Farm Burger Opens In Decatur [Openings] 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on April 21, 2010


greasy fingers at farm burgerYes, today is a foodie day.  You see, it’s the first full day of service for Farm Burger, Decatur’s next trending restaurant.  As you may infer from the wisely chosen name, Farm Burger is a burger joint that features grassfed beef from locally sourced providers.  The restaurant has been in the works for some time and is the brainchild of partners Jason Mann and George Frangos.  It’s located at 410 W. Ponce De Leon, the former home of Viola.

Frangos’ name might be familiar to those of you who follow the Jaw-ga food scene.  He is one of the partners at Farm 255 in Athens and serves as the director for both Full Moon Farms (website) and Moonshine Meats.  As logic follows, many of the menu items come from those two establishments.

There’s a whole slew of things to talk about, and seeing as I just skedaddled over for lunch (witness the messy hands), I’ll be sure to put something up just as soon as I can find the time.  By the way, did anyone spot me and win the prize?

Farm Burger Restaurant Address & Information

410b W. Ponce de Leon, Decatur, GA 30030 // 404.378.5077 // Farm Burger website // Farm Burger menu // FB twitter // FB facebook

YEAH! Burger: Shaun Doty’s Upcoming Burger Joint Has A Name [Openings] 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on February 17, 2010

Back in November, I mentioned that Shaun Doty and Erik Maier were set to open a burger joint over in the Westside.  At the time, the tentative name for the establishment was Good Burger.  However, it appears that name is now a thing of the past.  The new name is YEAH! Burger and this information appears to satisfy the journalistic bar for fact.  Surprisingly, there’s already a Facebook page for the restaurant, so you might as well be a fan!  Meanwhile, things still seem on track for a Spring opening in the old West Egg building, but take that with a grain of salt. There are other rumors floating around, but nothing even worth mentioning at this point.

More Details On Chefs Vs City Atlanta 4

Posted by Foodie Buddha on February 05, 2010


Yesterday, I mentioned that Food Network’s Chefs Vs City was philandering around Atlanta (in the foodie sense of the term).  Turns out, their trip to Holeman + Finch was just one in a series of stops.  As luck of the draw would have it, we caught CvC setting up shop in the Sweet Auburn Curb Market for a chitlins engagement.  In between tasty burger bites at Grindhouse, I managed to snap the above picture.

If chitlins sound unappealing (cuz lord knows they stank something awful), it shouldn’t be a surprise feature.  The premise of the show is that the two hosts (Aaron Sanchez and Chris Cosentino) hit up a city and challenge two local chefs to sample their cities most adventurous food.  However, it appears that this episode will feature challengers of a different breed.  Though I checked out a bit before filming began, I was told that Robert Irvine was one of the contestants.  Irvine is a celebrity chef who has a habit of turning up on the FN.

Ah but the info doesn’t end there.  Thanks to a heads up from @AtlantaDining, we’ve learned that CvC stopped in at The Buckhead Bread Company and the Atlanta Fish Market, two Buckhead Life restaurants.  Though I haven’t been able to get secondary confirmation of that, AtlantaDining is a reliable source … definitely worth the follow.

Last but not least, some investigative blogging turned up that the Atlanta episode will air sometime this summer, during season two of the program.

Menchi Katsu Burger At Taka Sushi Cafe [Quick Hits] 4

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 17, 2010


While playing with any convention is dangerous territory, it doesn’t mean it can’t be lighthearted and fun.  I believe that statement is a perfect representation of Taka Moriuchi, the facebooking blogger who also happens to produce some of the better sushi in the city.  Taka-san has a habit of mixing things up a bit, and his burger may just be his best attempt to date.

Japanese food is known for its artful simplicity and its tradition laden techniques.  Still, that doesn’t mean that the cuisine is the least bit static.  Many Japanese chefs, especially those of the sushi persuasion, are at the center of this movement.  Here at this precipice stands the Menchi Katsu burger from Taka Sushi Cafe, that ever popular neighborhood sushi joint located in the glitz of Buckhead.

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Alex Brounstein Of Grindhouse Killer Burgers: Inside The Chef’s Kitchen #9 8

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 01, 2010

alex-brounstein-itck What better way to start off the new year than with a visit to Inside The Chef’s Kitchen.  Today’s chef du jour is Alex Brounstein of Grindhouse Killer Burgers.  Brounstein and his team, serving up round mounds of ground since September of last year, and have already garnered a good bit of praise.

