Peachtree Battle Shopping Center, I decided to swing by Zoës Kitchen, a fast casual franchise with a focus on health conscious and sustainable grub.  I wasn’t looking for something quick, cost effective, and relatively tasty.  At the end of the day, that’s basically what I got.

The decor reads straight out of a manual.  The tables are clean, the chairs are “futuristic,” and there’s a lot of orange going around.  The menu looks like it’s a sandwichized version of Moe’s (both in form and factor).  Though I haven’t double checked this, they are supposedly gluten friendly, so that should make at least one blogger very happy.  Thankfully, nobody yelled “Welcome to Zoës when I entered!

As I wasn’t terribly hungry, and I was hopping to spend under $5, I went with a small container of chicken salad.  Alas, the bill was closer to $6 … so that was a bit frustrating.  Anywho, upon opening the container, I found a straightforward sampling of shredded/minced chicken salad.  It’s the type they use on the chicken salad sandwiches at The V.

zoe's kitchen - food and water by foodiebuddha zoe's kitchen - the name says it all by foodiebuddha zoe's kitchen - chicken salad by foodiebuddha

I kinda enjoy this alternative to the chunky salads that seem to permeate our restaurants.  However, at more than $4 for a simple container of it, I wasn’t in love with the price.  Meanwhile, the spice mix was your basic mayo, salt, and pepper.  They said they use “spices” on the bottom label, but i didn’t get anything special.  I would have liked a little more salt and pepper … and something to help with the texture.  In the absence of bread, some more celery would have helped make it a bit more substantial.  Still, it was pretty fresh and not too sweet, so it would definitely work for me if push came to shove.

In the scope of fast casual, Zoës seems likely to fit right in.  Further exploration is a must before any semblance of a true commentary can come out.

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Atlanta Foodies On Zoës Kitchen

Zoës Kitchen Restaurant Address & Information

2333 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305 // 404.233.9637 // Zoes Kitchen website // Zoes Kitchen menu (pdf)
Zoes Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Chef Vs City Hits Atlanta: Holeman And Finch Public House A Destination

Posted by Foodie Buddha on February 04, 2010


Later today, Atlanta’s best bar meets restaurant (a.k.a. Holeman + Finch) is set to be a location for an upcoming episode of the Food Network’s Chefs Vs City.

The premise of the show centers around a challenge from the show’s hosts (one part Aarón Sánchez and one part Chris Cosentino).  They find two local foodies chefs and dare the challengers to eat some of the more adventurous dishes from the city they call home.  While I’m not one of the challengers (good thing – cuz I’ll put most any dish in my tummy), it’s no surprise the H+F showed up on the schedule.

The gastro pub is best known for their burger, their hot dog [it is freakin awesome], and their cocktails.  However, true fans know that the establishment serves up what most people would call “exotic” parts of the animal.  Chances that the veal brains and/or the rabbit livers show up? I’d say strong to very strong.  More later as the details leak out.

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