Marge Simpson Will Be A Terrible Food Critic 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on November 09, 2011


We all know how important it is for a food critic to be anonymous when visiting a restaurant.  So you can imagine my dismay when I first heard that this week’s episode The Simpsons, entitled The Food Wife, is centered around Marge Simpson and her foray into the world of gastronomy.  Here are a few reasons why Marge is the wrong member of the family to take on food blogging and a little peek into the episode itself.

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Top Chef Texas: The Insider’s Guide To Season 9 [TV Shows] 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on October 31, 2011

top chef texas logo

Bravo’s Top Chef TV series is to reality food TV what the Real World is to the genre as a whole.  That is, Top Chef is the longstanding stalwart of the category and the show that defined the genre.   On Wednesday, October 2nd, Top Chef slips back into its familiar slot at 10pm EST as the show returns for its 9th season.  Set in Texas this time, the show is sure to be full of faux drama, words that annoy foodies, and phrases like “Don’t Mess with Texas.”  Even so, there are still a lot of reasons to watch what will happen.

The most important thing about Top Chef: Texas is that it will also mark the return of the “What Was That Ingredient?” series. [Thank you for your rousing applause and wild cheers after hearing that important breaking news]. Meanwhile, there are a few other motivating factors competing for your attention.  Details (and potential spoilers) after the jump!

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2010 James Beard Award Winners Announced, Atlanta A No Show 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on May 04, 2010

james_beard1-300x277The James Beard Awards, handed out by the … James Beard Foundation (shocking I know), are the most prestigious culinary awards this country has to offer.  The annual event concluded just a short while ago … and the winners have been announced.  Amongst some of the notable awards … Marea in NYC won for the all to important title of Best New Restaurant, while Daniel Boulud’s flagship Daniel scored Restaurant of the Year.

For those of us in the dirty south, our hopes of really making head waves went unanswered.  Not surprisingly, Sean Brock of McCrady’s in Charleston, S.C. won for Best Chef in the Southeast Region.

Tom Colicchio Drops In On The Charlie Rose Show

Posted by Foodie Buddha on April 16, 2009

Tom Colicchio, the chef/restaurateur behind places like Craft and Craftbar,  showed up on Tax Day to talk with Charlie Rose.  Rose is a great interviewer and I think ya’ll will find this very entertaining.

In the culinary world, Colicchio is well established.  In general media, he is probably best known as the Generalissimo of Top Chef, so it’s interesting to see Colicchio talk with such candor and panache. For those of you most interested in his opinion on reviews, jump ahead to 8m55s.

Want To Be The Next Richard Blais? Get Your Top Chef On! Auditions At Craft Atlanta

Posted by Foodie Buddha on February 04, 2009

Have dreams of unseating Richard Blais as celebrity chef in ATL?  Here is your chance.  Planning for season six of “Top Chef” has kicked into high gear.  In that spirit, they have issued a press release with all the usual information.  This is your chance to hang out with Padma, Tom, and everyone else!  One guess as to where the try out are going to be.  Details after the jump!

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First Impressions: Craft/Craftbar Restaurant – Buckhead, Atlanta, GA 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 28, 2009

Last night, I met a few buddies over at Craftbar for some drinks, a nibble of food, and a touch of stuffiness.  Craftbar and Craft, the big brother that looms upstairs, are Atlanta’s versions of Chef Tom Colicchio’s New York flagship.  I went with high expectations; based on our brief flirtation, I am anxious to see how this potential love affair develops.  Despite a hiccup (or two), there is enough promise here to warrant at least a couple of return trips.

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Tom Colicchio Saves

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 19, 2009

The Internet Food Association reports that Tom Colicchio saved the life of Joan Nathan, a James Beard-award winner.  Top Chef fans across the country gasp when they realize Colicchio is not as gruff as he appears on TV.

La Pietra Cucina Restaurant Review – Midtown, Atlanta, GA 6

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 13, 2009

Overall: ★★★☆

Over the past year and change, Atlanta has lost a number of its’ most well respected chefs.  Joël Antunes left for the bright lights of New York, Guenter Seeger ran off into oblivion, and Michael Tuohy went to Sacramento (that’s not a misprint ladies and germs…SACRAMENTO!). [Quick aside – Tuohy is doing very well: LINKY]

At the same time, we have welcomed Jean-Georges, Tom Colicchio, Laurent Tourondel, and others.  While their restaurants thrive, despite mixed reviews in some instances, these culinary giants have grabbed a great deal of attention.  Deservedly so, I might add.  Toss in the emergence of our beloved and adopted Richard Blais [he’s actually a New Yorker … and dare I say..a Gators fan!!!], and there isn’t much room on the front page for anyone else.  While somewhat lost amongst them, chef Bruce Logue has garnered some well deserved attention from the local foodies (myself included).

Logue’s return, as he is a native Atlantan, is inspiring to say the least.  Though his skills as a restauranteur are not as polished as those mentioned previously, he has proven to be a very capable chef.  Read the rest of this after the jump.

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