H&F Bread Co’s Loss is Alon’s Gain: Rob Alexander Moves To Alon’s 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 23, 2012

Not 24-hours after Holeman & Finch Bread Company opened their doors to the general public do we have some even bigger news.  Rob Alexander, the wunderkind head baker at H+F, has moved to Alon’s Bakery, another titan of ATL’s bread scene.

Even if you don’t know Alexander by name (cough … Tami …), you certainly know his work.  HFBC provides bread to many area restaurants.  Alexander has plenty of bread certifications, cut his teeth in France, slung flour with Thomas Keller, and has done great work wherever he’s gone. Dude is for real.

While I have your attention, this seems like an opportune time to mention the post on Alexander written by the better half of Ambiguously Foodie Duo over on Eat It Atlanta.  That’s one of the best food articles to come out of Atlanta’s writing culture, so give it a read if you haven’t.

Meanwhile, mark my words: this is the most notable movement in the Atlanta restaurant scene in at least the last year … if not longer.  On a more practical note, this isn’t like a new chef showing up at a new restaurant, so noticeable changes will probably take a little bit to come to fruition.

* Props to the Eat It for his twitter creativity for the post title.

Holeman & Finch Bread Co. Hath Risen … Officially Open 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 20, 2012

ramen bread at holeman + finch

Here’s some good news: that buttery, glowing siren of bread pictured above is now available 7-days a week.  That’s right …  Holeman & Finch Bread Company (unofficially known as Atlanta’s best bakery) has officially opened its doors to the general public.  The technical term is “walk-ins now accepted,” but I don’t know anyone who’s tried this stuff that has the patience for walking in order to procure such goodness.

If you’re in the minority of folks who read this blog but haven’t tasted head baker Rob Alexander’s work; you don’t really have much of an excuse now. If you don’t feel like getting up at the ass crack of dawn on a Saturday to grab it from a farmer’s market and/or haven’t visited any of the handful of shops that sell it, I’d encourage you to hustle over as soon as you have a second. Keep in mind, it’s open 7-days a week until 4pm  And with that, I’m off to go get my drink on.

H&F Bread Co. Address & Information

1401 Ellsworth Industrial Dr. NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 // view map
404.350.8877 // // menu
Cuisine: Bakery // Price Range: $

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Holeman & Finch Bread Rising Again [Openings] 4

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 04, 2012

Holeman & Finch Bread Company is indeed reopening to the public and it appears that this bun is just about done in the oven.  So start your wave, erupt in cheers, dance in the streets, and throw down a flash mob … because that sweet deliciousness we’ve been forced to seek out at farmers markets and specialty shops is about to be much more accessible … again!

For those unaware, for the past few years bread savant Rob Alexander (@robmalexander) has been baking up H&F Bread Co. goodies for many Atlanta restaurants (roughly 60 last time I counted).  That’s a huge number and I suspect it’s even bigger now.  Mind you, I’m not surprised as the granular gold be good and tasty.

When the bakery first got going, common folk like you and me could walk into the little shop in Brookwood Hills/Peachtree Hills (it was next to their mother ship) and shop until Dr. Atkins rolled in his grave several times over.  For a multitude of reasons, that didn’t work out so well and the retail shop shuttered approximately 2-years ago.  Boo … hiss!!!!

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No. 246 Restaurant Review – Decatur, GA [First Impressions]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 26, 2011

no. 246 at night

“Luck is the residue of opportunity and design. – Branch Rickey”

If it isn’t already, No. 246 (say it like it’s an area code) seems poised to be the next “it restaurant” in Atlanta and Decatur.  While co-owner and executive chef Drew Belline mans the kitchen and his partner Ford Fry does the business stuff, Atlantans are filling this loudspeaker enclosure of an Italian restaurant like it’s nobody’s business.  Quite the shock if you ask me.  After all, I’ve waited well over two-months to recap my early day visits and we all know Atlanta hangs on my every word.

