The $250 Salad Delivery [Laugh of the Day]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on February 14, 2013

So the gang at College Humor wanted to see what would happen if they ordered a salad from the aptly named Just Salad (site) in New York City.  Not much of a story there … until you realize that they decided to order every single possible topping (including double meats) for their single serving lettuce bowl.  That too may not seem that impressive, until you consider that Just Salad offers up something like 200 toppings.  Sadly, I think Just Salad failed since they weren’t able to fit everything in one bowl.

It’s kind a funny even if it’s not on the level of CH’s overly indulgent and incredibly intricate prank war series].  So watch it and then berate me for robbing you of like 5-minutes of your life; or, don’t watch it and miss out on seriously impressive food humor.

Delicious Anticipation: EMP + Alinea = 21st Century Limited [Cool Videos]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 24, 2012

This is what happens when two of the best restaurants in the country (Eleven Madison Park and Alinea) team up together:

Granted this is more interesting for those of us general food fanatics than it is for anyone belted down here in Atlanta.  However, that’s a pretty awesome teaser video, and one can only imagine what Grant Achatz and Daniel Humm have up their sleeves.  They have a facebook page, so monitor that if you want to keep up with the news drip.

BATON Supper Series Returns: Mirarchi & Headley

Posted by Foodie Buddha on February 12, 2012

Steady Diet of Something

Archuleta and Tedford are back again with another rendition of their BATON Supper Series.  As with the first three, the duet has managed to wrangle another impressive cookmeister from lands abroad.  So check out the details after the jump and hop on the reservation bandwagon asap.

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BATON Supper Series: Tien Ho Dinner

Posted by Foodie Buddha on December 07, 2011

cured chuck ribs from tien ho at baton supper series

This past Monday and Tuesday marked round #2 of the fantastic BATON Supper Series, a sort of subterranean dinner club series that kicked off last month.  If you’ve missed my past posts on BATON, here’s a little catch up for you:

Moses Archuleta, of Deerhunter fame, and Bryson Tedford are the organizers of this monthly endeavor; and, the duo hosts these two night events at Gato Bizco Café in Candler Park.  The club is intended to run the last Monday and Tuesday of the month [dinner #2 was delayed a week on account of the holidays].  What’s particularly cool about these dinners is that Tedford and Archuleta work with chefs who hail from outside of Atlanta.  So every month, not only do you get different food from a different chef, but you get something you won’t be able to get elsewhere in the city.  Party!

Okay, so the October premier featured the M. Wells gang from NYC and was built around black pepper as the central ingredient.  It was awesome … you should read about it.  To pull this Fête du Boeuf off, nabbed Tien Ho, a congenial chef who recently left his position at Momofuku’s Má Pêche in New York City.  For realz people – this guy has skillz!  Dinner … well it rocked.

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Marea: A Pasta Gold Mine

Posted by Foodie Buddha on November 15, 2011


A masterful dining experience is the consequence of a tapestry of constituents woven together to elicit an inspirational reaction.  That’s the type of grandiose impression a meal at New York City’s Marea can leave.  Quietly settled near Columbus Circle’s intersection with Central Park, this Italian seafood restaurant sits as a titan of industry in what is arguably the culinary capital of the world.  For a two-year-old restaurant, that’s an impressive reality.

No doubt a testament to the direction of executive chef Michael White and partner Chris Canon, a meal at Marea is quite clearly the result of the cadre of chefs and servers, the mise-en-scène of the setting, and some very inspiring bites (sometimes slathered in a seduction of lardo and sea urchin).

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21 Club Caesar Salad [Recipe] 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on October 28, 2011

21 club caesar saladCaesar Salad recipe adapted from The “21” Cookbook (buy on Amazon)

Caesar dressing recipes are as ubiquitous as any.  Everyone has their way of doing it and many will debate the merits of one version over another.  For the record – I do fall in the pro anchovies camp.  I’ve sampled a wide number of Caesar Salad dressing recipes and time and time again, I come back to this one, courtesy of NYC’s famed “21” Club.  It’s relatively creamy, pronounced in flavor, and wildly addictive (if I do say so myself). 

I prepared this a few nights ago with one of my neighbors at our “Bevy of Babes” dinner.  Apparently, the way to get a bunch of beautiful women into the same room is through their stomachs … who’d have thunk it?  Though I made it the day of, I find that the dressing really does come together as it ages (24 hours).

And yes, I will take this time to thank everyone who dropped in.  To those many lovely ladies (and couple of cool dudes), thank you for letting me cook for you.  I find few things more enjoyable than preparing a meal for someone.  Each one of you made my night that much more enjoyable.

