Team Hidi: 01.27.13

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 07, 2013


Support Ryan Hidinger and Team Hidi.  All you need to know at

The bullet points:

a) Several Atlanta restaurants (Muss & Turner’s, Local Three, Empire State South and Five & Ten) to name a few have added a line to the bottom of their guest checks … it’s called “Round Up for Ryan”.  You can donate that way.

b) On Sunday, January 27th, there will be awesomeness from 4pm until 8pm at the King Plow (  It’s $150 plus some fees … buy tickets

The list of food that will be there is impressive and still growing:

Floataway Cafe
Muss & Turner’s / Local Three
4th & Swift
Brick Store Pub / Leon’s Full Service
Taco Mac
STG / Bocado
Miller Union
No. 246 / The Optimist
Double Zero Napoletana / The Iberian Pig
Restaurant Eugene / Holeman & Finch
Empire State South
Cakes & Ale
Greg Hardesty with Recess in Indy
Six Feet Under
Honeysuckle Gelato
Fox Brothers BBQ / The Big Tex

A Medical Diagnosis From Staplehouse

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 04, 2013

For those of you who follow my blog and the ATL food scene with any semblance of frequency, you probably know about Ryan Hidinger and his wife Jen.  They put together Staplehouse, perhaps the best supper club this city has to offer.

Well, Ryan is very very sick.  I’m not going to dress this up; rather, I’ll just point you to this post if you care to find out more.  Go check them out on the Staplehouse facebook page and spend some time over on the Staplehouse website.  They have a mailing list you can sign up for, which will be the best way to keep up with what they are dealing with.

Atlanta Supper Clubs Featured On Eatocracy

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 08, 2011

Let me be anyone but the first to say that the best thing about Atlanta’s food scene are the vast number of supper clubs bubbling under the surface.  I’ve been to most of the recurring supper clubs in and around our city, a few of the one off events, and several secret meals in cities well-beyond this state’s boundaries.  Sometimes I’m a known attendee and sometimes I’m an everyman; but regardless, at their best, North Georgia’s supper clubs offer some of the best dining experiences to be had.

Over the weekend, touted an Eatocracy article on supper clubs.  The article really focuses on supper clubs as a vehicle on the road to a brick-and-mortar restaurant.  Two ATL supper clubs (Staplehouse and Spice Route) are perfect examples of that not-so-well-traveled road.  As such, they are featured heavily in the article.

While the Staplehouse restaurant is still a work in progress, Ryan Hidinger’s (the quizzical chap on the far left) “Prelude to Staplehouse” dinners sell out in seconds and are often lauded publicly thanks in part to wife/biz partner Jen (not pictured) and their trusty sidekick Ben the sous-chef.

Meanwhile, Spice Route is the brainchild of Asha Gomez.  Gomez’ is on the verge of kicking her quasi-regular roaming dinner party into 6th gear with the opening of Cardamom Hill in Berkley Heights.  ATL Mag has the scoop in case that’s news to you!

[via Eatocracy / image courtesy]

How To Pickle … Staplehouse Style {Pickles} 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on February 02, 2011

It’s not often that I get holiday cards that I hold onto for more than a few days.  Sorry … it’s true.  However, this past New Year’s Day I was pleasantly surprised when I got this short epistle:

How To Pickle (Staplehouse Style)

Pretty kick ass if you ask me.  The artsy little ode to pickles is a succinct and easy to execute method courtesy of Ryan + Jen Hiding, known around these parts as the couple behind Staplehouse.  If you don’t want to print out that card, I’ve taken the time to transcribe it for you after the jump!

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Staplehouse & Atlanta Supper Clubs Continue To Draw Crowds

Posted by Foodie Buddha on February 14, 2010

Supper clubs aren’t new.  Supper clubs in Atlanta aren’t new.  What is new is all the mainstream attention being dolled out on these underground dining destinations.  While the inertia behind every supper club can be as unique as the food served up, almost all of them carry an absolute truth:  to give people a chance to throw an Eephus pitch curve ball in their dining experience.

staplehouse                                                                                                                         ryan, his sister, and mom

A few days ago, Bob Townsend of the AJC wrote a little piece on the phenomenon.  In it, Townsend recapped a recent meal with chef Ryan Hidinger at his Staplehouse dinners.  With help from his wife and partner Jen and sous-chef Ben Barth, Ryan is hoping to spread the word about his upcoming restaurant.  They are come as you are people, so don’t be shy about contacting them through the Staplehouse website/blog.  Their 10-seat dinners are so popular that they often sellout inside of a minute or two, but if you can score a seat, they are well worth it.  I was lucky enough to sneak into one of their earliest dinners, it was a dinner worth remembering.  But don’t take my word for it … you can trust the daily candy vote for all things cool in Atlanta. More reading … so clicky clicky por favor!

