Son of A Gun: Man Overboard In LA

Posted by Foodie Buddha on December 01, 2011

son of a gun

At face value, Son of A Gun in Los Angeles serves as the antithesis to its sister restaurant, the highly regarded though disappointing to me Animal.  Animal is simply dressed, whereas Son of A Gun is festooned with knickknacks.  Animal focuses on things of land, whereas Son of A Gun is a showcase for seafood.

But once you scratch the surface, you see that chef/owners Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo have built something deeply connected to their flagship restaurant.  Both restaurants focus on rich dishes where calories seem to take a backseat to flavors; and while the menus at both rotate on a daily basis, each restaurant has its staples.  Still, a single sitting at Animal didn’t frustrate, it instead tempered against the oodles of praise.  Meanwhile, in about 45-minutes of mealtime, Son of A Gun crashed and burned worse than the McCourt’s marriage.

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Seared Salmon with Sweet Curry Couscous [Recipe]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on November 16, 2011

Recently, a friend tasked me to find her a grilled salmon recipe that used something sweet to accent the fish.  A little googling turned up a Salmon of the Americas cooking contest from a few years back.  Amongst the 41 entries featuring farmed salmon, one that caught my eye was a seared salmon with sweet curry couscous and spicy kiwi-mango chutney.  It just so happens that the recipe came from Elizabeth Barton.  At the time, Barton was a student at Le Cordon Blue of Atlanta; but fast forward to present day, and we find Barton cutting her teeth over at Rathbun’s and tweeting away via @GizzyGetBizzy.

It’s worth noting that Barton’s entry received the 7th most votes of all the entries.  I have yet to try this out, but regardless, it looks appealing in Barton’s video.  Meanwhile, it certainly fit the bill of my friends search for something sweet to go along with salmon.  Details after the jump!

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Marea: A Pasta Gold Mine

Posted by Foodie Buddha on November 15, 2011


A masterful dining experience is the consequence of a tapestry of constituents woven together to elicit an inspirational reaction.  That’s the type of grandiose impression a meal at New York City’s Marea can leave.  Quietly settled near Columbus Circle’s intersection with Central Park, this Italian seafood restaurant sits as a titan of industry in what is arguably the culinary capital of the world.  For a two-year-old restaurant, that’s an impressive reality.

No doubt a testament to the direction of executive chef Michael White and partner Chris Canon, a meal at Marea is quite clearly the result of the cadre of chefs and servers, the mise-en-scène of the setting, and some very inspiring bites (sometimes slathered in a seduction of lardo and sea urchin).

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Seafood Watch And Project FishMap for iPhone/Android [Technology]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on July 12, 2011

seafood_watch_iphone_appEarlier today (technically yesterday by the time you read this), I spent some time reading an article on sustainability and seafood, which prompted me to write this little bit on an associated topic: the Monterey Bay Aquarium and their Seafood Watch app (android market/apple store).  The Monterey Bay Aquarium is one of the leaders in the sustainability discussion as it pertains to seafood.  They have launched a number of initiatives and have a hand in the food served at quite a number of seafood restaurants all over the country.

Project FishMap and the Seafood Watch app is an attempt to take their sustainable seafood recommendations and put them at the tip of your fingers in the most accessible way possible.  The app helps you not only see what seafood (even sushi) they consider ocean-friendly and then helps you find nearby restaurants that are sustainable conscious (or not for that matter).  Last but not least, they crowdsource information so that you can update your findings on the app and let other people know about it.  For those without an iPhone or android, you can use the mobile site.

DOWNLOAD: android market / apple store

More on Sustainable Seafood

Now, as that article by The Passionate Foodie will tell you, sustainability is a hotly debated topic.  It’s been turned into a buzz word and much of the accepted “facts” aren’t really accepted (or even facts).  So while I can’t universally back the list of seafood listed as sustainable, I believe Seafood Watch is a great tool for those looking to educate themselves a little bit more.  For those of you not as technically inclined, you can find pocket guides and online tools on MBA’s website.

While not perfect, the Aquarium’s Seafood watch app is a great start.  The Aquarium has taken great strides to update their information every six-months, so this should be relatively fresh (HA – I made a pun!) information.

