Pearl Oyster Bar Review – West Village, New York City, NY [Out of Town] 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on June 08, 2011

the lobster roll at pearl oyster bar

So I’m stuffing my face full of New York when I am suddenly put on notice.  One of my good friends in culinary consumption just so happens to be roaming the very same streets and in roughly the same neighborhood.  Yup … Eat, Drink, Man was in town too.

Out came the droid, soon followed by the ratatat of key mashing and some subsequent phone chatter.  Words haphazardly flew about until we came to an agreement.  We would meet on the morrow in an attempt to best each other on the battle field (Pearl Oyster Bar).  I am Jack’s beating heart.

Something odd happens when I sit down in a restaurant that is epically famous but not very old (as is the case with Pearl Oyster Bar).  One might expect me to have some sort of intense emotional rush or at least a moment to myself.  Truth be told, in both of my trips to Pearl, I’ve found the place so approachable that it almost slips into the annals of my mind not long after I leave.  In other words, Pearl is just so comfortable that you can easily forget you are in one of the holiest of holies and it’s against this setting that I, dare I saw we, consumed one of the best lobster rolls you’ll find anywhere.

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Donald Trump’s Guide To Pizza [Laugh of the Day]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on June 07, 2011

Recently, during her visit to New York, The Donald was kind enough to give former Vice Presidential candidate Tina Fey [click the link] an insiders guide to all things pizza.  Thankfully, he took Madame Vice President to the world famous Famiglia and showed her how all true New Yorker’s eat ‘za.  Enjoy 8-minutes of awesomeness, courtesy of your friends at The Daily Show.

Soto New York [Out of Town]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on June 06, 2011

Like every other Atlanta foodie, a short while back I dropped in the food Mecca that is New York.  It was an ungodly trip of lusty, slutty, completely inappropriate foodie indulgence and I’m just now getting my thoughts organized and my photos online.  I’ve long talked of my man love for Sotohiro Kosugi.  The guy artist super hero is now up to two Michelin Stars.  I think eating at Soto every time you (or me for that matter) hit NYC would be a good thing.  For space’s sake, I was not able to include all the pictures; however, you can find the full Soto New York picture set on Flickr.  Without further adieu, Soto Sushi in in pictures #Amazing #BeJealous #LetsGetItOn

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The Great Food Truck Race In Atlanta For Memorial Day: Updated [RoamingATL] 11

Posted by Foodie Buddha on May 27, 2011

UPDATED: 5.28 @ 10:30a

Remember last year when we mentioned the Food Network’s new show called The Great Food Truck Race?  Well, earlier this month, TFN confirmed what we already knew … the lineup of food trucks for season 2.  Hosted by Tyler Florence, filming is already in full swing and as it turns out, we’re hosting one of the stops here in Capital of the South.  That’s right folks, The Great Food Truck Race is filming in Atlanta during Memorial Day Weekend before the show debuts August 14th.

This season’s lineup consists of Café Con Leche from LA, Devilicious from A Whale’s Vagina, Hodge Podge from Cleveland, Roxy’s Grilled Cheese from Boston, Seabirds from Costa Messa, Sky’s Gourmet Tacos from LA, The Lime Truck from Irvine, and Korilla BBQ from NYC.  Though I’m sad to report that several teams have already been eliminated by now, there is still no short of opportunities to check out this food this weekend.

If you want to follow all the action, be sure to give us a follow via twitter on @RoamingATL, and we’ll keep you up to date on where everyone is.  Also, we’ll be updating this post as more info rolls in.  In the mean time, for some of the specifics … AND SOME SPOILERS … check out the rest of the post after the jump!

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Mile End Delicatessen Restaurant Review – Brooklyn, NY [Out Of Town]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on May 26, 2011

Consider this my ode to Mile End Delicatessen, Brooklyn’s absolute rarest of gems.  You see, the Jewish delicatessen is in the midst of a crisis.  Even in New York City, the birthplace of the deli and home to the iconic Katz’s and the famed Stage Deli, Jewish delis are an endangered species.  Their demise is a trend so alarming that David Sax was able to dedicate an entire blog to the topic and eventually publish Save The Deli, a book that documents the history and future of these culinary treasures. [buy it on Amazon!!!!]

