Holeman & Finch Braves Burger Gets A Ticket Package

Posted by Foodie Buddha on March 28, 2013


So it’s been about a month since Southern Living told us that the Atlanta Braves were adding a Holeman & Finch burger stand at Turner Field.  Turns out, there’s a little bit more to the story.

Here a few neat little details:

a) There are three stands serving up the double stack patties, not one!

b) There are a limited number burgers available each game.  That’s not surprising given the fact that 24 are made each night when the burgers go live at 10pm back at the gastro pub.  However, the Braves has released a HF Burger Ticket Package.  Available on Braves.com, there are 24 of these tickets available each game.  Basically, you get a seat in the pavilion and are guaranteed a burger.  If you haven’t had it before … the H+F burger is a double patty cheese burger served with three house-made treats: ketchup, mustard, and pickles.  Also, it’s served on a pan de mie bun from their bakery. The cost for the package is $32.  Yes, H+F will send an employee to each home game to monitor quality control.

c) If you don’t buy a burger ticket (which is special b/c it looks different than the other Braves tickets also commemorative), you can still snag one at any of those dedicated stands.  What’s bad ass is that the burgers are $10, aka the same price as they are at H+F’s mother ship.  That’s a far cry from the ludicrously priced steak sandwich Kevin Rathbun serves at the game.  That alternative gourmet option is something crazy like $24.  [I don’t remember the exact price]

Anyway, just thought it was worth a mention … if you missed the link to buy tickets that’s earlier in the post, here it is again!

Holeman & Finch Bread Co. Hath Risen … Officially Open 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 20, 2012

ramen bread at holeman + finch

Here’s some good news: that buttery, glowing siren of bread pictured above is now available 7-days a week.  That’s right …  Holeman & Finch Bread Company (unofficially known as Atlanta’s best bakery) has officially opened its doors to the general public.  The technical term is “walk-ins now accepted,” but I don’t know anyone who’s tried this stuff that has the patience for walking in order to procure such goodness.

If you’re in the minority of folks who read this blog but haven’t tasted head baker Rob Alexander’s work; you don’t really have much of an excuse now. If you don’t feel like getting up at the ass crack of dawn on a Saturday to grab it from a farmer’s market and/or haven’t visited any of the handful of shops that sell it, I’d encourage you to hustle over as soon as you have a second. Keep in mind, it’s open 7-days a week until 4pm  And with that, I’m off to go get my drink on.

H&F Bread Co. Address & Information

1401 Ellsworth Industrial Dr. NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 // view map
404.350.8877 // // menu
Cuisine: Bakery // Price Range: $

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H+F’s Greg Best: The Role of the Social Chemist

Posted by Foodie Buddha on December 19, 2011

A little ways back, TED.com had a little event here in Atlanta called TEDx.  I’ve talked about Ted.com on here a bunch, so I’ll spare you all the background.  But suffice it to say, TED talks are some of the most interesting ways you can spend roughly 18-minutes of time.

At TEDx Atlanta, Greg Best, our city’s foremost presence in cocktail culture, took time off from his day job to talk a little bit about bartending, chemistry, and so forth.  I waited anxiously to share this with you guys, and thankfully – the video was posted on YouTube late last week.

Get comfortable and enjoy!

Holeman & Finch Ramen 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on December 11, 2011

ramen at holeman + finch

Holeman & Finch’s foundation is in the craft beverages they mix up; however, their food is no slouch.  Actually, H+F is most well-known as “that place with the 10 o’clock burger.”  But beyond their nationally acclaimed burger, this gastro pub offers a constantly changing menu that has more than a few dishes worth talking about.

One of the latest additions to their current menu is a pork skin ramen.  Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup that’s going through a renaissance not unlike the current burger and pizza craze.  While not as prolific of a trend as burgers or pizza, ramen has been getting a lot of love from all sorts of restaurants who are adding this dish in a one off setting.  H+F is just the latest to do so.