For more info on seafood sustainability, take some time to read through a few of the Passionate’s posts on sustainability.  They are in depth, highly informative, and he has a huge TRUST factor in my book.  He never takes anything at face value, and does his best to present a balanced take on whatever the topic at hand is. (show him some @ love)

Moreover, get on the interwebs and start searching.  Learn what sustainability actually is and how it affects (and effects) you.    Here are some good reads:

Billy Jack’s BBQ And Shrimp Co. Hits Westside Atlanta [Openings] 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 17, 2010

billy jack's bbq

Hot on the heels of a new hibachi restaurant (the just opened Sakura Stix), a new barbecue joint is set to open in Westside.  The Bunyan-esc Billy Jack’s BBQ and Shrimp Co. is currently in the final build out stages over at 857 Collier Rd.  In addition to sharing the lot with Sakura Stix, Billy Jack’s will deliver to your door and cater your events.  Their menu is pretty straightforward and includes most everything you would expect at a place like this.  The decor is understated and the place probably seats around 40.  They don’t have a website at this point, but they do have a facebook page.  Meanwhile, be on the look out for their catering truck (named The Barbecue Source).  If you see it … call the cops!!!  More for you once they actually open their doors to John Q Public.

[thanks to reader Julian for the heads up]

billy jack's bqq logo

Billy Jack’s BBQ & Shrimp Co. Restaurant Address & Information
857 Collier Rd, Atlanta, GA 30318 // 404.351.7979 // Billy Jack’s facebook

Goin’ Coastal Restaurant Review – Virginia Highlands, Atlanta, GA [First Impressions] 8

Posted by Foodie Buddha on July 20, 2010

going coastal interior

Just last week, Zach Kell and Seth Hendricks brought their Goin’ Coastal concept from Canton, GA all the way down I-75 and into Virginia Highlands.  As the name suggests, Goin’ Coastal is all about the seafood; what sets them apart from their competition is their overt focus on sustainable fishing.

Backed by support from the world renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium (in the form of product consultation), Goin’ Coastal promises a bevy of seafood options delivered from the sea to your plate inside of 36-hours.  Kell, a Georgia native, and Hendricks opened GC in Canton just about two-years ago (they also own The Downtown Kitchen up yonder).  Despite a strong following, I had never ventured into either of their flagship restaurants.  However, I have long lamented the dearth of good seafood options in this city, so when Goin’ Coastal finally came ITP, I dropped in to see what was what.

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Coast Seafood & Raw Bar Restaurant Review – Buckhead, Atlanta, GA [First Impressions] 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on April 21, 2010

The corner of E. Andrews and W. Paces Ferry in Buckhead is choke full of Atlanta’s forgotten culinary greatness.  Yes, the converted home that housed one of Atlanta’s most notable restaurants (Seeger’s) has gradually morphed from a place of legend and shi shi into an establishment for the more casual dinner.  Coast Seafood & Raw Bar is the current resident, and they’ve set out to fill the void left when Steamhouse Lounge moved to Midtown.

The restaurant is operated by Tom Catherall’s Here To Serve, a restaurant group whose fooderies dot our cityscape with thoughts of greatness that always fall short.  In fact, 111 W. Paces’ previous tenant,  aptly named Home, was one such example.  The restaurant’s brief flirtation with success came when Catherall brought in Atlanta’s darling chef, one Richard Blais.  That Blais up and ran just a few months after showing up was not a surprise (it’s kinda been his m.o.).  It was also no surprise that when Blais left, so too did Home’s business.  Now, just a few months after H2S shuttered the cougarville that was Lola Bellini Bar in favor of the disgusting Cantina Taqueria, they have followed suit with Home and Coast Seafood.

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Capt. Shrimp Seafood House Restaurant Review – Fort Lauderdale, FL [Out Of Town] 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on February 02, 2010

capt shrimp - the dump ... err building by foodiebuddha.The drive up the Eastern seaboard of the United States is daunting to say the least.  Considering the trek from Miami to Atlanta, there is just something wrong about the idea of driving for 12-hours plus and only hitting two states.  A break (or three) is required, and what better way for a foodie to chew up the monotony than with a destination worthy meal?

In preparation for that drive, the Unabomber’s Girlfriend and I spent some time perusing the internet looking for one of those hidden eateries of lore and legend.  As we were in seafood central, the cuisine was seemingly selected for us.  After scanning several internet sites, we were led to believe that we had found one such gem.  Yes, Capt. Shrimp came with high marks from casual dinners over a bevy of websites.  Unfortunately, what it delivered was a glorified alternative to Captain D’s.

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