Kevin Gillespie & Gunshow: Teaser Information

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 30, 2012

So the cat is officially half out of the bag.  After a lot of public maneuvering, the powers that be finally went “on the record” and announced that Top Chef alum Kevin Gillespie is all but wrapped at Woodfire Grill (you didn’t know he was a TC contestant until I told you … right?).  Gillespie is being supplanted by E.J. Hodgkinson, the longtime #2, who has often been the guy cooking your food.

What they’re not exactly telling you right now is his next step.  Even though Gillespie saved the Cheshire Bridge restaurant from the brink after Michael Tuohy departed for Sacramento, the writing has been on the wall for this move for months (and some might say years).  So you can buy Fire in My Belly … that cookbook thing; but, he also has plans for a new restaurant (which I already alluded to in a kind of snobbish/roundabout way).

Time’s a little short so pardon the lack of elaboration … but so far, the deets are as follow: the name of the restaurant is slated to be Gunshow.  As of now, the location is in earshot of The Shed at Glenwood, but that *might* still change.  It’s supposed to be porktastic.  More elaboration if/when I have more than a moment.

Top Chef Texas: Restaurant Wars – What Was That Ingredient? [Buddhacation]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 12, 2012

The pain that is this season of Top Chef Texas continues, and with it comes another edition of What Was That Ingredient?  While the show struggles to keep my attention, I still watch with some anticipation, hoping to see and hear something that will turn my creative juices.  If things don’t change, WWTI will be shelved after this season wraps (if not sooner).

The only real commentary I have on this season’s version of Restaurant Wars is this:  What happens to all the regular customers when the judges walk in?  The both kitchens basically came to a screeching halt to attend to the needs of these very special guests … that can’t be good for the rest of the restaurant.

Though I’m quite familiar with the inner workings of media, reality TV, and all that jazz – I’m really curious to know what it’s actually like to go to one of these “Restaurant Wars” dinners.  It’s obviously highly edited, so we’re left to wonder how concocted a diners experience is at the restaurant.

Alright y’all, here’s a recap of the handful of ingredients and dishes that might need some explaining!

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Top Chef Texas: BBQ Pit Wars – What Was That Ingredient? [Buddhacation]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 05, 2012

modernist cuisine front cover

After a few weeks off from the drivel that has become Top Chef Texas, the show returned last night desperate to find a new villain, but this isn’t a typical review series, so I’ll leave that to others to elaborate on.

Anyway, this 80-minute extended edition went through all the hoops of classic reality TV and ended just before the new day arrived.  I didn’t get to it until the wee hours of the morning, but I was still bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to see what was what.

The episode’s two challenges were as opposing one could imagine.  The quick fire was all about deconstructed food (which I’ve previously explained) and modern techniques.  The second half was dedicated to barbecue and all of its classic glory.

As it happened, most all of the What Was That Ingredient? action took place in the earlier moments of the show.  Read on to see what funktastic attempts the contestants made at impressing Nathan Myhrvold, who literally wrote the Modernist Cuisine cookbook. [A hefty investment for anyone looking to explore it]

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Top Chef Texas: Tribute Dinner–What Was That Ingredient? [Buddhacation] 3

Posted by Foodie Buddha on December 22, 2011

spatzle from gruner in portland

Things we learned on the latest edition of Top Chef Texas: 1) Apparently grandfathers made absolutely zero impact on the lives of their offspring.  2) Bravo TV now relies upon the most uncreative group of twaddlers for their inspiration.  3) Patty LaBelle can still belt it out.  Other than that … not much.

Still, the season dragged on and we all watched as our brain cells died as we all seemed to loose a little more of our life’s than the 60-minute commitment seemed to require.  In any event, if you did power through, here are some of the odds and ends that qualified for a brief mention in this weeks What Was That Ingredient?

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Kevin Gillespie Named One Of Forbes 30 Under 30

Posted by Foodie Buddha on December 19, 2011

Forbes Magazine just published their 30 Under 30 award winners.  As the name implies, it’s an award that recognizes youthful excellence in a variety of disciplines.  Atlanta’s Kevin Gillespie, who is often times mistaken for Yukon Cornelius, landed a spot on the food & wine section of the list.

It’s not much more than a quick shout, as Forbes didn’t put much more than a sentence of two up about each winner.  Gillespie’s did of course mention that he’s 29, the executive chef at Woodfire Grill, and that he appeared on season six of Top Chef.  It reads as follow:

The Atlanta native was a fan favorite on Top Chef’s sixth season. Currently working on two cookbooks.

