Review Update: Frank Ma No Longer at Frank Ma South, Atlanta, GA

As I continue to borrow from old content while I work on getting the site up to speed, I felt the need to update you on the status of Frank Ma South. Frank is one of my favorite restaurateurs; however, much like the famed Richard Blais, he never seems to stay in one spot for very long.

Frank and Amy Ma are no longer associated with this place. That would explain the sudden and dramatic drop off. The restaurant started out with a bang. At first, Atlanta foodies came in droves and the reviews were overwhelmingly positive. Along with the owners of Cafe Adison, we attended the Fall Frolic. People left with their bellies full and their quest for food satiated. Meals at Frank Ma were consistently yummy.

Unfortunately, things went south, and quickly – and many of us had no idea why. While the menu has been left behind, the service, execution, and consistency are all major failures. It is still better than any number of Chinese spots in the immediate area. However, it fails pretty miserably when stacked up with places like Tasty China.

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  2. So, if Frank has left this location, has he turned up anywhere else? We’d like to put a party together for New Year’s on Wednesday. A return to either this site or to our e-mail would be a great favor/

    I’ve known Frank and Amy for around 30 years and he drives me crazy doing this! Still, he doesn’t owe us a good dinner. Too bad that.

    • No word yet from the Mas on their plans for the future. Last time I saw him, he dropped a few hints, but nothing concrete. I would suggest a visit to Tasty China (review). If you are more inclined to head up Buford instead, let me know and I’ll email you some notes.

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