Olmsted & Article 14 : Two New Atlanta Restaurants, One Midtown Location [Openings] 5

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 06, 2012

So what we have here is more “coming soon” news in the form of Olmsted and Article 14 (two separate Atlanta restaurants).  To be honest, I can’t stand writing this stuff as it makes me sound like a stodgy journalist … something I’m most definitely not (on either front). Be that as it may, the situation is that these two compadres are getting inserted into Symphony Tower (aka – 1180 Peachtree) in the not too distant future.

A few months back, the biz chronicle broke word that Legacy Restaurant Partners (STATS, Max’s, Glenn’s Kitchen, etc.) planed to open a restaurant in the former Trois space in Midtown.  Seeing as it’s a cavernous “room”(something like 14,000 square feet), it’s not a total surprise to hear that there are two restaurants going in.  There’s a little bit more to be said … so click that little linky thing that says “continue reading” if you fancy yourself curious.

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Café Agora in Midtown Just Around The Corner [Openings] 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on December 23, 2011

sampler platter (aka meze) at cafe agora

Good news for we fans of Café Agora, a Buckhead gyro and Mediterranean spot where I’ve popped more foodie cherries at than I can count.  In July, the Atlanta Business Chronicle broke the news that Café Agora was adding a satellite location in Midtown.  At the time, ABC reported that Agora hoped to be open at 92 Peachtree Place by late September.  As is common place with these sorts of things, that didn’t actually happen.

Fast forward a few months to present day, and it SEEMS like change is just around the corner.  Word around the campfire is that owner Mr. Ozelci (but you don’t need to call him that) hopes to have Al’s Café Agora Midtown open in the early parts of February.  I can wait nary another day as I have yet to find a Greek/Mediterranean/Turkish restaurant in the area that can hold a candle to CA.  Their gyros burst in the mouth with flavor as pronounced as pop rocks.  Beyond that, who doesn’t love to watch the jovial Al feed his customers as spoons goodies from a meze plate into the mouths of customer after customer?  Seriously – the dude likes to feed people as if he’s teaching a baby how to eat!  Don’t be scared … just go with it.

Also, Agora is finally starting to expand its mother ship, which TNT told us about last year.  The build out shouldn’t take long, but I have no time frame for when its actually going to be completed.  All I know is that Café Agora is expanding, and Atlanta will be better for it.

Café Agora Address & Information

262 E. Paces Ferry Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305 · view map
404.949.0900 · · menu
Cuisine: Greek, Mediterranean, Turkish · Price Range: $$

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Takorea Korean Tacos: Things That Make You Go Hmmm 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on November 22, 2011


For the past few years, Atlanta’s Korean taco market has been dominated by Tomas Lee’s Hankook Taqueria and their hand in the cookie jar food truck spin-off Yumbii.  Recently, Lee expanded into Midtown Atlanta with the opening of Takorea, a near carbon copy of his concept from the backwoods of Westside.

Once you strip away the misguided name and the disjointed aesthetic of Takorea, what you are left with is a restaurant whose newborn reputation seems to vastly exceed the quality of anything that comes out of the kitchen.  Takorea is, in that respect, exactly like Lee’s other establishments: viable for Atlantans due to a lack of framework against which it can be properly judged.

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Serious Eats Gets Serious About Atlanta’s Burger Scene 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on September 14, 2011

burger w homemade pickles

A Hamburger Today is the “all things burger” outlet for Serious Eats, a big time food blog most everyone into food should read.  Atlanta is fairly well represented on the blog thanks in part to Todd Brock, a local ATLien who moonlights as a foodie.

A few weeks back, Brock wrote about his stuffed burger at The Nook.  He didn’t enjoy it.  However, he did take time to make note of Battle of the Burgers, a charitable food festival dedicated to gluttonous glory by way of the burger.  I was one of the inaugural judges; however, I’m on vacation right now and I won’t be back in time to reprise my role. While you wait on me to give the event its proper write up, you should visit the BotB website and get yourself ready to attend.  The event is scheduled for October 1st, 2011.

Soon after The Nook post, Brock paid a visit to Houlihan’s, that slowly dying food chain.  Then, just as we wiped the juices from our grubby hands, Brock hit us yesterday with an opus to the Bocado burger.  It’s a double stack delight that I adore even though I have less than stellar things to say about the rest of the food/service/etc.  On the way out the door, Brock mentions the similarities between the Bocado burger and the Holeman + Finch burger.  It’s a comparison chef Todd Ginsberg will continue to hear even if he refuses to acknowledges his rendition’s eerie similarities to that late night treat.

Bocado wisely employs the H+F bun and perhaps even the pickles.  Even if it is a near copy … it’s a damn fine piece of meat.  Big ups to Bocado for making this thing available all hours too.  Personal feelings aside, if you are hankering for a double patty burger during regular eating hours … Bocado is your best bet in Atlanta.

[that delicious looking bite above is in fact the Bocado burger and comes courtesy of MelissaLibbyPR.com]

DaVinci’s Pizzeria Delivery – Midtown, Atlanta, GA [Quick Hits] 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 25, 2011

half and half pie at davincis pizzeria

The Setting: My Home
The Meal: DaVinci’s, a Midtown pizzeria that delivers.
Important Note: These pictures are of well-done pizza as we requested that time.

Unless you’re a person in your late teens or early 20s, delivery probably isn’t a staple of your life.  For those of us not knee deep in Maruchan ramen or “couch coin” funded burritos, delivery can still offer a utility.  But whether you’re just trying to shut your kids up, take a night off from the world, or fool your dinner date into thinking you can actually cook, finding palatable deliverables is often difficult.

