A Note On Comments & Emails

Hola peeps … just thought I’d clear the air on my “policy” with regards to emails and comments.  First, let’s get comments out of the way.

Some of you don’t like me … duly noted.  Feel free to trash me, insult me, toss a barb my way, or say something disparaging about my mother (though she is AWESOME!).  I do “moderate” comments so that spam doesn’t get through.  However, provided that you don’t go off on some racist diatribe, if you say it … I’ll print it.  Just don’t expect me to retort.  Oh yeah, and don’t bully other readers!  You are welcome to pick a fight with me, but not with others (whether they agree with me or not).

As for emails, it’s sort of the same policy.  While I have yet to post any of the more colorful emails sitting in my inbox, I reserve the right to post anything I get.

Okay, until next time!  Happy Eating!

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  1. Arghh! Moderating comments. Who do you think you are… Jesus? (Jesus Gomez was my high school teacher — it’s pronounce Hey-seus)

    At least the messiah of the evangelical crowd rode a donkey and could make a buffet full of fish and bread out of thin air. Have you ever turned water into wine? No. You haven’t. So why are you so qualified to rate food?

    Your worse than that Giraffe Necked chick Alex on Real Housewives of New York. At least she was laid off for incompetence. Siddhartha would be ashamed of you.

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