The Picture Every Bar Should Have [Laugh of the Day]

More to come later today! [via imgur] Like this:Like Loading…

Lego Star Wars Cupcakes & Cakes [Desserts]

Star Wars + Cupcakes + LEGOs = Happy Buddha.  You probably already realized this a few weeks ago when a great Star Wars Cupcake photo flickered across my stream.  This time we can thank Rachel … Read more →

Star Wars Cupcakes [Dark Side Desserts]

Darth Vader and Storm Trooper Star Wars cupcakes … how very evil of you! [from via @GizzyGetBizzy] Like this:Like Loading…

Soto New York [Out of Town]

Like every other Atlanta foodie, a short while back I dropped in the food Mecca that is New York.  It was an ungodly trip of lusty, slutty, completely inappropriate foodie indulgence and I’m just now … Read more →

Breaking News: I’ve Been Outed By @MarkPetko

My days are pretty underwhelming and more often than not, I find myself quietly minding my own business.  Such was the case last Thursday when things started off much the same.  I got up … … Read more →

How To Eat Ramen And Not Get Your Hair Did [Laugh Of The Day]

No, I haven’t fallen in or anything.  While I’ve still been eating out the past couple of weeks, most of my writing time has been devoted to … gasp … COOKING!!! Mmmm … So sit … Read more →

Dear King Of Pops – Best Promotional Picture Ever! [Laugh Of The Day]

You’re welcome! Total luck as this was cropped from the background of one of my shots!  Truly awesome!  Who are you mysterious lover of the popsicle?  Yes, this mysterious man of popsicle orgies might as … Read more →

10-Year-Old Rocks The Top Chef Trash Talk: Grace Is My Fav! [Laugh Of The Day]

Little could pull me away from my television on this day of “Win and You’re In.”  However, 10-year-old Grace … who rocks it with her parents in Morningside, did just that.  Apparently, the young fan … Read more →

Everything You Wanted To Know About Beer [In Pictures]

I love learning … and I love it when there are lots of pictures to make the reading more enjoyable.  Thanks to some very crafty folk over at the Oatmeal, we now have a picture-book-like … Read more →

Guess The Restaurant #2

It’s been too long since I last did guess the restaurant, and it just so happens that today’s lunch was the perfect opportunity for a second helping.  So … where did I go?  And no … Read more →

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