The Atlanta Sub & Sandwich Tour: Sandwich Shop Stops And The Quest For Atlanta’s Best

Sandwich Shop Stops: quick, say that again three times!  So after a LOT of research, I have come up with a list of 20 spots to visit.  Two places that I want to try are named… but not included in that twenty.  I really wanted to focus on locally owned and operated Atlanta joints; however, I did include three franchises.  Details after the jump!

If you want to see the rules for this tour, visit my Buddha Tours page.

The list (in alphabetical order):

Local: Alon’s Bakery, Café Pharr Out, Carolyn’s Deli, Henri’s Bakery, Lotta Frutta, Matty Cakes, Mimi’s In A Minute, Muss & Turner’s, Noni’s Deli, Patrick’s Sub Shop, Papi’s, Red Salt Pub, Sawicki’s, Souper Jenny, Southern Sweets, The Bread Garden, & the Mercantile.

Evil Empires: Firehouse Subs, Jimmy John’s, Jersey Mike’s.

I REALLY want to try Café Gourmandises, but I just think it will be too tough for me to get to.  That said, if anyone wants to bring me a sandwich … I won’t complain!The other spot I want to try…but seems to be just too far OTP is Vito’s Cafe.  That might change though as a weekend drive is not out of the question for either of those spots!

Well that’s about it for this post folks! Did I miss any must hit spot?  Stay tuned as only one sandwich can reign supreme!

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  1. oops typo 🙂 Just “say” when.

    P.S. When do you want your Cafe Gourmandises sammich? It’s up my alley. Go there all the time.

  2. you know – i put that in there just for you (the request for a sandwich that is)…. i have wanted to try the place. We’ll work something out!

  3. New Yorker Deli on South Atlanta Rd just INSIDE 285 in Smyrna has excellent sandwiches and some of the best fries in the city. Worthy your time for sure.

  4. 5th Earl Market in Decatur is a must add when they re-open (closed due to fire at Trackside).

  5. @biskuit & greg – Star Provisions and Savour will *probably* get added in once I realize that this is probably just going to be a never ending excursion… I didn’t want to get too much into the markets but am already visiting Muss & Turner’s so who knows. I’m trying to keep this thing manageable, but that might just be wishful thinking.

    @merrymac – If 5th Earl re-opens, I may add them in

    @jonnymack – I will probably add in their Pharr road location… we’ll just see how this thing develops!

  6. I hope you try out Vito’s Cafe … Businesses in the burbs never get any love… I recommend the rueben, the french dip, our any of the paninis like the chicken artichoke with basil pesto! Yummmmm.. I’m hungry now

  7. @dawgfan: Sometime in the next couple of days. I wanted to hit up a couple of these places before issuing my first review. I think it’s important to get myself in the right mindset….

  8. You need to try the po’ boy at Benny’s Bar and Grill. I just tried the restaurant and reviewed it on my blog. I did not review the po’ boy they feature, but since the AJC said in January 2008 that it was worth the drive to Snellville to try, I don’t think I need to punctuate their notion.

  9. Next tour you should go check out Nectar, this new spot in Decatur. They specialize in Panini and serve really amazing stuff. A lot of fresh and organic ingredients. The Truffle Panino is awesome, as well as their veggie panino… you have to try the Nutella/ banana panino too… I can just keep going. The greens, tomato are all organic and the bread is really fresh. This place is a must try.

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