A special thanks to Papa Squat, my sous for the evening.  As any good chef will tell you, your food is only as good as your sous chef.  And with that – on with the cooking!

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BATON Supper Series: M. Wells and Black Pepper Appreciation Week 4

Posted by Foodie Buddha on October 25, 2011

M. Wells / BATON

Atlanta, I have a bone to pick with you … and I’ll explain why in paragraph six.

For the past few years, supper clubs have been one of the best, if not the best, things about Atlanta’s dining scene.   Tonight (or last night by the time you see this) marked the debut of BATON Supper Series, a locally grown concept that seems poised to make a name for itself.  The brainchild of ATLiens Moses Archuleta (of Deerhunter) and Bryson Tedford,  BATON is a supper series set to throw down on the last Monday and Tuesday of each month (6p-11p).  BATON currently operates out of Gato Bizco Café, a fabulous and truly under appreciated breakfast joint located in Atlanta’s Candler Park neighborhood.

What makes BATON so appealing is its unique way of introducing Atlanta to different types of food.  Instead of relying on a single voice, Archuleta and Tedford are going to put on each set of monthly meals with the help of a chef of notable acclaim.  Sounds pretty run of the mill right? Wrong! The catch: each round, BATON will feature a different chef who hails from far away.  It’s a kick ass way to breath fresh life into Atlanta’s dining scene and give Atlantans a taste of what’s around.

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Zagat’s New York City 30 Under 30

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 13, 2011

This one’s actually a few months old, but seeing as it came out during “The Dark Ages,” I thought I might as well put it up.  The video above is from the party to celebrate Zagat’s list of the best 30 foodies under 30 years of age in New York.  It’s an impressive list, available here, and includes the likes of Heather Bertinetti, whose desserts at Marea blew my freaking mind and then some.  Damn them there attractive and talented women whose main purpose in life is to help people indulge in joy.

I’ll actually have my Marea recap up soon, but in the meantime … I’m going to cry in the corner after reminding myself that all these people are way more talented than this dude AND that I no longer qualify for inclusion on said list.

The Most Annoying Restaurant Review Ever 21

Posted by Foodie Buddha on July 20, 2011

inspired and thus restricted by CHOW, apologies on tense shifts

torrisi italian specialties

100 miles or more is a long way to travel for crazy delicious food cooked to perfection; but, according to some article whose whereabouts escape me, food focused vacations are on the rise.  That spike is directly related to the increased popularity of things like foodie culture, artisanal dishes, and the need to bask in the presence of the latest bad boy celebrity chef whose mug is as identifiable as Brad Pitt’s.

Few cities are worthy of such a commute, and it stands as no surprise that New York City is one of them.  Great restaurants dot the five boroughs of this metropolis like acne pocked Jessica Simpsons face back in the day (hell – it’s probably still there).  Heck, great restaurants are seemingly ubiquitous, so getting noticed is a tough job.  While other cities are consumed in food trucks, deconstructed dishes, and burgers from a wannabe gastropub, NYC’s attention span is short lived and symptomatic of ADHD.  Still, for those that do make waves, unctuous praise or a harsh scalding comes fast and furiously.

In 2010, Torrisi Italian Specialties, a quasi eponymous culinary mash-up, opened in New York’s Little Italy to the delight of critics and fans alike.  A sammie shop/Italian deli by day, by night, this small-seat vestibule of an eatery morphs into a not so hidden gem of addictive flavors and OMG moments.  At least, that’s what it did for me during my one meal there.  Festooned with hanging charcuterie, open-faced pantries, and tiles … lots and lots of tiles, Torrisi seems like a gem.

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Minetta Tavern New York & The $26 Burger [Out of Town]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on July 05, 2011

minetta tavern

Peering through my looking glass, a once formidable cocktail whose specifics elude me at this juncture, I find my mind fluttering and, most importantly, my stomach growling.  Mind you, this isn’t on account of an empty belly; rather, I’ve bellied up at one of the most notable gastro pubs in the world.  I’ve finally made my way over to the Michelin rated Minetta Tavern, and before I can even sit down, I can tell I’m going to be a better man for it.

In 2009, when proprietor Keith McNally (of Balthazar ilk) introduced New York to this Art Deco era bistro homage, the praise came quickly, often, and adoringly.  No doubt chefs Lee Hanson and Riad Nasr had a lot to do with that.  As such, by the time I walked into the door some three-months ago, I had very few misgivings as to what was on deck.

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