There are exceptions to every rule and front in center in that department is DaVinci’s Pizzeria, a two outfit chain with locations in Smyrna and Midtown Atlanta.  The location in Midtown has been open some four months, and in that time, I have taken down at least a couple of their pizzas, their sides, and their sandwiches.  So while I won’t hold them to the standards of some of the more high brow pizza spots in Atlanta, I will say that to date, I’ve been relatively pleased.

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The Muff & Buff Tour Visits Alluvia 3

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 22, 2011

cedar plank salmon at alluvia

Mother … forgive me for I have sinned.  Father … I’ve heard the stories so you have nothing to say! ;-)

Figuratively speaking, I’m at a loss for words.  I’m trying to come up with appropriate descriptors for my recent jaunt at Midtown’s Alluvia, the in-house restaurant at The Cheetah Lounge.  If you fancy yourself a bit on the conservative side, you may not know what type of lounge The Cheetah actually is.  Needless to say, *most* respected critics might not touch this American restaurant with a ten foot $*#$&!.

As for the loss for words, I don’t have writer’s block.  Rather, I’m distracted and driven off-course by all the side stories, subtleties, and humorous anecdotes that defined our time at the preeminent “adult” steakhouse in Atlanta.

In that respect, my struggles there were not unlike the struggles of the countless men that have walked into that dungeon of things depraved and excessive.  As much as I wanted to concentrate on the lamb lollipop, it’s a little difficult when Gwen’s tight little body kept gyrating its way through my line of sight again … and again … and again … and again (how much did we spend now?)

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Escorpion Restaurant Review – Midtown, Atlanta, GA [First Impressions] 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on June 20, 2011

the scorpion of escorpion

Draped in a haze of street lights, I find myself awash in bustling persona grata.  The hip, the avid, and the curious are in to check out Escorpion Tequila Bar and Cantina.  Escorpion is a lavish new endeavor from restaurateur Riccardo Ullio and his U Restaurants group and its sights are set squarely on the upper echelon of the Mexican restaurant scene here in Atlanta.

With Inman Park’s Sotto Sotto and Fritti firmly in place, Ullio has taken another crack at Midtown after shuttering Lupe Taqueria and Beleza just a stone’s throw ago.  Instead of reworking the 905 Juniper restaurant, Escorpion is a top-to-bottom transformation of the space best known as Eno.  Though in all fairness, the transformation started with the short lived 5th Street Café.

Tagged by their PR entourage as “a regionally inspired Mexican tequila bar and cantina,” Escorpion will remind many of you of Lupe, an endeavor that didn’t go over so well.  That said, Escorpion isn’t a straight up carbon copy of Lupe; rather, it seems like a side-step more than a complete reworking of the aforementioned concept.

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Moe’s Original Bar B Que Getting Ready To Give Kool Korners Space New Life [Openings] 4

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 27, 2011

Moe's Original Bar B Que

So according to that hidden signage pictured above, the now refurbed building at 349 14th Street is getting some new life.  Long the home of the nationally known alliterati Kool Korners, a Cuban sandwich shop and grocery, Moe’s Original Barbecue is set to open in the not too distant future.  It seems that the owners of the property have tried to bogart some of the Kool Korners’ fame by naming the intersection of State & 14th after the departed, so don’t think the Ramirez’s are returning from their Birmingham sabbatical.  Moe’s is actually a chain and one that I’ve visited several times during my time in Vail.  According to ToneToATL (who had this story some time ago), it seems that the owners were hoping for a January 20th opening … needless to say that didn’t happen.

The Battle Of The Burgers: Eat Meat, Save Appendages! [Festivals] 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on September 02, 2010

battle of the burgers fight

A: The Battle of the Burgers

Q: What is the meat slapping, gut busting, massive attack set to take place at John Howell Park in Virginia-Highland on Saturday, October 2nd (from 12-4p)?

To elaborate: some might say we’re in a burger renaissance.  I might say we’re in a burger infestation.  Regardless of your perspective, it isn’t a stretch to say that Atlanta’s cityscape has become a bastion of meat-eating fornication.  Spurned on by the dizzying selections our city has to offer, Embraced Atlanta is putting on a charitable contest of epic proportions … appropriately slugged as The Battle of the Burgers (web).  Read on for all the information!

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Billy Jack’s BBQ And Shrimp Co. Hits Westside Atlanta [Openings] 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 17, 2010

billy jack's bbq

Hot on the heels of a new hibachi restaurant (the just opened Sakura Stix), a new barbecue joint is set to open in Westside.  The Bunyan-esc Billy Jack’s BBQ and Shrimp Co. is currently in the final build out stages over at 857 Collier Rd.  In addition to sharing the lot with Sakura Stix, Billy Jack’s will deliver to your door and cater your events.  Their menu is pretty straightforward and includes most everything you would expect at a place like this.  The decor is understated and the place probably seats around 40.  They don’t have a website at this point, but they do have a facebook page.  Meanwhile, be on the look out for their catering truck (named The Barbecue Source).  If you see it … call the cops!!!  More for you once they actually open their doors to John Q Public.

[thanks to reader Julian for the heads up]

billy jack's bqq logo

Billy Jack’s BBQ & Shrimp Co. Restaurant Address & Information
857 Collier Rd, Atlanta, GA 30318 // 404.351.7979 // Billy Jack’s facebook

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