All Dirty, All The Time: Atlanta Wine Blogger Hardy Wallace Has Dun Blowed Up

Anyone else think I’ve shoved Hardy Wallace down your throats?  Even if the answer is yes … why don’t you sip on this a bit.  Hardy can now be found on the AJC (here care of @John Kessler) and on 11 Alive (here).  But before you jettison my site on your way over to those more reputable news sources, check out one of the video clips from 11Alive:

If you haven’t read Hardy, check out his blog and give him a shout out on twitter!

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  1. Um, now that you mention it, yes. I mean, I think it’s great that Atlanta has a representative to cheer on, and he seems like a nice fellow to support, but sheesh, we get it. 🙂 At least in the Atlanta blog scene, Hardy’s getting about as overexposed as Madonna did in the Eighties. 🙂

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