Sukiyabashi Jiro Gets Instagramed Hip-Hop Style 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 25, 2013

The opportunity for me to eat at Sukiyabashi Jiro, the 3-star Michelin subway port in Tokyo, before Jiro Ono departs is looking highly unlikely at this juncture.  So I must rely on others for any semblance of sushi satiation.  With some luck, maybe Jimmy will get there in a few months and I’ll get a true secondhand encounter.  But in the meantime, I’ve resigned myself to repeat viewings of Jiro Dreams of Sushi, continued refreshing of my Japanese food news feed, and conversations with my tomodachi in the Land of the Rising Sun.

While Sukiyabashi Jiro has long been a pretty big deal for food freaks, the aforementioned documentary has put Itamae Jiro Ono on the lips of people from all over.  Enter Questlove (@questlove), that dude from the Roots (you know – that flavorful hip-hop group that also serves as the house band for Jimmy Falloon).

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Grow! Trailer [Food Films]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 14, 2011

I like movies, so much so that I call them films.  I’ve made a few (college shorts here people – not Citizen Kane), helped out on a few (Luke Skywalker did leave his pants in my car once), and watched more than my share (I think Best In Show is on an endless loop).  But documentaries comprise a significant portion of my film watching efforts and of those, food films are of high priority.

So this leads us to Grow!, a documentary put out by Anthony Masterson that focuses on young farmers.  Youth movements get attention, and seeing as farmers are old (avg. of 57 according to Grow!), this seems like a logical exploration of farming in this day of youthful uprising.  The film, as it just so happens, has strong ties to Atlanta. 

One note of interest: I want to bash the editor’s head into a loud-speaker for a couple of reasons.  First is the annoying yelp that comes in around 15s (just turn down your speakers and you should be fine) and second is the fact that he liberally uses the Rome International Film Festival without making sure people realize we’re talking about Rome, GA and not the other one.  Of course, pacifism doesn’t exactly allow that – so maybe I’ll just look into having his MPEG guild card removed!  I’ve got some definite opinions based on some of the sound bytes from the trailer, but I’ll keep those to myself for now as I have not seen the film.

The runtime on the film is just about 50 minutes, which is incredibly short as feature films go but not unheard of for documentaries.  In the meantime, there is a good bit of information on the Grow! website and you can find out where it’s playing on their screenings page.  It has been and will continue to be screened around our city.  I do hope to get to one of the screenings!

El Bulli: Cooking in Progress [Documentaries]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on July 06, 2011

el_bulli_cooking_in_progress_posterFerran Adrià is a culinary god.  El Bulli is his muse. El Bulli: Cooking in Progress is a newish documentary that attempts to surmise in film what so many have praised as the best culinary experience of their life.  Specifically, the film condenses a year (‘08-09) in the life of Adriá, his team, and the restaurant into 108-minutes.

I got a chance to view film, which has been making its rounds on the film circuit and goes live to everyone on July 27th.  Honestly, I’m somewhere between impressed and disappointed (a small window I know).  I spent 4-years in college knee deep in film (it was my minor), but I’ll forgo the real spiel and leave the detailed recaps for those who do it for a living.

In the event you are unaware of El Bulli, here is the short of the long.  It is the world’s most acclaimed restaurant and it closes for roughly 5-6 months each year.  Located in Spain, Adriá and his team spend the rest of the year in education, research, and testing (often in an actual lab).  After all sorts of rumors and internet mind-fucks, Adriá has decided to shutter the restaurant after its current season.  A preview, followed by some spoilers, after the jump.

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Documentary On Baristas In The Works? [Film]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on February 09, 2010

Y’all remember that post on the South East Barista Competition … right?  To catch you up if you didn’t:

* Barista is that fancy name for the person who makes your coffee (or tea)
* The one’s at Octane Coffee kick ass
* There’s this competition every year, and last year, Octane kicked ass and took names

Okay, now that we all know what we’re talking about … here’s what little I know.  Octane Coffee mentioned on their twitter feed that Redding Hill was making a documentary.  Well, the Redding hill website seems to be just a landing page and their twitter feed makes some reference to the endeavor.  Nothing earth shattering here.  Rather, it’s more of an interesting tidbit that might develop into something more notable.

Mexican Hot Dogs & More On Sunday Morning Food Special 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on November 29, 2009

CBS Sunday Morning

On most any given Sunday, you’ll find me somewhere other than in front of my TV (usually in bed or at brunch).  However, a few weeks ago, I was told that CBS’ Sunday morning news program, aptly named Sunday Morning, aired their annual Food Issue.  Though I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve watched the vignette styled news program, I made it a point to set my DVR.  Here’s a recap of the episode, complete with its own tip of the hat to the ATL.

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Win Free Copies Of Food, Inc. And Fast Food Nation [Buddhaway] 3

Posted by Foodie Buddha on June 19, 2009

Alright ladies and germs… it’s time for another little thank you.  This one comes courtesy of the peeps at Magnolia Pictures)!  On the heels of the release of the Food Inc documentary, I’ve scored five copies each of both Food Inc. by Karl Weber (otherwise known as Food Inc.: A Participant Guide: How Industrial Food is Making Us Sicker, Fatter, and Poorer-And What You Can Do About It) and Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser.  Details on how to win after the jump!

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Food, Inc. Hits The Dirty South [Film]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on June 10, 2009

Riding the craze that “mass produced food is by default … evil,” a new film has gotten the attention of movie buffs and foodies alike.  Knee deep in both camps, I’ve been following this film for some time.  The main premise of Food, Inc. is that chemically modified food can (and does) do serious damage to our overall health.  A little bit gross out along with a dash of anti-government authority, and you have another fairly liberal take on the food industry.  You can learn more about the film on their homepage.

My biggest hope for this is that there is some recognition of the value of mass produced, cheap and edible food.  I, like any human with a heart, want to see things done right.  But let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.  Remember, there have been some pretty good arguments for low cost food.

Still, we do need to fix things … so it’s nice to see director Robert Kenner pick up the torch (even if it is a big propagandist in nature).  The film features interviews with Michael Pollan, amongst others.

Launch date is Friday, June 19th and the film will show for at least one week and it is playing at the Midtown Art Cinema.  You will be able to get your tickets online (here), but not until Monday or Tuesday.  So, bookmark that link and go check out the film.  In the meantime, you may want to watch the the trailer (movie speak for preview):


Posted by Foodie Buddha on December 27, 2008


Okay my fellow foodies, this should be good.  Sirio Maccioni, the famed restaurateur and author, founded Le Cirque in 1974.  If you have not heard of this restaurant, just poke around on the net for a little bit.  You’ll have plenty to read and to watch.  Regardless, A Table In Heaven, from producer/director Andrew Rossi, hits the airwaves on HBO on Monday, December 29th.  If you have not seen Rossi’s previous film, Eat This New York, now might be a good time to check it out!

You can read more on the film on the HBO website.

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