Shoya Izakaya: No Lunch Yet & More Info In A Bit

Shoya Izakaya opened late last month to a good bit of fan fare.  I’ve been once (but haven’t chatted it up yet), Kessler dropped in, and Eat, Drink, Man quickly shared his thoughts.  Shoya has already given Miso Izakaya more than it can handle.  While MI seems to be failing (only just now obtaining a liquor license), SI is off and running. I’m gonna get back this week and then do a more in depth post; however, I wanted to drop a little 411 real quick.

Per the title, this place doesn’t offer lunch.  In addition, they aren’t open Mondays (which is a good thing … but more on that … probably late today).  Any who … 5pm daily.

Shoya Izakaya Restaurant Address & Information

6035 Peachtree Road, Doraville, GA, 30341 // 770.457.5555 // Shoya Izakaya Website

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  1. why would you say that Miso is failing? as a food blogger, I don’t think it is right to make such suggestions. How many times have you been there to say such a thing.

    • I’ve been several times and wrote about it once. Nothing about the food leads me to believe they will pull it out. Lots of problems with the liquor license (their fault or not … no customer cares why a place doesn’t have liquor), problems getting in the right ingredients, and problems delivering tasty grub.

  2. oh, okay that makes sense then. too bad the restaurant is no good on all levels. service, food, atmosphere.

    • Actually, the service itself hasn’t been much of an issue for me. I think the shortcomings fall entirely on the kitchen and the management. 😉

  3. shoya has 120 items, i find quality is hit and miss. some are good and some are head scratching confusion. im sticking to Taka

  4. If this restaurant has Haru Ichiban roots, as John Kessler reports, and if it’s where the Super H is going to open, I’ll have to drop by and try this one. I’m a huge Haru Ichiban fan.

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