Zen On Ten Restaurant Review – Westside, Atlanta, GA [First Impressions] 5

Posted by Foodie Buddha on October 04, 2009

Adam (aka guest blogger dude) and I were milling around the Westside a few days ago looking for a place to eat lunch at.  Having spent the previous day gut busting around, I had a hankering for some sushi.  A cheerful banter arose, so back and forth we went until Adam suggested Zen on Ten, an Asian bistro and sushi bar located in the still fresh Ten Side apartment complex.

zen on ten - signage by you.

Having only seen the place in passing, and with no real concrete idea of what to expect, we both settled in on the assumption that Zen on Ten would fill the role of the fast dining sushi option; in other words, what Moe’s is to the burrito, we THOUGHT Zen would be to sushi.  Turns out, we were pleasantly wrong.

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