Greg Best Of Holeman And Finch: One Of America’s Best Mixologists

Greg Best just made Playboy.  Don’t worry folks, Greg doesn’t appear in his skimpies.  No, in this case, Mr. Best was just named one of Playboy’s 10-best mixologists.  A co-owner of my favorite watering hole, Best is a certifiable drink geek!  He’s friendly as hell and awesome at what he does … two things that make him a winner in my book.

Backed by his kick ass McIntosh amps (yeah – I’ve said that before), Best makes a seriously killer cocktail … or two … or three … or … you get the idea.  I can’t tell you how many times he’s whipped something up full of ingredients I’ve never heard of.  If you haven’t been already, go grab yourself some pretty solid food while you punch yourself in the rye.  There’s a decent chance we’ll cross paths … I visit often.

UPDATE: I always wanted to know what it was like to be a Playboy photographer.  Okay, no … not really.  But apparently, I now know one … though I didn’t realize it at the time of this post … that picture of Greg came courtesy of one Broderick Smylie.  The guy, who has a serious case of the smiles, snaps many a good photos.  Check him out via the linky belowy

[Via Savory Exposure]

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  1. I’ve been ordering an Old Fashioned at every turn the last few weeks, and no one can measure up to the one Greg made for me a few weeks ago.

    A friend asked “why is your drink taking so long?” to which I said, “shut your mouth and let the man work”.

  2. Too bad the guys a pompous asshole….was there last Friday. The man has no social skills. Greg, your shit DOES stink and at the end of the day you’re nothing more than a glorified bartender.

    • So basically, what you’re doing is trashing a guy without providing any real information. What exactly transpired? Without any real information, this just sounds like someone crying over spilt milk.

      Greg has always been super kind to me, long before I had this blog and long before he had any idea that I am the one behind the blog.

      I’ll be there for my weekly soon enough. In the meantime, I am really curious if this is a legitimate grip or something else.

      • Actually it was my fourth time at H&F and the fourth time I had to wonder whether it was appropriate to actually order from a bartender. (On my third visit I was told you couldn’t order directly from the bar but rather one of the servers floating in the bar area). Maybe they need a list of rules like Vortex.

        I have returned because I do love the food and find the servers gracious and well-informed about the menu.

        This past Friday, I had a friend in town to celebrate his birthday, who traveled 800 miles to Atlanta. I was expecting that we would be treated well while waiting for 90 minutes on a table. After standing at the door without being greeted for over 6 minutes we found a good spot at the bar.

        When one of my guests tried to sit in what appeared to be a vacant stool, she was informed by Greg, “Hey honey, what do you think you’re doing? There is someone sitting there”. Of course she apologized, not intending to jack someone else’s seat. But this reprimand left us all feeling awkward and unwelcome. I guess in retrospect at least he opened his mouth this time rather than ignoring our presence.

        I love the food and will probably return. BUT, please do something to make patrons feel more welcome upon their arrival. If the food is worth the wait, certainly the bar experience should be as well.

        I’m not crying over spilt milk, but trying to let other potential patrons know that while the food is great, you may get typical Atlanta service in order to enjoy it. Surely this restaurant can improve the experience… Or maybe that’s why the head chef is leaving????

        • I can’t really speak to your comment about ordering from the bartender. I’ve never had that problem myself. Even when I’m waiting for a spot at the bar, I’ve been able to order from the bartenders and everyone else that has walked into the place has been able to do the same.

          90-minutes for a table seems excessive, even for this place. I have noticed that from time to time, the host stand may be empty … but never for six minutes. Again, at this point, I pretty much make a bee line for the bar anyway.

          They “Hey honey,” comment is the most intriguing thing. If it was indeed Greg who said that, and indeed that is a direct quote, I’m pretty floored. I’ve never seen any of their staff members refer to any of their customers in that manner.

          The delivery method aside, I don’t know how you can fault a restaurant for telling someone that a seat was occupied. There are a myriad of possibilities here … but that sounds like a remark from a patron holding a seat for someone and not like a remark from a staff member.

          A bad experience is a bad experience … and that sucks that yours was that bad. Still, why would you return after an experience that bad?

  3. i found greg best to be well suited for his job. hes always been very kind to my friends and i, and often goes out of his way to make a positive convo when he see us enter. im glad hes getting the attention he deserves.

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