More Free Foodie Books (Fast Food Nation And Food, Inc.) [Comment Contest]

Alright ya’ll, while the emails are still coming in from last Friday’s post, I thought I’d do something a little different to get the rest of the books out the door.  All you have to do here is post a comment that talks about your favorite “____” here in the ATL.  Be it your favorite chef, your favorite meal, you’re favorite restaurant … I don’t care.  Just make it food related and make sure to stand out.  That’s it!  Easy breezy… I’ll snag a few of you over the next couple of days until they’re all gone!  Thanks again to Magnolia Pictures for making this possible!

Oh yeah, you’re email address isn’t displayed to anyone but me.  So, use a real one; otherwise, how am I going to find you?

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  1. Atlanta has more restaurants per capita than any other city in the United States. Its a great city for a foodie like myself to live in and love. I also happen to sell wine for a living so I am a literal translation of the perfect pairing (wine girl plus food city equals perfect meal every time)! The thing that I like best about the food scene in Atlanta is that we have chefs willing to go out on a limb and push the limits of themselves, but also take a risk and push their customers to try new things as well. We have phenomenal chef owned restaurants like Bacchanalia, Aria, Re’past, Shauns… but even our big restaurant groups like Concentrics do their best to excel to the next level with their concepts. We have Buford Hwy where you can get the most authentic anything ethnic your little heart desires. And we have local favorites like R. Thomas that have become an institution in our little culinary world.
    And, since I am a wine girl, I of course see great things in the future for wine consumption as well. We’re still growing and gaining wine knowledge as a whole, but I see lots of people trying new styles of wines consistently and taking risks on bottles they might not normally order. What I hope to see is a consumer that challenges their favorite restaurants to find the inexpensive esoteric wines that aren’t pushed because of a price point or a cheap deal, but simply because of their beauty. That was the kind of wine buyer that I strove to be everyday. I would of course love everyone to decide Italy was the new California when it came to consuming wines, but I understand that love of the old world is something that comes with wine experience.
    So, please, from one foodie to another (or to the up and coming food explorer) get out there and push the limits. Demand the freshest local produce. Expect to be served food that wouldn’t be a travesty if it was your last meal. Don’t eat in restaurants where they treat you like you’re doing them a favor by being there. Get to know your favorite chefs. Order wine like its water (one does not have to drink expensive wine for it to be delicious)! Life is short, you should always eat and drink well :). I dare you!


  2. My favorite restaurant in Atlanta would have to be Matthews Cafeteria in downtown Tucker. While it is not the most highbrow of restaurants, it does have something those other PR-pumped restaurants lack; some damn good fried chicken. I hardly ever get over there these days because work and home aren’t so close to this small cafeteria, but when I do, I make sure to go on a Monday or a Friday so I can savor their best offering. I always make sure to get here before noon because if I don’t I will have to wait in a line that sometimes wraps around the interior and exterior of the building. The best thing about this joint is that I still get the same stuff that I got here as a kid and it still tatses just as good to my grown up sensibilities. I get the fried chicken, mac n’ cheese, mashed potatoes (not quite homemade anymore), and a piece of cornbread. I forgo the Hi-C that I loved as a child. Once I get my meal, I stroll on over to one of the many red-n-white checkered tablecloths, sit in one of those iron chairs and reminisce about coming here as a child.

  3. My favorite food market in Atlanta is the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market, where you can find fresh, frozen and packaged goods as well as produce, alcohol and kitchen products from all over the world. The Korean ready-to-eat section, the Latino bakery section (including fresh tortillas) as well as the Eastern European section are particularly impressive. This is where I take out of town visitors when they come to Atlanta. Saturday is a great day to visit because they have lots of free samples.

  4. My favorite foodie giveaway is this one, because it gives people a chance to learn about foodie facts beyond the taste buds. Taste is extremely important of course, along with presentation, but production should also be considered by discriminating diners. Thanks for passing along the bounty.

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