Breaking Bad Thanksgiving

Posted by Foodie Buddha on November 20, 2012

Breaking Bad is great TV.  Turkey is great holiday [yes … I know that’s a grammatically flawed sentence].  Meanwhile, Breaking Bad + Thanksgiving makes for interesting cooking demonstrations.  Witness …


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Silver Fox Alert: Laying Over in Atlanta #Spoilers

Posted by Foodie Buddha on October 02, 2012

While I’m honestly the last person to care about celebrity sightings, I can make an exception every now and then.  Case in point: the mythical Silver Fox has been spotted in Atlanta.  Anthony Bourdain, known to his friends and cohorts as Tony Bourdain, is in Atlanta right now filming for the soon to be defunct TV show “The Layover.”

While I’m not sure when this episode will air, it is in fact the final shoot for The Layover … so there’s something momentous in that.  So if you happen to see a sporty red Challenger whizz by you over the next few days, don’t be alarmed.  That’s just Tony being Tony.

He’s already been firing some guns with Empire State South exec chef Ryan Smith and he dropped in at Octane Coffee/Little Tart Bakeshop in Grant Park.  There are a few more destinations sprinkled in … but what fun is it if I tell you all of that now! ;-)  #MuHa

For those unfamiliar, The Layover is a show geared towards those food curious travelers who are simply in town on a mere pit stop.  It’s on the Travel Channel, and even though I prefer No Reservations (Tony’s other show) … some Tony is always better than no Tony.

Andrew Zimmern Just Did An IAmA On Reddit

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 17, 2012

Celebrity chef/TV personality Andrew Zimmern just wrapped up his IAmA over on Reddit.  For those of you with better things to do than yours truly, you may not know what that means.  Here’s the deal: is a heavily trafficked website mostly reserved for sharing videos, pictures, internet memes, and so forth.  The community occasionally dabbles in political movements and other things of ideological importance.  Reddit consists of sub-reddits that are like hyper-focused forums for a specific topic.  One of the coolest sub-reddits is the IAmA reddit.  It’s an opportunity for a person to say “I Am A ______, ask me questions.”

Many times these are just everyday folks interested in talking about a whole bunch of stuff.  However, notable and famous people do them from time to time.  A few politicians have braved the waters, comedian Louis CK did one recently, and now Andrew Zimmern has gotten in on the fun.

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Top Chef Texas: Restaurant Wars – What Was That Ingredient? [Buddhacation]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 12, 2012

The pain that is this season of Top Chef Texas continues, and with it comes another edition of What Was That Ingredient?  While the show struggles to keep my attention, I still watch with some anticipation, hoping to see and hear something that will turn my creative juices.  If things don’t change, WWTI will be shelved after this season wraps (if not sooner).

The only real commentary I have on this season’s version of Restaurant Wars is this:  What happens to all the regular customers when the judges walk in?  The both kitchens basically came to a screeching halt to attend to the needs of these very special guests … that can’t be good for the rest of the restaurant.

Though I’m quite familiar with the inner workings of media, reality TV, and all that jazz – I’m really curious to know what it’s actually like to go to one of these “Restaurant Wars” dinners.  It’s obviously highly edited, so we’re left to wonder how concocted a diners experience is at the restaurant.

Alright y’all, here’s a recap of the handful of ingredients and dishes that might need some explaining!

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America’s Best New Mixologist: Andy Samberg

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 11, 2012

America’s hottest new mixologist/bartender/alcohol concocter or whatever you want to call it is actually Andy Samdberg, who’s been spotted working at Mint in Portland.  Dude knows how to use the egg shells to get that taste just right. 

Thankfully, the awesomeness that is Portlandia (it’s a TV show y’all) decided to feature a bit with Mr. Samberg.  It’s a great lesson not only on the art of the cocktail but also on the art of the pickup.

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Top Chef Texas: BBQ Pit Wars – What Was That Ingredient? [Buddhacation]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 05, 2012

modernist cuisine front cover

After a few weeks off from the drivel that has become Top Chef Texas, the show returned last night desperate to find a new villain, but this isn’t a typical review series, so I’ll leave that to others to elaborate on.

