Feast Noir: Atlanta’s First Rogue Supper Club 7

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 15, 2011

Atlanta's Feast Noir

Call it a flash mob or perhaps an underground supper club. Whatever the term du jour, Feast Noir (website) is/was a type of gorilla warfare meets civilized tea time under admittedly friendly circumstances.  The Atlanta dinner, which took place last night at Atlantic Station, is a self-admitted homage to the 23-years and running Dîner en Blanc (website), a pop up event that started in Paris and has made its way to NYC and Montreal.  For its part, Diner en Blanc (which translates to dinner in white) has drawn upwards of 10,000 crazed and intentionally uninformed gourmands who are then dumped into a handful of large public spaces by way of a highly restrictive reservation system and a very very secretive game of telephone.

Table leaders basically serve as the gateway into the event and from what I’ve read, those events all seem to go over very smoothly, even if only accompanied by taciturn approval by those with the power to arrest and ticket.  So noteworthy are these dinners that the NY Times recently published a very interesting article on Diner en Blanc.  Who’d have thunk that 10,000 folks in all white would catch someone’s attention?  But back to Feast Noir, yet another Atlanta spin-off of a trend from far far away.

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