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Daily Candy’s Sweetest Things Goes Live For Voting

Posted by Foodie Buddha on December 02, 2009


Every year, the multi-city based Daily Candy puts out a best of issue for each of their cities.  Tagged "Sweetest Things,” the voting covers a potpourri of categories.  Sure enough, food is one of those categories.  Amongst this years nominees are Rebecca Payne and Jodi Ramsey of Holy Vino, Amy Phillips and Tammy Cohen, who do boxed lunches, and the Hidingers, who have earned their strips for the Staplehouse endeavor.  If you haven’t checked out the Hidingers stuff, you should hit up their website or read Ryan’s answers on the debut of Inside The Chef’s Kitchen.  Anywho, get voting.

Chef Ryan Hidinger: Inside The Chef’s Kitchen #1 7

Posted by Foodie Buddha on November 06, 2009

So today is the debut of Inside The Chef’s Kitchen.  If you want some background on the series, check out the introductory post from a few days back.

For our premier post, we managed to score some time with Chef Ryan Hidinger, the executive chef at Muss & Turner’s.  In addition to his role at M&T, Ryan and Jen, his much better half ;-), are in the process of starting up Staplehouse, a friendly little joint that they hope to open in the not too distant future.

In the interim, they are hosting “underground dinners” at their house under the name Prelude to Staplehouse.  You can check out all the happenings at the Staplehouse website.  And with that, welcome to ITCK.

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Hug It Out At The Prelude To Staplehouse [Sneak Peeks] 3

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 26, 2009

Tommy: Brothers don’t shake hands. Brothers gotta hug.

underground supper club by ChowDownAtlanta underground supper club by ChowDownAtlanta underground supper club by ChowDownAtlanta

That’s the kind of atmosphere at an event hosted by Jen & Ryan Hidinger (the line of course is a quote straight out of Tommy Boy).  In fact, we tried to get out of there on a handshake, and the better half insisted we hug it out.  For those of you not privy to my past posts on Staplehouse, let’s get ya’ll up to speed.

Ryan Hidinger is the Chef de Cuisine at Muss & Turner’s.  He, with the help of his lovely wife Jen, hope to open their own joint sometime in the foreseeable future.  The restaurant will open under the name Staplehouse (formerly two words – now one).  The concept will be a neighborhood eatery backed by fresh, staple-driven food. In the meantime, what we have is A Prelude To Staplehouse.  Prelude is quite simply a small gathering where a handful of diners get together, sample a good amount of Ryan’s food, and then are given an opportunity to give him some feedback.  PS … before you hit “read more” you may want to brace yourselves.  This is another post that’s far too long for the net. ;-)

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Busy Weekend: Topped Off With A Visit To Staplehouse

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 23, 2009

A few months ago, I was turned on to a new supper club touted as “Prelude To Staplehouse.”  Since then, Jenifer and Ryan Hidinger have made quite an impression.  As other bloggers begin to catch wind of this thang, I myself am getting in on the fun.  I’m off to see what this couple has in store.  I’ll be in touch shortly on it.  Also, I made my way over to Pacci for brunch this morning.  Expect some notes on that shortly.

While you wait, check out this post on Adventurous Tastes about her experience.

Get A Sneak Peek At Staplehouse Restaurant 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on May 26, 2009

Word travels these days.  Recently, I was turned onto a relatively new supper club by the name of A Prelude To Staple House (alternatively:  Run by Atlanta chef Ryan Hidinger and his boss (echemm… wife) Jenifer, Prelude popped up in early January.  With roughly six meals under their belts (as of the 31st), it looks things are moving along well.

I have yet to make it to one of these events (they keep filling up), but I still think it’s worth mentioning.  With some hard work and a little bit of luck, the couple is hoping to open a restaurant of their own in the near future.  More after the jump!

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