Anywho, it’s a pretty good group of young folks, so check out the full list and see if you don’t find a new person to latch onto.  And of course, you can find Kevin over on twitter if you don’t already follow him.

[article via / image via facebook – props to @SavoryExposure]

Top Chef Texas: Game On – What Was That Ingredient? [Buddhacation] 4

Posted by Foodie Buddha on December 15, 2011

For this weeks edition of What Was That Ingredient?, Top Chef Texas did the whole game thing and once again attempted to assert its badassness.  They first invoked NGT with what basically equated to a 20-minute commercial for Don Julio.  Padma quickly asserted that it was an “ultra-premium” tequila.  Don’t you just love fluffy, meaningless advertisements?  I’m curious to know how much Don Julio put up for the bit.

Anyway, the rest of the show focused on that crazy group of meats we call “game” (you know – Bambi, Donald, The Goodfeathers, etc…).  Basically, game can be defined as any type of animal that is either a) usually hunted for sport or b) turned into a cartoon character.  During this segment, clips of Heather explaining how awesome she is were interrupted by the occasional cooking scene.

As for the rest of the more esoteric menu items from the show?  Well read on to see what the contestants did in the kitchen!

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Top Chef Texas: Higher Steaks – What Was That Ingredient? [Buddhacation]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on December 08, 2011

No, I didn’t forget to do What Was That Ingredient last week.  I just didn’t do it.  There just wasn’t a single piece of content worth writing about.  Thankfully, this week’s episode of Top Chef Texas had lots of good stuff for those interested in food.

First, there was a whole challenge dedicated to the stuff a saucier has to make; so, we might as well recap all of these so-called “mother sauces.”  After that, there was a gigantic catering gig.  While there weren’t a ton of funky ingredients presented (it is Texas after all – *wink*), a handful of chefs used ingredients that are not common.  Alright, let’s get it on!

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Ink.Sack: LA’s Trending Sandwich Shop Doesn’t Stack Up To Atlanta’s Best 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on December 02, 2011


This is a tale of two sandwich shops.  One is Ink.Sack, a small take-out sandwich shop from Top Chef alum Michael Voltaggio.  It’s flashy, it’s forward thinking, and it’s got a reputation to uphold.  Thanks to its celeb chef and its location in little strip of shops on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles, the bar is high for Ink Sack.

Meanwhile, all the way across the country in one of Atlanta’s underbelly neighborhoods sits Victory Sandwich Bar, a punk rock meets hipster sandwich bar whose concept isn’t wholly different than Ink.Sack’s.  Though Victory’s origins don’t carry the same pressure as does Ink.Sack’s, the two restaurants are close enough conceptually that a comparison is fair, even though they sit roughly 2,200 miles apart.

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Top Chef Texas: Red Hot Chili Cook Off – What Was That Ingredient? [Buddhacation] 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on November 24, 2011


Hi, I’m Foodie Buddha and I’m a hot sauce addict.  Now that that’s out of the way: Top Chef Texas’s latest episode was stuffed with chilis of all types.  The topics du jour were the various kinds of chili peppers and the vast number of ways one can concoct chili con carne (the proper name for the stew most people call “chili”).

The episode wasn’t full of a ton of odd ingredients or cooking techniques, but it was full of “what did they just say?” moments.  Sure, authentic reared it’s ugly head again, but so too did a request not to touch someone’s breast milk that was in the fridge.  I think it’s safe to assume that that light cream did not end up in anyone’s chili.

But beyond the passé edits of one liners from contestants who want to do naughty things to Padma, there were a few ingredients and techniques worthy of mention in this edition of What Was That Ingredient?  Not to mention, it’s imperative that we clear up some of the widespread misinformation that appeared in the episode in regards to chilis. Continue reading…

Top Chef Texas: Quinceañera – What Was That Ingredient? [Buddhacation] 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on November 17, 2011

A quinceañera, the title for this weeks episode of Top Chef Texas, is a Latin America party celebrated in countries up and down Central and South America.  The impetus behind the celebration is a girl’s15th birthday and the quinceañera serves as a symbol of her passage into womanhood.

So it’s against that backdrop that we found Top Chef contestants running around, purportedly plotting against less conniving participants and putting out dishes that a young girl might enjoy should she be young and of Mexican descent.

The episode was rife with fodder for this week’s edition of What Was That Ingredient?, but also chock-full of that frustratingly misused word “authentic.”  So in between self-inflicted slaps to my forehead, followed by utterances of Homer quintessential catchphrase, I took time to write down some of the ingredients and dishes you may not have known from last night!

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