Just past two full trips, I will go so far as to say that of all the sub-six-month-old restaurants in and around the city, perhaps No. 246 is the one we should be most invested in.  As of today (August 26th, 2011), No. 246 is another small step forward for Atlanta and its love child city of Decatur.  This is not to say that 246 is without its problems (god knows there are some glaring ones); but, the list of places that do not suck has grown just a smidge longer.

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Cafe Jonah & The Magical Attic – Buckhead, Atlanta, GA [A Review In Pictures]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on July 19, 2011

The Buddha by Paul Flack

In the heart of Atlanta’s ritzy Buckhead neighborhood sits a bright white house with a light grey roof and red trim.  It’s just off the beaten path and a stones throw from the area’s Whole Foods Market.  If not for the droves of cars in the parking lot, one might think this a residence.  But a closer inspection reveals a painted on tree and a friendly little sign pronouncing the name of the business within: Café Jonah & The Magical Attic.

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Café Jonah and the Magical Attic: A New Concept From Souper Jenny [Openings]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 28, 2011

cafe jonah and the magical attic

Everybody and their mother talks about Souper Jenny, that consistently popular Buckhead soup & sandwich shop.  Word around the campfire is that they are opening another joint.  Well, the tight lipped soup lady Jenny Levison is starting to let information creep out.  Located on Paces Ferry Place, I snagged this google maps image of the upcoming location.

Named after her adorable 7-year-old (the dude is mad cute), Levison plans to have a reading room, a café and a selection of gourmet coffees, breads (courtesy the monolithically awesome H+F Bakery), and some other tasty treats.  The restaurant will serve breakfast and lunch from Tuesday’s thru Sunday’s and should be open in the not too distant future.

UPDATE: more details over at the AJC

Savor Specialty Foods To Close [Dead Pool]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on July 20, 2010

As I mentioned back on July 6th, Savor Specialty Foods is done.  The specialty market located in the Peachtree Battle Shopping Center in South Buckhead has been selling their storage racks and shelves, as well as all their goodies.  They had become a frequent stop for me every time I wanted to stock up on H+F Bread.  At this time, there are no firm plans for a replacement tenant.

Stack Your Brunch And Fill Your Gut At Noon Midtown [Quick Hits] 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on June 21, 2010

noon midtown - the stack looks like the death star by foodiebuddha

Call it a chicken biscuit … call it a sandwich … call it a coronary heart attack … I don’t care what you call it, so long as you make it a point to grab Noon Midtown’s “Stack” sooner than later.  Katie Birmingham’s top notch restaurant has been kicking ass and taking names since I first stumbled in there a little over a year ago.

Though it has grown beyond its conceptual roots as a lunch place, Noon Midtown has become one of my favorite dinner spots and best bets for a noon time meal.  Case in point, I’ve been there enough times that they can pick me out in a crowd.  However, until this past weekend, I had never ventured over to try their Saturday brunch.  After watching my beloved Oranji win them some football, I took advantage of the break in the action to meet up with Atlanta’s favorite bachelorette blogger.  Having seen Noon’s brunch menu some time ago, I was particularly inspired by Live to Feast’s memo and Chow Down Atlanta’s love note.

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Eating Bugs (Bunny) At Westside’s Miller Union [Updates] 4

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 29, 2010

david-naugle-miller-union                                                                                                  Photo by David Naugle via MU

A recent dining excursion took me to the ever bustling Miller Union, a Westside eatery that has become one of the “it places.”  MU is a restaurant that showed up on the scene roughly two-months ago and is currently in the middle of a love fest not uncommon around these parts.  Some heavy hitters love it and judging by the packed house we witnessed, so too do the lay folk.

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Notes On Publik And Bocado [Updates] 4

Posted by Foodie Buddha on October 21, 2009

Since my initial notations on Publik Social House and Bocado, I’ve made multiple return trips to both.  Unfortunately, things weren’t as good on subsequent visits in either case.  Keep reading for details on these two new Atlanta dining options.

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