With a come as you are attitude and an über cool location (inside the Sweet Auburn Curb Market), Grindhouse has already put itself closer to the top of the burger heap than to the bottom.  Meanwhile, Brounstein makes it a point to be a constant fixture in front of his wall projected movie screen.

Brounstein’s answers are in depth and full of good tidbits, so this should be an enjoyable read for y’all.  I’ll second his JBA suggestion for Kenny Shopsin.  If you make it up to New York City, a visit to Shopsin’s General Store should definitely be on your itinerary.  Anyone who makes Mac-and-Cheese pancakes is a hero in my book.  But we digress, as Brounstein is the star of the show.  So kick back, relax … and with that, welcome to ITCK!

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Burger Club Goes Burger Fail: Restaurant Review – Vinings, Atlanta, GA [First Impressions] 6

Posted by Foodie Buddha on December 22, 2009

the burger club - the outside

It would seem that The Burger Club has gotten off to a rocky start.  First, there was the name fiasco; then the opening date was repeatedly pushed back.  After all that, the lukewarm started to come in.  Despite these adverse factors, this Vinings burger joint seems like a bustling hotspot; at least that was the case during lunch the other day.

Packed near capacity, families, local businessmen, and a slew of shopping entourages lined up to get their fill of classic American gluttony.  Inside this friendly little space, meaty food trays flew about with purpose.  Severs and food runners ran around with haphazard fervor and there seemed to be a 50’s diner energy to the restaurant.

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Shaun Doty To Open Good Burger In The Westside [Openings]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on November 30, 2009


It’s amazing what you miss with a few days out of town.  Posted over on the Biz C site, and reiterated by the venerable JK, Atlanta’s own Shaun Doty is ready to hop on the burger trend that is frankly … a little tired by now.  That’s not a harshing on Shaun, he should give the people what they want.  Rather, it’s just a lament on the trending of the restaurant business.

Anywho, with help from Erik Maier, the duo is scheduled to open their burger joint over in the Westside’s White Provision complex.  However, here are a few pieces of info that haven’t been printed yet.  First, the establishment is RUMORED to be called Good Burger.  Second, my understanding is that they will take over the space occupied by The West Egg.  Fear not my eggheadian friends, TWE is supposed to move into the new high-rise just behind their current location.  Again, I won’t say that’s an absolute fact … but I’ve heard it from more than a few people.  Just another feather in the hat that is Atlanta’s most trending neighborhood.

Mexican Hot Dogs & More On Sunday Morning Food Special 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on November 29, 2009

CBS Sunday Morning

On most any given Sunday, you’ll find me somewhere other than in front of my TV (usually in bed or at brunch).  However, a few weeks ago, I was told that CBS’ Sunday morning news program, aptly named Sunday Morning, aired their annual Food Issue.  Though I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve watched the vignette styled news program, I made it a point to set my DVR.  Here’s a recap of the episode, complete with its own tip of the hat to the ATL.

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Burger … Meet Windows 7: Technology And Burger King Come Together In A Most Heinous Way [Laugh Of The Day]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on November 01, 2009

Well … hell may hath frozen over with this one.  This week has been very big to the technology community as Microsoft has released their highly anticipated OS, dubbed Windows 7.  Burger King decided to celebrate the release with a most disgusting/awesome/shocking/amazing/revolting promotion.  Introducing (in Japan only), The Windows 7 Whopper.  Details after the jump.

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Fuze Burger Restaurant Review – Midtown, Atlanta, GA [First Impressions] 5

Posted by Foodie Buddha on October 02, 2009

fuze burgers - plate angle by you.This is one of those post-meal scribbles that makes me scratch my head.  Mind you, this has nothing to do with the topic at hand.  Instead, I’m wondering how it is possible that all these restaurants keep opening when heavyweights like The Dining Room and corporate backed endeavors like the ESPN Zone are shutting their doors faster than you can say “cheeseburger, cheeseburger.”

Who knows what this means for Fuze Burger, which opened its doors this past week.  All that aside, for me it’s about the food.  Early in, I’m not sure that the food at Fuze is good enough to draw customers from outside the Midtown adjunct of Poncey-Highlands.  Right now, they need to pick things up a bit just to draw people from the ‘hood.  Before we get our hands dirty, I must apologize for the poor pictures, I’m not very savory, and I was never spoon-fed.

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