La Quercia Prosciutto: Top Notch Iowa Prosciutto, Apparently It Does Exist

media While I, like many others, have not had, let alone heard, about American cured prosciutto, a family business out of Iowa has been taking things to a new level since 2005.

La Quercia, pronounced Kwair-cha, has had some great press recently.  It seems like they really know their stuff.  Though I do not know anyone who has tried it, I’m going to place an order from their website soon!

Speaking of their website, it is chock full of great info and imagery (that pictures is from from their site).  The “What We Make” page seems like it ought to be required reading.

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  1. We’ve tried it. Because we live in Iowa. Oh. My. If I didn’t already live here, I’d move here right away. For the pig, for the beautiful vineyards that are popping up everywhere and for the summer produce. There’s nothing like it. Home Sweet Home. 🙂

  2. I actually just got the first shipment of their Acorn III edition a few weeks ago. The wait for the first 18 month prosciutto is going to be damn near unbearable.

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