How To Make Yelp Interesting [Updated]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on July 28, 2012

How do you make Yelp worth reading?  Simple … have someone else do the reading for you.  In this case, we have actor Chris Kipiniak putting his dramatic spin on a 1-star review for the Stratford Diner in Stratford, NJ.  The review in question comes courtesy the one and done Dalia B.  Maybe this new found form of internet fame will coax her out of retirement.

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UPDATE: and another one is now live featuring Therese Plummer. So yeah, these are b-level (at best) actors but they’re still pretty awesome … check it out:


Best Of Yelp: Boners BBQ Reviews 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on January 12, 2012

Just happened upon the Boners BBQ page last night.  No particular reason why.  Mysteriously, new reviews have been going gang busters over the past few days.  Surprisingly, fans are either finding Boners to be the worlds worst restaurant or finding it to be god’s gift to barbecue.  Anywho, I’ve taken the time to point out some of the better commentaries.  Enjoy! [note for those reading this beyond the publication date: there’s sarcasm in them there words]

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Yelp Pushes The Envelope: Augmented Reality iPhone App And Pissing People Off [Tech] 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on August 31, 2009

yelp-logoYelp! can’t avoid trouble for love or money.  It seems like almost everyday, the hugely popular review site finds itself in some sort of public hot water.  Be it lawsuit, business backlash, or even bribery, they have their share of public relation problems.  The latest snafu comes at the expense of Apple, and their seemingly ubiquitous iPhone.

This isn’t a tech blog, so I’ll spare ya’ll the techie talk … but here’s the long of the short.  Apple has introduced something called Augmented Reality (AR) [Wikipedia] for the iPhone.  In this case, AR allows you to utilize a mashup (tech talk for “combination”) of online maps, street view, and yelp reviews.  Here’s how it works:

Looks and sounds pretty cool huh?  The problem is … the developers of the Yelp App had to jump through some hoops to get it in place before the release of the upcoming iPhone update. The end result is the Easter egg described above.  Now there’s been a lot of love bestowed upon the app and its makers (here and here), but a guest post over on TechCrunch raises some points that have some people scratching their heads.

Yelp isn’t a frequent stop for me, but I do shoot over there every once in a blue moon (  It’s a site that absolutely has some utility … but I just can’t figure out why they keep pissing so many people off.  Keep in mind, I’m not talking about the people who frequent Yelp or our very own Ambassador.  I’m just sayin’ – the people calling the shots seem to have a pension for punishment.

Speaking of just sayin – here’s your laugh of the day:


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Yelp! Making News: Business Owners Can Now Fight Back 2

Posted by Foodie Buddha on April 10, 2009

Oh Yelp! … how I do have mixed feelings about you.  I dabble over there and find the site useful (if used with care).  Backed by a staunch and dedicated user base, Yelp has exploded in recent months.  The site has always catered to the end-user and not the business owner; however, this popularity pushed business owners to call for their own voice.  Last year, Yelp empowered the “profiteers” by giving them that voice, albeit a limited one.  That change handed owners the power to edit their own business profiles and respond privately to reviews.

Ah, but that was not enough and the crack in the user wall has deepened further.  Consequently, Yelp is about to hand the business owners a real bone in the fight for “Real People, Real Reviews.”  Starting next week, businesses will be able to publicly respond on Yelp to the reviews left by customers.  So what’s all the hubbub about …

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SF Pizzeria Takes The Fight To Yelp! 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on March 05, 2009


Love it or hate it, Yelp! is a pretty notable website.  I find myself somewhere in the middle.  I like putting up content over there but I’m not wholly involved in the social aspects of the site.  I also don’t trust everything I read over there (more in a sec). 

The community manager for Atlanta seems like a dedicated and honest gal; I’ve never met her in person but I have chatted with her via the site a handful of times.  No complaints there.  I think the “Elite” thing is a joke … but whatevs.

Anyway, the site has gotten a lot of bad press recently.  Not only are they dealing with pay-for-post problems, but there is a growing sense that the majority of the sites reviews leave a lot to be desired.

So as a result, Pizzeria Delfina’s in San Fran started putting some of the more ridiculous reviews on their t-shirts!  It’s a pretty schaweet way to show some of the inherent problems with Yelp.

My personal take on Yelp: it’s a cool site with some excellent content and a good number of really friendly people (though I’ve never met anyone in person).  However, passers bye should be careful as a lot of the reviews are totally lame and some of the people are a bit…well … overzealous in their yelpdom (for lack of a better term).

[From 7×7 via Consumerist]

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