Kevin Gillespie & Gunshow: Teaser Information

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 30, 2012

So the cat is officially half out of the bag.  After a lot of public maneuvering, the powers that be finally went “on the record” and announced that Top Chef alum Kevin Gillespie is all but wrapped at Woodfire Grill (you didn’t know he was a TC contestant until I told you … right?).  Gillespie is being supplanted by E.J. Hodgkinson, the longtime #2, who has often been the guy cooking your food.

What they’re not exactly telling you right now is his next step.  Even though Gillespie saved the Cheshire Bridge restaurant from the brink after Michael Tuohy departed for Sacramento, the writing has been on the wall for this move for months (and some might say years).  So you can buy Fire in My Belly … that cookbook thing; but, he also has plans for a new restaurant (which I already alluded to in a kind of snobbish/roundabout way).

Time’s a little short so pardon the lack of elaboration … but so far, the deets are as follow: the name of the restaurant is slated to be Gunshow.  As of now, the location is in earshot of The Shed at Glenwood, but that *might* still change.  It’s supposed to be porktastic.  More elaboration if/when I have more than a moment.

Woodfire Grill Restaurant Review – Cheshire Bridge, Atlanta, GA [First Impressions] 3

Posted by Foodie Buddha on June 07, 2010

kevin gillespie's deconstructed cole slaw

Nestled amongst Atlanta’s stretch of tasseled "thingies” and institutional eateries is one of the best examples of contemporary American cuisine this side of the Mason-Dixon.  Chef Kevin Gillespie, still shy of 30-years-old, has taken Woodfire Grill from the brink of EXtinction to the point of DIStinction.  If Atlanta’s hopes of international culinary fame are to ever come to fruition, Woodfire Grill will be one of the handful of establishments dragging our restaurant scene into that arena.

Some two-years ago, the highly regarded Michael Tuohy departed the helm of Woodfire.  When that happened, Gillespie took over the Cheshire Bridge hideaway and continued Woodfire’s thematic direction.  In the 20 plus months since, the restaurant has exploded and our favorite Yukon Cornelius impersonator has made the place distinctly his own.  With that in mind, and motivated by a truly inspirational family event, four of us set out this past Friday looking for a little peace in the midst of our chaos.

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