How To Make Yelp Interesting [Updated]

Posted by Foodie Buddha on July 28, 2012

How do you make Yelp worth reading?  Simple … have someone else do the reading for you.  In this case, we have actor Chris Kipiniak putting his dramatic spin on a 1-star review for the Stratford Diner in Stratford, NJ.  The review in question comes courtesy the one and done Dalia B.  Maybe this new found form of internet fame will coax her out of retirement.

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UPDATE: and another one is now live featuring Therese Plummer. So yeah, these are b-level (at best) actors but they’re still pretty awesome … check it out:


Mac Sauce Is Free: Hello Ghetto Big Mac! [Laugh Of The Day] 4

Posted by Foodie Buddha on September 13, 2009

As I head off to the gym and then another day of glorious football, I couldn’t help but mention this little jewel.  A recent twitter chat reminded me how few people realize that Mac sauce is free at McDonald’s.  That’s right ladies and gentleman, you can get as many sides of Mac sauce as you like for exactly $0 dollars.

Some years ago, a couple of gents trying to stay ahead of the economic downturn decided to teach people how to order a Ghetto Big Mac!  Thankfully, there is YouTube!  Perhaps my favorite part of the video is right at the end when they drop the traditional foodie term of “Balance!”  Play on playas!

Just make sure that your order doesn’t come with any guns or pot!

Alright, GAME ON!


Buddha … OUT!

Rowdy Food Says Goodbye To Arnaud Berthelier And The Dining Room

Posted by Foodie Buddha on September 12, 2009

With the days winding down until the October 1 closing of The Dining Room, there is no doubt that a number of people won’t have a chance to get their fix before the Buckhead hallmark says adios.  Luckily, former blogger Rowdy Food took the time to photo-document his recent trip to see Arnaud Berthelier at The Ritz-Carlton.  The pictures from the meal are very well done and the video won’t take much of your time.  If you like what you see (and you should), I suggest you check out Rowdy’s youtube stream.  He’s got quite the collection.

Eating Out Of A Toilet Bowl: Not As Bad As You Think [Laugh Of The Day] 1

Posted by Foodie Buddha on April 21, 2009

At the Merton Restaurant in Taiwan, the theme is … well … uh … different:

I’m pretty sure the furniture is just decorative and not functional.

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Start Thinking About What You Eat: Ted And Mark Bittman

Posted by Foodie Buddha on April 14, 2009

Seriously people … TED is the best.  I freaking love TED and think TED IS THE GREATEST!!!  Forget YouTube,, or even … TED is where it’s at.  The site is home to some of the most inspirational, inventive, and funny videos you’ll find anywhere.  Okay – enough love and now the foodie tie in.  Back in ought seven, Mark Bittman gave a great speech at TED.  He espouses the idea of thoughtful eating.  I may not be quite extreme as he is… but I think it’s important to be concerned about what we put in our bodies.  So watch the video and then go pick up one of his books: How to Cook Everything or How to Cook Everything Vegetarian

Laugh Of The Day: World’s Best Pizza Slicer 4

Posted by Foodie Buddha on February 04, 2009

So yesterday brought word of the NerdApproved Pizza Pro 3000 Circular Saw.  First I was afraid, I was petrified; then I was told I’d rather have a kick ass laser by my side! (Yeah Gloria!)  Thanks Jeff for the email! Enjoy!  I’ve taken the liberty of starting the video right at the goods… there is actually a rough two-minutes that you can watch if you want!

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