Burger Club Goes Burger Fail: Restaurant Review – Vinings, Atlanta, GA [First Impressions] 6

Posted by Foodie Buddha on December 22, 2009

the burger club - the outside

It would seem that The Burger Club has gotten off to a rocky start.  First, there was the name fiasco; then the opening date was repeatedly pushed back.  After all that, the lukewarm started to come in.  Despite these adverse factors, this Vinings burger joint seems like a bustling hotspot; at least that was the case during lunch the other day.

Packed near capacity, families, local businessmen, and a slew of shopping entourages lined up to get their fill of classic American gluttony.  Inside this friendly little space, meaty food trays flew about with purpose.  Severs and food runners ran around with haphazard fervor and there seemed to be a 50’s diner energy to the restaurant.

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The Burger Lounge Becomes The Burger Club [Still Not Open] 5

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 24, 2009

On the 10th, I ran a post about an upcoming burger joint from Paul Albrecht and his Great Food Inc. restaurant group.  Turns out, the restaurant has already gone through a name change.  What was once the Burger Lounge is now The Burger Club.  Yeah, not the most earth shattering blurb ever, but it is what it is.

Chef Paul Albrecht Getting In On A Trend: The Burger Lounge Scheduled For September 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 10, 2009


Paul Albrecht is no stranger to the Atlanta dining scene.  A founding member of the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group, he is the purveyor of the namesake Paul’s Restaurant and the newly minted Social Vinings.  Now he and son Patrick, who collectively run the Great Food Inc. restaurant group, are set to open The Burger Lounge in Vinings.

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Social Vinings In Smyrna: Atlanta Sub & Sandwich Tour #5 4

Posted by Foodie Buddha on March 18, 2009

I try my best to visit new Atlanta eateries sometime within the first 48-hours of their opening.  I think it’s always fun to try new places and it also helps me establish a baseline for the given restaurant. In addition, watching a restaurant develop and mature is part of the fun of what I do.

In the case of Social Vinings, I had promised The Don that I would go with her as soon as she was available.  [In case you are wondering, The Don is the person most responsible for my families ability to function … hence the reference to the Capo de Corleone.]  Consequently, I expected my first trip up to the new Paul Albrecht joint to be sometime in the coming weeks.

Yesterday was a hectic and crazy day.  Plans were made only to be summarily tossed aside and replaced with new duties and tasks.  Despite the chaos, I found myself freed up around lunchtime and sitting with my pops at his pad.  We needed lunch and when I mentioned this new “casual bar,” my father’s brow furrowed.  30-minutes later, I found myself on the patio at Social V, iced tea in hand, and in the middle of a lovely Atlanta afternoon.

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Paul Albrecht’s Social Vinings To Open On February 17

Posted by Foodie Buddha on February 08, 2009

Social Vinings, a self proclaimed “casual bar and upscale restaurant,” is scheduled to open on Tuesday, February 17.  The restaurant is the product of chef Paul Albrecht.  Albrecht, who got his start at Pano’s and Paul’s, also operates Paul’s; a global restaurant/bar in Peachtree Hills.

Social Vinings occupies a 6,500 sq ft with floor to ceiling windows.  The restaurant seats 280 guests and has a 50 person private dining room.  It has been added to the February Dirty List.

More info at [Social Vinings Restaurant Homepage]

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