WaterHaven Gets A Date: Opens May 15 In Midtown, Atlanta

WaterHaven, that new farm to table concept from Joe McCarthy, is set to open at the end of the week.  The restaurant is located in Technology Square in the space formerly home to The Globe.  I’ll be sure to get there this weekend, or the week that follows.  All in, the space holds approximately 300 patrons, so I should be able to find a seat.  I look forward to seeing what Executive Chef Chris Lee can do.

WaterHaven Restaurant Address & Information:
75 Fifth Street, Suite 170, Atlanta, GA 30308

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  1. same thing we see all around town. serving fresh local produce and seasonal ingredients….anything new? if globe couldn’t make it there, I don’t think this place will last long. They need to put a Tex Mex in that location and gear towards the students. Look at TIN DRUM, that place is packed all the time.

  2. @the strangers – It’s a bit hard for me to throw a place under the table before it even opens. Sometimes the name can make a difference, but let’s be honest – if the food and service are good – the place will prosper.

    @mingaling – my understanding is that they are having people for dinner tonight … I haven’t walked by there in a couple of weeks – what makes u apprehensive?

  3. The dining room looked very unfinished. This was around lunch, so they may have been able to get it all set late last night based on their deadline. (I’ve been watching a lot of renovation shows lately!)

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