I’m A Whole Lotta Wrong About LottaFrutta

Atlanta’s Queen of the Blogs has confirmed that LottaFrutta is indeed still open.  Not sure why they didn’t pick up the phone when I called a couple of times… but alas – head over without fear.  Thanks for the report BG!

LottaFrutta Restaurant Address & Information:
590 Auburn Ave, Atlanta, GA 30312 // P: 404.588.0857 // LottaFrutta Website // LottaFrutta Menu

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  1. you need to give credit to where it is deserved. it was I who told you to update your post because you were giving out false information. NOT BG.

    read your comments. as a friend of the owner of Lottafrutta, you should really make sure you have your information correct before you start posting.

  2. Myrna and Giancarlos were getting married in Texas and the builder working on their house next door thought it was a good idea to board the place up!

    • Thanks for the note Judi! I knew something was up … but alas … they are open again so I can go grab my sammy for the sub tour when I get back in town.

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