The Nook: Upcoming Piedmont Tavern Gets A Name And Opening Date

UPDATE 03.18.09 – Check It Out Here

Thanks to some dedicated readers and a little research on my own, I have ascertained the name for the restaurant going in the old Prince of Wales spot.  The new joint will in fact be called the Nook and the address is 1144 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30309.  According to my research, they are tentatively scheduled to open on March 23rd.  Consequently, I have added the joint to March Dirty List.

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  1. I have a great name for a tavern,,,,,,the name is…….Checkers…….the gimmick is you have people pay for a ride in a checkered cab to the tavern…and then, give them a ride home…..they pay for each person in the cab, not per mile…let them get drunk as they want…put fiberglass seats in the rear of the cab with rubber floor mats so you can wash out the puke…….,,,also with the theme….the tavern is all yellow and black checkers……

  2. That’s stupid and I’m sure you’re trying to be funny but I think you need to do a few rewrites.

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  5. I’ve been at the Nook a few times. They’ve done a beautiful job renovating the place. The food has been great and the service outstanding. They were packed the first weekend and got hit very hard with a huge crowd so there was some wait associated with food and tables but that did not deter us. Once we were able to sit on the patio I quickly understood the wait – I didn’t want to get up once I was seated out there either and, unlike other restaurants we’ve been to, we didn’t feel rushed one bit by staff to move once we were finished dining and had an extra cocktail soaking it all in! The chairs were very comfy – and they supply cushions just in case you want some extra padding – and the view of Piedmont Park was just beautiful. Each table had a nice flower on it. Bottom line, the atmosphere was just fun and relaxing. I then visited for dinner later in the week. It was chilly and rainy outside to the patio was closed. We had only a five minute wait – no problem at all. It was nice to see every table occupied! The atmosphere was so cozy. Service was, again, excellent. Looking forward to many more trips to The Nook in the future. As a long time Midtown resident, I am so happy to have them in my “backyard”.

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