Holeman & Finch’s ramen actually reminds me more of phở than it does of traditional ramen.  It’s absolutely loaded with garlic and ginger, and the murky soup seems to elicit the characteristics of lemongrass (though that may just be my imagination) perhaps on account of the abundant inclusion of coriander leaves.  But regardless of what traditionalists will say, this packed with flavor “ramen” will no doubt get your tongue to move.

pork skin ramen from holeman & finch public house.jpg

The base of the broth is of course pork, it’s touched with a hint of hot sauce, topped with a huge slice of H+F’s housemade bread, and comes in at $12 per order.  The fun little twist is the chopped bits of pork skin that hide like mines beneath the sea surface and detonate in your mouth with a soupy crunch.  Cutting through the five-minute egg floating in the center might take a little effort, but that’s what happens when you try and wrangle a free floating cocoon of gooey yolk.  Pop that sucker open, watch the yellow spill like oil, and  comprise your bite of a good helping of all the little ingredients the ramen offers.

It’s not the greatest ramen ever to land in Atlanta, but Holeman & Finch’s newest creation is certainly worth an order … it’s packed with flavor and that butter toasted bread is the ultimate dipping tool.  Check it out and let me know what you think … I most definitely dig it.

Flickr Logo

Holeman & Finch Address & Information

2277 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30309 · view map
404.948.1175 · · menu
Cuisine: Gastropub, Modern American · Price Range: $$

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Holeman & Finch Public House on Urbanspoon

Serious Eats Says Atlanta Has Some Damn Good Burgers

Posted by Foodie Buddha on November 28, 2011

ann's snack bar - oh my god that's huge

Super blog Serious Eats just published a list of burgers they say are worth the hype.  The list includes 11 restaurants from all over the country and sure enough – Atlanta got two nods.  Both Holeman & Finch and Ann’s Snack Bar scored spots on the coveted list.  What’s more interesting is that Atlanta was the only city to get more than one place on the list.  NYC and SF sort of did – as Shake Shack and Umami Burger showed up – but those are chains.

Anyway, here’s what Serious Eats had to say:

Holeman & Finch

Holeman & Finch’s burger has been hailed by Food & Wine and Epicurious as one of the best in the country. I chose it as my favorite burger of 2010 for good reasons, reasons that I’ll just copy and paste here: "The juicy patties are simply exploding with a beefiness that sings freshness. The bread and butter pickles, ketchup, and mustard are all impeccably made in-house and are joined by melted American cheese and red onions. The whole thing is served on an unsweetened brioche made next door at the company bakery, which Bon Appetit just named one of the 10 best in America. I’m hesitant to call any burger perfect, but improving this thing does not seem possible." —Daniel Zemans, Chicago correspondent

Ann’s Snack Bar

I’m not sure any burger in Atlanta (even Holeman & Finch’s now-iconic double-stack) has been more hyped over the years than the Ghetto Burger at Ann’s Snack Bar. (A shout-out from The Wall Street Journal calling you the best in the US will do that.) At first blush, it sounds like it can’t possibly be a pleasant experience: a sketchy neighborhood locale amidst razor-wire chainlink fences where you’ll likely endure a crazy-long wait for one of only 8 seats and then risk getting yelled at by the sexagenarian proprietor for anything ranging from using a cell phone to cursing… all for what amounts to a double bacon cheeseburger with chili on it? But, yes, this sloppy one-pound-plus behemoth is that good. Like, last-meal-on-earth good. —Todd Brock, Atlanta correspondent

If you’re interested in some more burger porn – check out my Ann’s set on Flickr or watch Ann make her ghetto burger!

Attack Of The Killer Tomato Festival: Episode 3 -Return Of The Tomatoes [Recap] 5

Posted by Foodie Buddha on July 18, 2011

tomatoers at the killer tomato festival

In the case of most trilogies, the third edition of a Hollywood picture series is often the weakest [See: Return of the Jedi].  Fortunately for foodies, festivals are not subject to that rule of thumb.  As such, and to the delight of the masses, the Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival returned yesterday in expanded form over at the Westside Provisions District.  After a ragger of an event in 2010, I was all over this like a Cabbage Patch Kid in a tomato patch.

