Still Looking For New Years Eve Plans in Atlanta? Check Out Rathbun’s near Inman Park

So you still don’t know what to do for NYE.  Your wife tells you that she does not want to do anything special and you are tired of spending $100 and up to go to some crummy bar that’s way too crowded.  Well, have no fear …. one of the best steakhouses in town is running a great special!

Rathbun’s is offering a “five course” prix fix menu for just $85.00.  Not a bad deal considering how much food you get; however, I would really call this a four course meal as one of the “courses” is just a choice of side.  Rathun’s and Rathbun’s steak, the sister restaurant, have been my choice for steak in Atlanta for some time.  However, I have found most things there to be very good.  More details are available on the Rathbun’s Blog and you can see a sample of the special menu here (pdf).

Address: 112 Krog St NE, Atlanta, GA, 30307 // P: 404.524.8280 // Website // Menu

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  1. Rathbun steak was the last great steak in Atlanta. Not sure I can call it my 100% favorite, but then again, I don’t think I can choose any other place and call it that either. Bone’s fills a certain niche in my heart.

  2. I agree with regards to “100% favorite.” But I find Rathbun’s is more consistent than Bone’s. The steak at the Lobster Bar was inedible last time i was there. Of course, you can always just mail order some Allen & Brothers yourself and do it up home style!

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