Anyway, this 80-minute extended edition went through all the hoops of classic reality TV and ended just before the new day arrived.  I didn’t get to it until the wee hours of the morning, but I was still bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to see what was what.

The episode’s two challenges were as opposing one could imagine.  The quick fire was all about deconstructed food (which I’ve previously explained) and modern techniques.  The second half was dedicated to barbecue and all of its classic glory.

As it happened, most all of the What Was That Ingredient? action took place in the earlier moments of the show.  Read on to see what funktastic attempts the contestants made at impressing Nathan Myhrvold, who literally wrote the Modernist Cuisine cookbook. [A hefty investment for anyone looking to explore it]

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The Four Coursemen Back On The Tube

Posted by Foodie Buddha on December 22, 2011

It’s been over a year since I visited The Four Coursemen supper club in Athens, but I remember it like it happened yesterday.  The group actually includes a swat team of chefs (Damien Schaefer, Eddie Russell, Matt Palmerlee, Patrick Stubbers, Randolph Dudley, and sommelier Nancy Lind to be exact) and they’ve done so well for themselves that they managed to score a Cooking Channel special that aired some time ago.

The episode was obviously well received as word has just hit the interwebs that a new “The Four Coursemen Adventure” is set to premier early after the new year.  It drops Sunday, January 8th at 8pm ET on The Cooking Channel, so set your DVRs or make it a point to watch it live.

If all of this is stranger than fiction to you – might I suggest that you do a little reading (and looking) over on T4C’s website or look for them via @FourCoursemen or on their facebook page.  Even if you’re not willing to drive to Athens just to check them out (I suggest you make that sacrifice), keep an ear to the ground because they do travel from time to time.  They’ve in fact done a few dinners in Atlanta proper.

[source & pic via T4C Facebook]

Top Chef Texas: Tribute Dinner–What Was That Ingredient? [Buddhacation] 3

Posted by Foodie Buddha on December 22, 2011

spatzle from gruner in portland

Things we learned on the latest edition of Top Chef Texas: 1) Apparently grandfathers made absolutely zero impact on the lives of their offspring.  2) Bravo TV now relies upon the most uncreative group of twaddlers for their inspiration.  3) Patty LaBelle can still belt it out.  Other than that … not much.

Still, the season dragged on and we all watched as our brain cells died as we all seemed to loose a little more of our life’s than the 60-minute commitment seemed to require.  In any event, if you did power through, here are some of the odds and ends that qualified for a brief mention in this weeks What Was That Ingredient?

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Push Start Kitchen Gets Some TV Time 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on December 20, 2011

Push Start Kitchen is one of a handful of supper clubs that operate in and around Atlanta.  Trends with Benefits is a TBS TV show that talks about all sorts of trending and hot topics.  So in a marriage of the trendy and those who talk about the trendy, Push Start Got a little airtime on Trends with Benefits.  You’ll notice the video was shot at one of their dinners, which took place in and at The Stacks Lofts on Boulevard.  Seems cool … right?


[via twb website]

Top Chef Texas: Game On – What Was That Ingredient? [Buddhacation] 4

Posted by Foodie Buddha on December 15, 2011

For this weeks edition of What Was That Ingredient?, Top Chef Texas did the whole game thing and once again attempted to assert its badassness.  They first invoked NGT with what basically equated to a 20-minute commercial for Don Julio.  Padma quickly asserted that it was an “ultra-premium” tequila.  Don’t you just love fluffy, meaningless advertisements?  I’m curious to know how much Don Julio put up for the bit.

Anyway, the rest of the show focused on that crazy group of meats we call “game” (you know – Bambi, Donald, The Goodfeathers, etc…).  Basically, game can be defined as any type of animal that is either a) usually hunted for sport or b) turned into a cartoon character.  During this segment, clips of Heather explaining how awesome she is were interrupted by the occasional cooking scene.

As for the rest of the more esoteric menu items from the show?  Well read on to see what the contestants did in the kitchen!

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