5th Street Cafe Opens In Midtown; Ian Winslade Gets Cooking Again [Openings]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 10, 2010

5th street cafe logo

The Fifth Street Café, the newest endeavor for Hawks center Zaza Pachulia and the ADI Restaurant Group, is opening today at 800 Peachtree Street.  In supplanting ENO, the space has been completely reworked and as the picture above shows [viar facebook album], the interior looks a lot more like that of an ultra-lounge than that of a café.

The opening chef is Ian Winslade, whose name might ring a bell with those who visited Bluepointe a few years back.  The English national also spent some time at Shout, Prime, and TomTom (All Here2Serve concepts). Winslades’ last job was as the chef de cuisine at Vongericthen’s Spice Market.  Currently, Winslade also runs things over at Buckhead Bottle Bar, a new joint from the same group of guys.

The 5th Street website isn’t much more than a landing page at this point.  As such, I’m not entirely sure what the menu will look like; however, I’m guessing it will be progressive American cuisine.  I’ll see what I can come up with in the next few days.

Lifehacker’s Online Techie Cookbook

Posted by Foodie Buddha on June 13, 2009

Who says computer geeks can’t cook?

Lifehacker.com is one of my daily reads (as it is for most every other professional in the technology sector).  Every once in a blue moon, they drop something cooking related.  Such was the case with yesterday’s post.  Creatively named “The Lifehacker Cookbook,” you’ll find a collection of [mostly] American grub all linked up and ready to go.

Fear not my fellow foodies, the cookbook is really just a link resource to some really excellent stuff.  It includes real stuff from real cooks.

Of the available recipes (which are sorted by meal of the day), my favorite is the homemade ginger ale recipe.  Granted, I haven’t tried most of these recipes.  The post for the ginger ale hit the web-waves just a few days ago; but, the recipe has been around for a bit.  It was extracted from the Jean-Georges Vongerichten cookbook entitled Cooking At Home with a Four-Star Chef.  I had a lot of luck with it; my friends and I gladly polished off a couple of batches in a single sitting.

La Pietra Cucina Restaurant Review – Midtown, Atlanta, GA 6

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 13, 2009

Overall: ★★★☆

Over the past year and change, Atlanta has lost a number of its’ most well respected chefs.  Joël Antunes left for the bright lights of New York, Guenter Seeger ran off into oblivion, and Michael Tuohy went to Sacramento (that’s not a misprint ladies and germs…SACRAMENTO!). [Quick aside – Tuohy is doing very well: LINKY]

At the same time, we have welcomed Jean-Georges, Tom Colicchio, Laurent Tourondel, and others.  While their restaurants thrive, despite mixed reviews in some instances, these culinary giants have grabbed a great deal of attention.  Deservedly so, I might add.  Toss in the emergence of our beloved and adopted Richard Blais [he’s actually a New Yorker … and dare I say..a Gators fan!!!], and there isn’t much room on the front page for anyone else.  While somewhat lost amongst them, chef Bruce Logue has garnered some well deserved attention from the local foodies (myself included).

Logue’s return, as he is a native Atlantan, is inspiring to say the least.  Though his skills as a restauranteur are not as polished as those mentioned previously, he has proven to be a very capable chef.  Read the rest of this after the jump.

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