Kevin Gillespie: The Ronin Chef

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 23, 2013

Kevin Gillespie, the celebrity chef/cookbook author who is about to open Gunshow in East Atlanta, has decided to fill his time by offering his services up to small groups who want to hire him.  Basically, he’s decided idle hands are the devils play toy … so if you want Kevin to cook for you and up to 11 of your closest friends, email him at

gillespie-private-menuHe’s already got one on the books.  It’s tomorrow night and you can see the menu over to the right a few pixels.  Meanwhile, he followed up with a few points of clarification:

Hey Everyone,
Thanks for the overwhelming response to my last post. If you emailed me you should receive details about the cost and general format soon. To answer the most common questions:
1. Driving distance is anywhere I can reach in 5 hours or less from Atlanta.
2. Yes I will fly to you…if that’s what you would prefer.
3. The cost varies based on details of the event, but honestly , its not the cheapest dinner you will ever have.
4. Yes I can provide signed copies of my book when I come….actually no one asked that, but just in case someone was thinking it.
(via facebook)

So it’s kind of a cool opportunity.  The critical thinker in me says that no chef opening a restaurant should have that much time on their hands, but if Kevin’s confident that he can hit the ground running … well, then have at it.

Kevin Gillespie & Gunshow: Teaser Information

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 30, 2012

So the cat is officially half out of the bag.  After a lot of public maneuvering, the powers that be finally went “on the record” and announced that Top Chef alum Kevin Gillespie is all but wrapped at Woodfire Grill (you didn’t know he was a TC contestant until I told you … right?).  Gillespie is being supplanted by E.J. Hodgkinson, the longtime #2, who has often been the guy cooking your food.

What they’re not exactly telling you right now is his next step.  Even though Gillespie saved the Cheshire Bridge restaurant from the brink after Michael Tuohy departed for Sacramento, the writing has been on the wall for this move for months (and some might say years).  So you can buy Fire in My Belly … that cookbook thing; but, he also has plans for a new restaurant (which I already alluded to in a kind of snobbish/roundabout way).

Time’s a little short so pardon the lack of elaboration … but so far, the deets are as follow: the name of the restaurant is slated to be Gunshow.  As of now, the location is in earshot of The Shed at Glenwood, but that *might* still change.  It’s supposed to be porktastic.  More elaboration if/when I have more than a moment.

We Suki Suki Now Live in EAV [Openings] 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on February 14, 2012

we suki suki logo

Residents of and visitors to East Atlanta Village have a brand new eatery to check out.  We Suki Suki, a somewhat suggestively named Vietnamese restaurant, has just opened it doors.  WSS is apparently a straightforward banh mi shop offering four renditions of Vietnam’s answer to the po boy.  Located in the former Village Ice Cream space, WSS also provides bubble tea addicts (aka me) with an opportunity to get their fix for just $3 a pop.  A little more 411 for you after the jump.

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Octopus Bar: A Disappointing Second Take

Posted by Foodie Buddha on November 20, 2011

After a strong first encounter with Octopus Bar, the late night East Atlanta eatery in So Ba’s porch, I returned last night eager to enjoy a repeat appearance.  I was stunningly disappointed.  Nearly all of the goodwill Angus Brown and Nhan Le had garnered crashed in a blaze of “unglory.”  This meal was such a disconnect and such a complete 180 from my first experience, that it is incumbent upon me to relay some portion of the updated experience.

Octopus Bar runs from 10pm until 3am on a daily basis (sans Sundays) and it’s a completely different execution than is So Ba’s.  Whereas So Ba is a dedicated Vietnamese restaurant, Octopus Bar is a culinary potpourri of dishes mostly in the $8-$15 dollar range.  To my surprise, the menu for last night’s meal was significantly reworked from my initial trip.  As nothing on the menu informed me that it would change with any frequency, this was an observation doused in apprehension.

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Octopus Bar: East Atlanta’s Late Night Secret [Restaurant Finds] 5

Posted by Foodie Buddha on November 08, 2011

salt and pepper shrimp at octopus bar

I must, in all fairness, give credit where credit is due.  A few months back, as my West Coast food orgy impended, I got an email from one of my best friends.  Though he’s a guy who finds food as interesting as petrified wood, he happens to call East Atlanta home.  Consequently, he tipped me off to Octopus Bar, a restaurant within a restaurant set to takeover late night at So Ba in East Atlanta Village.

After a little asking around, I found out that Octopus was the brainchild of So Ba’s Nhan Le and one Angus Brown, who serves as the executive chef and last collected a paycheck from the Steven Satterfield helmed Miller Union.  While I’ve had little positive to say about So Ba, simply hearing about this odd couple of the culinary world piqued my interest.