Alas, all is not lost and we have Noah Bernamoff and Rae Cohen to thank for that.  While they may not be the only reason there is hope for the deli, they may be the best reason.  Thanks to these two, you’ll find the aforementioned Mile End tucked away in Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill and serving some of the best damn deli food I’ve ever shoveled in my mouth.  Let me put it this way: this may be the only place around that can still elicit my inner Shlomo.

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Serendipity 3’s $69 Hot Dog [The World’s Most Expensive Hot Dog] 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on April 22, 2011

New York’s Serendipity 3 is known as a glorified hot dog restaurant featuring a potpourri of bites.  While fairly economically by NYC standards, it does have a habit of producing some expensive grub (anyone got $25,000 for dessert?).  Case in point, this $69 hot dog:

It should come as no surprise that dog includes several types of truffles and a good helping of foie gras.  Though Serendipity 3 started serving this last July, my recent peregrination of the Big Apple was a cruel reminder that there is still so much to do in that city.  No, I did not make it to Serendipity III, but I promise to go back when I return there in a few months.  Fear not, I’ll have some recap posts up well before that trip occurs!

Soto Earns Second Michelin Star [Awards]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on October 06, 2010

While the James Beard Award may carry more notability around these parts, the Michelin Guide is in fact the real deal.  Early this morning, the famed guidebook (and tire manufacturer), released their ratings for 2011.  Of particular note to us in the Dirty, Sotohiro Kosugi garnered a second star for his well regarded New York City sushi bar.  This is an astounding accomplishment, and with restaurants like Wylie Dufresne’s wd~50 sitting below Soto, you can tell this is an impressive heap to climb.  While Bibendum is all smiles today, this serves as another twist to the gut for those of us her in Atlanta! If you’re curious to see the whole list, you can see it here! Smile

[via Eater]

2010 James Beard Award Winners Announced, Atlanta A No Show 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on May 04, 2010

james_beard1-300x277The James Beard Awards, handed out by the … James Beard Foundation (shocking I know), are the most prestigious culinary awards this country has to offer.  The annual event concluded just a short while ago … and the winners have been announced.  Amongst some of the notable awards … Marea in NYC won for the all to important title of Best New Restaurant, while Daniel Boulud’s flagship Daniel scored Restaurant of the Year.

For those of us in the dirty south, our hopes of really making head waves went unanswered.  Not surprisingly, Sean Brock of McCrady’s in Charleston, S.C. won for Best Chef in the Southeast Region.

Eat It, Atlanta Becomes Eat It, New York

Posted by Foodie Buddha on April 12, 2010

“Am Foodie, Will Travel For Meals.”  Many of us live by that motto … not all of us have the budget to fulfill that dream.  Thankfully, we can live vicariously through others.  Hot of the plane, Eat It Atlanta has blessed we plebeians with some excellent photo documentation of his recent excursion to New York City.  Included are pictures from his lunch at Eric Ripert’s Le Bernardin and his meal at Thomas Keller’s Per Se.  Sorry ladies, this half of the Ambiguously Foodie Duo is actually off the market … and his lady was the tag along of all tag alongs!  :-)  As you can see … it was awesome!  Go give the trip a twirl!

Le Bernardin by jwsobeck

Valentine’s Day Reservations Scalpers Try To Scam Beyond Atlanta

Posted by Foodie Buddha on February 11, 2010

Last night, I posted on a troubling website that was trying to sell reservations to some of Atlanta’s most notable restaurants.  Well, a lot has happened since then.  Thanks to some amazing internet word of mouth, went offline within a few hours.  Then, the owners tried to get another scam site up under a sub-domain at, but that too was soon killed off.  Not be be deterred, the owners still have a another site up, but it’s thin on the reservations (see below).  However, the story isn’t done there.

911 Reservations Online

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