Chef Ron Eyester Buys Food 101In Morningside

According to the restaurant’s website, Ron Eyester has purchased Food 101 from 101 Concepts. The notable Virginia Highlands/Morningside restaurant is popular amongst local residents and has focused on fresh food since its inception.  While I’m not a huge fan of the execution or the menu, I don’t mind a meal at Food 101 every now and then.  They do use freshly sourced ingredients and focus on American cuisine based on upscale Southern comfort food.

According to that letter, many of the current Food 101 employees have been retained and/or promoted.  I will keep my ear to the ground on this one.  Eyester says that the menu will “largely stay the same” but that the name and interior will go through a makeover. When the new name and new menu hits, I’ll let ya’ll know.

Food 101 Restaurant Address & Information:
1397 North Highland Ave, Atlanta, GA 30306 // P: 404.347.9747 // Food 101 Reservations // Food 101 Website // Food 101 Dinner Menu (pdf)

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  1. We live within a 5 min walk of Food 101 but only go there once a year or so. We find that it’s ok, but not worth the price….not that it’s terribly expensive, but for the price, we expect it to be better than just ok. Either the portions should be bigger, the food better, or the price lower. Other than the burger, I haven’t found anything I really like either. Plus, we’ve had horrible service. Frankly, I’m surprised that it has lasted so long. I hope the new owner improves things. We’d love to have a better midrange option there.

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