The Definitive Guide To Ordering (And Eating) At The Varsity


As a compendium to What’ll Ya have?, I wanted to follow up with this handy little guide.  The Varsity has developed its own unique terminology for a number of items on their menu.  Here they are in all their glory. For those of you who have never been (and those of you still looking to learn), please read on!

Step 1: Know what to expect:

Step 2: Learn the lingo!

From the Varsity Website:

  • Hot Dog // Hot dog with chili and mustard
  • Heavy Weight // Hot dog with extra chili
  • Naked Dog // Plain hot dog on a bun
  • MK Dog // Naked dog with mustard and ketchup
  • Regular C Dog // Hot dog with ketchup
  • Red Dog // Naked dog with Ketchup
  • Yellow Dog // Naked dog with mustard
  • Yankee Dog // Plain dog with mustard
  • Walk a Dog (or a steak) // Hot dog (or steak) to go
  • Steak // Hamburger with ketchup, mustard and pickle
  • Chili Steak // Hamburger with chili
  • Glorified Steak // Hamburger with mayo, lettuce and tomato
  • Mary Brown Steak (or dog) // Hamburger (or dog) with no bun
  • Naked Steak // A plain steak
  • Varsity Orange // The original carbonated orange soda.
  • Squirt One // A Varsity Orange
  • N.I. Orange // Varsity Orange with no ice
  • F.O. // Frosted Varsity Orange
  • Joe-ree // Coffee with cream
  • P.C. // Plain chocolate milk always served with ice
  • N.I.P.C. // Chocolate milk with no ice
  • All the Way // With onions – Can be a hot dog, chili, steak, etc
  • Bag of Rags // Potato Chips
  • Ring One // Order of Onion Rings
  • Strings // An order of French fries
  • Sideways //Onions on the side

Off the record (not on the website):

  • L.G. (Lazy Gordy) // a Naked Dog and a Sprite
  • Sally Rand Through the Garden  // a naked steak with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise

Step 3: Pig Out

(Note: I forgot where I got these pictures … if they are yours … lmk!!!)

the-v-food the-v-onion-rings

The Varsity Downtown Address & Information:
61 North Ave NW Atlanta, GA 30308 // P: 404.881.1706 // The Varsity Website // The Varsity Downtown Menu (pdf)

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  1. I am so surprised that y’all don’t mention the cheese dog – originally (and still by request) with Pimiento Cheese and then mashed into the sandwich griddle. YUM. After they decided to use am cheese as the standard, I was served one of those abominations. I looked at it in horror on our tray and said, “THAT is not a Varsity cheese dog.” The woman behind the counter turned to her colleague and said, “I tol’ you that wadn’t gonna woik. It just ain’t gonna woik!” Now my non-native-Atlanta children (who still have Varsity in their blood) laugh about how Mom is so adamant about Varsity food — and tradition.

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