Wonderful World Burgers & More Opens In Emory Village

wonderful-world-burger-logo Wonderful World Burgers & More, a chain from those behind Tin Drum Café, has opened in Emory Village.  Unlike some other burger joints to show up Atlanta during the past year, WW seems focused on a more straightforward take on the American classic.  However, I did notice a “teri-mayo” hot dog on the menu (pdf) … so not everything there is plane Jane.  In addition, there are daily specials (which seem to operate on a fixed rotation).  To date, there is a kimchi stew, home-style thai curry, and Chinese braised pork shoulder amongst the selections.

Early reports are that the overgrown slider burgers are half decent.  Seeing as that I am a multi-hour car ride away, it’ll be a while before I get down there.

Wonderful World Burgers & More Restaurant Address & Information

1561 North Decatur Rd, Atlanta, GA, 30307 // 404.373.8887 // Wonderful World Burgers Website // Wonderful World Burgers Menu (pdf)

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  1. Happened by here randomly today (28 Aug) at lunch time, decided to have a burger.

    $7.52 for a totally uninteresting slider sized burger, some nicely prepared fries, and an unsweet iced tea for which they could only offer “pink” sweetener. Minimalist decor with only “bar stool” seating available when I was there – the 8-10 chairs at a communal table were all full.

    I have no skill as a food critic, but I was totally disappointed and won’t waste my time and money going back.

  2. I was there a week ago; I think they had been open for 4 days at the time. They were not firing on all cylinders at the time (they didn’t have any onion rings, for example). I would say that as it is right now, there’s nothing special about it, but with a few tweaks it could be a decent place for a quick meal…

    I tend to agree that the burgers are not going to blow anyone away. They are OK, a little on the small side for me (but my wife thought it was the perfect size). The fries were decent (nobody can get close to 5 Guys in that department, in my opinion). The space is kind of a bare bones setup that reminded me of classic tiny college joints – there are a few of them in any quality college town.

    The thing about this place is that it is really inexpensive. And it’s just steps from Emory, so they should have plenty of business. It might be a good idea for them to stay open late for the student business, at least on the weekends, since everything else there closes early.

    I would like to see them offer some more interesting variations, kind of like some of the options @ Vortex. In the “oversize slider” size, and at a price point roughly 1/3 of Vortex (keep them at $3.50 or under, preferably under $3.00), it could be an interesting concept, where people order more than one if they are especially hungry or willing to spend a little more $$$. If they won’t do that, at least offer a bacon cheeseburger.

    I guess it’s more of a suggestion than a review…

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