Silver Fox Alert: Laying Over in Atlanta #Spoilers

Posted by Foodie Buddha on October 02, 2012

While I’m honestly the last person to care about celebrity sightings, I can make an exception every now and then.  Case in point: the mythical Silver Fox has been spotted in Atlanta.  Anthony Bourdain, known to his friends and cohorts as Tony Bourdain, is in Atlanta right now filming for the soon to be defunct TV show “The Layover.”

While I’m not sure when this episode will air, it is in fact the final shoot for The Layover … so there’s something momentous in that.  So if you happen to see a sporty red Challenger whizz by you over the next few days, don’t be alarmed.  That’s just Tony being Tony.

He’s already been firing some guns with Empire State South exec chef Ryan Smith and he dropped in at Octane Coffee/Little Tart Bakeshop in Grant Park.  There are a few more destinations sprinkled in … but what fun is it if I tell you all of that now! ;-)  #MuHa

For those unfamiliar, The Layover is a show geared towards those food curious travelers who are simply in town on a mere pit stop.  It’s on the Travel Channel, and even though I prefer No Reservations (Tony’s other show) … some Tony is always better than no Tony.

Andrew Zimmern Just Did An IAmA On Reddit

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 17, 2012

Celebrity chef/TV personality Andrew Zimmern just wrapped up his IAmA over on Reddit.  For those of you with better things to do than yours truly, you may not know what that means.  Here’s the deal: is a heavily trafficked website mostly reserved for sharing videos, pictures, internet memes, and so forth.  The community occasionally dabbles in political movements and other things of ideological importance.  Reddit consists of sub-reddits that are like hyper-focused forums for a specific topic.  One of the coolest sub-reddits is the IAmA reddit.  It’s an opportunity for a person to say “I Am A ______, ask me questions.”

Many times these are just everyday folks interested in talking about a whole bunch of stuff.  However, notable and famous people do them from time to time.  A few politicians have braved the waters, comedian Louis CK did one recently, and now Andrew Zimmern has gotten in on the fun.

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Andrew Zimmern Tailgates At UGA

Posted by Foodie Buddha on September 10, 2011

An American classic: The Varsity on Twitpic Andrew Zimmern is known as the guy who will eat anything.  Appetite for Life is his new web show featuring the “best in Southern culture.”  It turns out, Zimmern filmed a bit for the show while tailgating in Athens before the Georgia vs. USC game.

As the crew cavorted around the UGA campus, they managed to snag some shots with The Big Dawg, catch some real tailgating ‘cue, and tasted BBQ venison.  On their way back through town, Zimmern and the Appetite for Life gang stopped of at The Varsity for some rings, burgers, and chili slaw dogs.

I’m not sure when the episode will air, but if you want to get a glimpse of some behind the scenes action, check out this little video that shows Zimmern doing some mugging up for the camera.  So watch this and then go check out the Appetite for Life website.

Roaming Hunger Tracks Street Food In Atlanta: Helps To Satisfy Your Mobile Cravings 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 05, 2010


Hey gang, I just wanted to let you know that you’re going to start seeing that cool little logo a bit more ‘round these parts., the first nationwide food cart/truck tracker, has just landed in Atlanta.  We’ve joined forces to help y’all stay on top of all things street food as they happen here in the Dirty South.

Roaming Hunger launched in 2009 in an attempt to help people all over the country track down their favorite mobile craving.  Since then, the site has been featured all over the internet (Fox News, SF Weekly, Fast Company, GrubStreet, etc…).  Most recently, they were one of the media sponsors for the Los Angeles Street Food Fest (website) followed by an excursion with Andrew Zimmern of the Travel Channel.  You should definitely check out the Zimmern recap, he was there filming a segment for Appetite For Life.

As for the site itself, it’s a great resource!  The site gives you the twitter stream, maps, menus, pictures, and social media links for any vendor listed on the site.  We’ve already added the King of Pops and surprise surprise … he has a like! (Guess who?).

An Atlanta section is in the works, so in the meantime, you should definitely check out the blog and like us on facebook!!!!  In fact, I’m sure I’ll pop up from time to time on the RH blog, so definitely mark that down (cuz you don’t get enough of me … right?).  Before I forget, you should definitely follow @RoamingATL on twitter where I’ll be dropping lots of good street food news.  It’s separate from the Foodie Buddha twitter feed, so even if you follow me there, adding RoamingATL isn’t a bad idea!

As two of Atlanta’s cutest bloggers would say: this is kind of a big deal!

Man V. Food Super Bowl Show Goes Live [TV Shows]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on February 03, 2010


While the Food Network seems the likely destination for all the best food TV shows, that heavy weight belt might actually go to The Travel Channel.  In addition to Tony’s food porn-erific No Reservations, TC is home to Man v. Food, Adam Richman’s tribute to all things gluttonous.  The competitive eating show lands in Miami tonight, February 3rd, for a 2-hour special that starts at 9pm EST.

Included in the festivities is a live broadcast of Richman trying to take down a 48 oz. steak from none other than Don Shula’s eponymous Shula’s Steakhouse.  As the Super Bowl hits Miami on the 7th, it’s no surprise that Man V Food decided to incorporate grub from the restaurant of the only man to ever lead an NFL team to a undefeated season through their super bowl (my Pats were still better yo!).

For the past few weeks, Travel-C has been bringing the media blitz.  Like the slave to trends that I am, I’ll ride that wave and grab you a copy of the gratuitously bikini clad Nori … who has 3-minutes to down three milkshakes in Babe v Food.  If you want more Adam, be sure to check out 411 Mania’s interview with the dude.

Good Tony … Bad Tony? No Reservations Season 6 Kicks Off

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 11, 2010

No Reservations

I have a soft spot for any television show that comes with an amended warning label.  Moreover, if the show happens to espouse the intrinsic benefits of glutonistic hedonism, I’d say that show is a dream come true.  Such is the case with No Reservations, that Travel channel icon of television programs.  Hosted by none other than the heavily inked Tony Bourdain, No Reservations allows the viewer at least 60-minutes of food porn at its best.

If forced to explain the show, I can only say that it has a distinct personality and cadence.  Consider it GI Joe meets Julia Child. After all, you’re as likely to find Tony unloading a M60A into some poor defensless target as you are to find him consuming some large and in charge salsa verde enchillada (one such episode found him doing both inside of 10-minutes).

The new season starts in Panama and ends with you simply craving more.  While Tony himself doesn’t ever seem to get burried in the kitchen, he’s constantly being bitch slapped by some unusual animal part splashed with some hellishly intense spice.  His language is crass, his vernacular is spectacular, and the entertainment level is high.  Get on this and get on it now.

For full details, check out the No Reservations homepage.  Back with more after my travels wind down.

Man v. Food Visits Atlanta, GA: Vortex, Gladys Knight’s Chicken And Waffles, Big Pie in the Sky

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 21, 2009

In case you missed it, the Travel Channel’s Man v. Food debuted their Atlanta Episode on January 7th.  If you were unable to catch it, fear not!  The show will be rebroadcast this Sunday at 8pm (that’s Sunday January 25, 2009 on the Travel Channel).  Details after the jump.

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