D.B.A. Barbecue To Open Next Month In Virginia Highlands

While the details are sparse at this time, Virginia Highlands is scheduled to add a BBQ joint to their eclectic mix of restaurants.  Early information is that DBA Barbecue (which stands for “Doing Business As”) will be a casual joint that features Southern comfort food.  While a firm date has yet to be set, mid-May looks like the target.  The restaurant will take over the space previously occupied by Vine [1190 N Highland Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30306]

Buddha … out!

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  1. Well, yes the name is quite odd. I am sure people thought Fresh Air BBQ was quite odd also. Those Guy’s are laughing all the way to the bank. Does anyone really think the name is that important? If the food is great and the prices are a value then they will be very profitable, and if not then they will not. Give the people a chance. I work in the Highlands, and The Original El Taco from what I understand is very successful. So much for “BAD” Names.

    • I don’t think either of us were commenting on the ability of the restaurant to succeed (or fail for that matter). The name seems less than ideal – and that is all that we were saying. I don’t know if TOET is profitable, but i’ve already put in my two cents. The food there just ain’t that great.

  2. My BBQ Blog will be there to check it out and make sure the Q is up to par! Keep your eye out for the review. BTW Great choice of location. Look forward to trying it out.

  3. Orderered their 1/2 rack of baby back ribs…last 6-6-09 night
    The wrere the very very dry…if there was qualit control or a kitchen manager
    overseeing the quality of their ribs… they wern’t doing their job..
    For this restaurant to survive it better kick up thjeir quality control many nothches..
    Frankly totaly disapointed in their ribs..
    I hope they didn.t try to pass this stuff off to a togo customer to save money instead of trashing it.
    Where is Chef Ramsey (Hell’s Kitchen) when we need him?

    • Well, they are trying … so we’ll see what happens. Still, it seems your experience was similar to my experience (see the first impressions post). thanks for reading Fred!

  4. Mac and Cheese DRY but piping hot
    Okra salty and overcooked (dry) with too much fried coating
    Smoked Ribs… tastless meat
    Pulled smoked chicken… served warm/cold and marginal… bland meat
    Pulled pork… bland also

    Corn: GOOD
    Potato Salad: Pretty good
    Smoked Turkey: Very GOOD

    Spicy, not very spicy but the better of the two choices.
    Sweet, is actually very sweet and good but not as good as the spicy.

    Good luck with this food…

    At least they have good beer and atmosphere… and lots of specials.

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