For those unaware, the festival is a slam dance mash up of booze, grub, and music that showcases both Atlanta chefs and that little round red ball of seedy goodness.   Oh, hello belly … you are looking an awful lot like a tomato right now.  Hosted by JCT Kitchen and sponsored by Georgia Organics, this year’s festival was the first to span both sides of the WPD bridge and went off in fine form.  Despite young evil doers and their attempts to sway me with hints of pork festivals far far away, and obscene amounts of food, and a World Cup match to compete with, The Attack of The Killer Tomatoes was a whole lot of Deep South goodness.

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Linton Hopkins on Creativity vs. Chaos [TEDxAtlanta] 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on July 03, 2011

I’ve posted videos from TED before.  Short for Technology Entrepreneurship and Design, TED.com is a a treasure trove of goodness with lots of amazing content covering an array of topics.  Luckily for us, food culture and its derivatives are a hot topic.

For example: Malcom Gladwell has spoken about spaghetti sauce and chef Dan Barber has talked sustainable fishing and amazing foie gras.  It’s .  Now, Atlanta über-chef Linton Hopkins can call himself a TEDtalker.  Recently, Hopkins, the driving force behind Restaurant Eugene, gave a speech at TEDxAtlanta.  ENJOY!

Attack Of The Killer Tomato Festival [Get Your Tomato On]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on June 28, 2011


It’s Atlanta, it’s July, and it’s tomato season.  That can only mean one thing: it’s time for the annual Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival.  This highly seasonal food festival put on by the fine folks at Georgia Organics returns to the Westside Urban Market and neighboring Westside Provisions District on Sunday, July 17th.  From 1pm-5pm you’ll be able to consume, carouse, and cavort like it’s nobody’s business.

For those unfamiliar with said event, here’s the lowdown.  Basically, a bunch of chefs, farmers, and mixologists get together and put out their best tomato inspired food and drink.  Think of it as the most kid appropriate orgy you will find.

It’s a get it while you can type of event, so I suggest you arrive early and buy your tickets even earlier.  Tickets currently stand at $60 for non-members of GO and $55 for those that do subscribe.  After July 1st, all tickets are $70.

Though prices have gone up since last year, this festival, in my humble and honest opinion, is the best festival in town, bar none.  If that isn’t enough to wet your whistle, check out my recap of last year’s event and/or the Flickr set!

More details after the jump!

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Atlanta Beverage Guide [Beer, Cocktails, & Wine] 5

Posted by Foodie Buddha on June 25, 2011

Thanks in large part to establishments like Holeman & Finch (and by extension H&F Bottle Shop),  Leon’s Full Service, and Perrine’s Wine Shop, Atlanta’s beer community, cocktail culture, and wine enthusiasm is alive, well, and growing.  Despite spending a year of my life working for a distributor (and managing a bar in college), I must say that I often overlook the contribution libations make to my dining and entertainment experiences.

Thankfully, there are no shortage of resources available that will help keep you in touch with all the cocktail happenings here in Atlanta and the neighboring areas.  Here’s an abbreviated guide to all things drink in The Dirty South (in alphabetical order of course).

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H&F Bottle Shop To Open Beginning Of March {Breaking News} 3

Posted by Foodie Buddha on February 24, 2011

H&F Bottle Shop, that long awaited and much delayed upscale liquor store from the gang at Holeman & Finch, appears ready to say hello world.  According to the facebook feed of one of the owners, part one is set to open next week.  Though no such mention can be found on their facebook page, this seems like a reliable source to me.

The shop is located in the Peachtree Battle Shopping Center, just north of their eponymous restaurant, and they will run M-Sa 11a-11pm until we get rid of that stupid no liquor on Sunday law.   Complete with an on premise sommelier, a bevy of boutique liquors, and even some recipe cards so you can do your best Greg Best at home.  I don’t think there’s a person in this city who thinks this place will fail … and count me in as one of the anxious customers.  I’ve also heard really cool things about the order fulfillment process … so be ready for that when you first buy!


H+F Bottle Shop Address & Information

2357 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA 30305 // 404.841.4070 // Bottle Shop website //
Bottle Shop on twitter // Bottle Shop on facebook

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