The Foie Gras Battle Continues In Atlanta [Politics]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on July 25, 2011

1st Course: Torchon of Foie Gras

Restaurant Eugene and Linton Hopkins, as well as a slew of Atlanta area restaurants, have come under fire from activists over their use of foie gras, a highly contentious liver dish.  It’s really been a few years since the debate over the cultivation of foie gras was a focal point of the food system; however, it always seems to simmer just bellow the surface.  Now, this debate is in our city and I thought I’d offer y’all a little perspective on the history and true nature of the debate.

This topic always strikes a chord with me due to the amount of misinformation used in “proving an opinion.”   By extension, and as with many people, general issues of sustainability and “proper” behavior in the food world are important to me.  I try very hard to provide readers with access to information that will allow them to make educated and informed decisions as it pertains to their food intake.  When someone is attacked, I think it is important to give people some perspective.  I am writing this here post as a group of misinformed and/or under-educated people are trying to bully convince restaurants to stop serving FG.  The short of this admittedly opinionated post is to make sure that you watch this and read both this and this. [All are linked to with context in the text that follows]

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Serendipity 3’s $69 Hot Dog [The World’s Most Expensive Hot Dog] 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on April 22, 2011

New York’s Serendipity 3 is known as a glorified hot dog restaurant featuring a potpourri of bites.  While fairly economically by NYC standards, it does have a habit of producing some expensive grub (anyone got $25,000 for dessert?).  Case in point, this $69 hot dog:

It should come as no surprise that dog includes several types of truffles and a good helping of foie gras.  Though Serendipity 3 started serving this last July, my recent peregrination of the Big Apple was a cruel reminder that there is still so much to do in that city.  No, I did not make it to Serendipity III, but I promise to go back when I return there in a few months.  Fear not, I’ll have some recap posts up well before that trip occurs!

Dan Barber On Sustainable Fishing At

Posted by Foodie Buddha on March 28, 2010

It’s been a while since I last mentioned Dan Barber, the über talented chef/owner of Blue Hill & Blue Hill Farms.  The first time I brought Dan up on this blog, he was chatting up ethical foie gras.  The video in that post came from, one of the best websites out there for video content.  Now, Barber is back on Ted.  This time, he covers topics related to sustainable food, specifically in the area of aquatics. :-)  At 20-minutes in length, it’s great watching on a tea break or in between Elite Eight games!

Dan Barber Discusses Humane Foie Gras 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on February 08, 2009

Dan Barber is a respected chef.  He’s very big into sustainable food and Blue Hill, his famed restaurant, is actually a part of Blue Hill Farms.  Last year, Barber spoke about Foie Gras, the much maligned cuisine that has taken a beating in the press (and for good reason).

His talk appeared on TED, one of the best video sites I have ever visited.  In the talk, Barber discusses the methods of farmer Eduardo Sousa.  It’s a very interesting piece.  For further reading on the topic, checkout this article.  When you are done with all that, you should spend sometime watching the vast number of fantastic speeches that have made their way onto TED.

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