El Bulli: Cooking in Progress [Documentaries]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on July 06, 2011

el_bulli_cooking_in_progress_posterFerran Adrià is a culinary god.  El Bulli is his muse. El Bulli: Cooking in Progress is a newish documentary that attempts to surmise in film what so many have praised as the best culinary experience of their life.  Specifically, the film condenses a year (‘08-09) in the life of Adriá, his team, and the restaurant into 108-minutes.

I got a chance to view film, which has been making its rounds on the film circuit and goes live to everyone on July 27th.  Honestly, I’m somewhere between impressed and disappointed (a small window I know).  I spent 4-years in college knee deep in film (it was my minor), but I’ll forgo the real spiel and leave the detailed recaps for those who do it for a living.

In the event you are unaware of El Bulli, here is the short of the long.  It is the world’s most acclaimed restaurant and it closes for roughly 5-6 months each year.  Located in Spain, Adriá and his team spend the rest of the year in education, research, and testing (often in an actual lab).  After all sorts of rumors and internet mind-fucks, Adriá has decided to shutter the restaurant after its current season.  A preview, followed by some spoilers, after the jump.

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