Since that initial offering of info, the project got some airtime thanks to Atlanta’s sauciest of servers.  Fast forward to late last week and I was finally able to settle in and see if there was anything good about Octopus.  Turns out, there was a lot to hang our hats on after one meal at the East Atlanta restaurant/bar.

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Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand Review – East Atlanta, GA [First Impressions] 7

Posted by Foodie Buddha on June 23, 2011

signage from delia's

In a lot of ways, Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand is an all out surprise.  You’ll find Delia’s on a somewhat downtrodden strip of Moreland Ave just south of I20 and roughly a half mile from East Atlanta Village.  Not exactly the epicenter of Atlanta’s food scene, you’ll know it by the sharp orange and green accented sign serving as an immediate call to arms amongst the nearby row of fast food chains and gas stations.  It’s almost too pretty for the neighborhood. 

Yes, when one considers an East Atlanta food stand powered by chicken sausage, it would follow that said establishment was probably just a dive.  The Sausage Stand is anything but.  With alpha-branding, a color scheme that screams “ad agency,” and a cutesy-adult menu that reads like something out of Go The **** To Sleep, it’s apparent that owners Molly Gunn and Delia Champion have their sites set on a larger game.  That assumption aside, several internet sites have quotes from the duo attesting to such intentions.  After one such encounter with Delia’s … it seems that it might be best if they put the horse before the cart.

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Ann’s Snack Bar Hopeful Sale Now On NBC [Videos] 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 04, 2011

Ann’s Snack Bar is famous.  You know that, I know that, and anyone who’s had the Ghetto Burger knows it.  Over the past year plus, rumors have inundated our food waves regarding the imminent demise/sale of Ann’s.  Now, NBC has picked up on the story.  Short but sweet I suppose:

[via NBC]

So Ba Restaurant Review – East Atlanta, GA [First Impressions] 6

Posted by Foodie Buddha on July 15, 2010

By now, many of you who read this blog have probably already heard about So Ba, a Vietnamese endeavor down in East Atlanta Village.  The restaurant comes courtesy of Vietnamese national Nhan Le.  Though Le grew up in California, it hasn’t stopped him from opening a bevy of Asian themed restaurants in various Atlanta neighborhoods.

In addition to the failed White Elephant Thai, Le’s also owns Wasabi Sushi Lounge, which has been rocking right along in Castleberry for some time.  I’ve actually visited the latter several times and have always enjoyed myself (though the sushi can miss from time to time).  Despite So Ba’s thematic departure from Wasabi, Le’s childhood gave me hope for decent grubbing.  Open several months, I finally found the time to get on down to EAV when Mr. & Mrs. Mandy asked me to celebrate another lap completed.  I swear to all things holy the dude looks the exact same as he did in college.  Grovel!  But we digress … let’s get on with things shall we?

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The Making of The Ghetto Burger At Ann’s Snack Bar [Burger Porn Videos] 8

Posted by Foodie Buddha on May 10, 2010

ann's snack bar - oh my god that's huge by foodiebuddha.

All this Atlanta burger chatter got me thinking: “Maybe it’s time for a diet.”  Then, I got a late night request from The Legend (twitter) which brought me to my senses.  Yes, maybe just one more day of gluttony (haven’t we all said that?).

You see, The Legend was taking a few people for a little afternoon birthday party at the world famous Ann’s Snack Bar.  It’s one of the few well known burger joints across our land that claims to be world famous … and really IS.  Despite rumors of its demise, brought on by the dominating Miss Ann herself, the Snack Bar is alive and well in East Atlanta.

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Today’s Events: East Atlanta Beer Festival & Taste Of Sandy Springs

Posted by Foodie Buddha on May 30, 2009

For one day only (that day being today) … get your weekend on at the East Atlanta Beer Festival and/or The Taste of Sandy Spring.  Both are charitable events, so that’s a plus.  Details as follows:

Taste Of Sandy Springs


Where: Sandy Springs Cir NE & Sandy Springs Pl NE, Atlanta, GA, 30328
When: Saturday, May 30th, 2009 / 11a-6p
Tickets: $5.00 Entrance, $1.00 per tasting
- Food from 30+ restaurants (including Alon’s Bakery, Café Sunflower, & Persepolis).
- Local Produce Market
- Silent Auction
- Live Music

East Atlanta Beer Festival

eabf_logoWhere: 1205 Metropolitan Ave SE, Atlanta, GA, 30316
When: Saturday, May 30th, 2009 / 1p-6p
Tickets: $35 ($15 for those not drinking)
- Beer from 170 Brewers (Full List – pdf)
- Tickets include a beer glass
- 21+ (surprised?)
- Live Music on Two Stages

*** Rumor has it that only 75 tix remained as of midnight last night

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