Atlanta’s Best Chef Blogs

Let’s keep this short but sweet.  Atlanta is full of foodies, full of bloggers, and full of foodies who blog. (I’m looking at you,,,,,  The list goes on from there (this is where you take a look at my blogroll about halfway down the page), but those are just a few.

Not surprisingly, more than a handful of local restaurateurs and chefs also put their thoughts down on digital paper.  I have a long list of those that I follow, but here are just a few that grease my monkey (in alphabetical order):

Marla Adams : Babette’s Cafe :
Adams, who may be the most sporadic of the bloggers listed here, only posts once every handful of weeks.  The blog seems to double as both a inside into some of the goings on at her operation and as a place for her to express herself.  The posts are often deeply personal and it’s always interesting to read someone who puts their plate on a platter (so to speak).

Taka Moriuchi :Taka Sushi :
Moriuchi, who has been a fixture in the Atlanta sushi scene since his day’s at Soto, now runs his own joint on Pharr Road in Buckhead, aptly named Taka.  His postings used to be somewhat sporadic, but he’s really picked up the pace since March.  Though there are intermittent stray posts, the majority of them focus on sushi and his restaurant.  He is even kind enough to share a few recipes with us … like this one for okra tempura.

Todd Richards : Lush Life Group :
Richards, who has several establishments around town (Rolling Bones BBQ and One Flew South), drops in about once every couple of weeks.  His posts range from the deeply personal to the deeply off topic.  While it may not always be NSFW, it’s always entertaining and enlightening.

There are a whole bunch of them out there folks, but that list is a good place to start.  Buddha … OUT!

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  1. Lately I’ve been liking the ATL food blog, “The Food Abides”. Double word score for having a site name that is a play on the tagline from The Big Lebowski

  2. Hi, there.
    I work at Dynamic Dish and also keep the blog there.
    I must point out that it’s not a “chef blog”.
    (David is way too busy in the kitchen and at the markets to fiddle with web stuff.)
    PR? Since we don’t have a static menu, the pictures and twitterfeed of the lunch menu are there to give you an idea of what we’re serving!
    Thanks for the mention, though.

    • Shelley –
      I can’t even begin to fathom what would posses you to chime in defensively about a positive piece of PR. Regardless of whether it is actually Dave making the posts, the blog IS a PR tool. I said that the main utility of it for readers is to get an update on what food is coming out of the restaurant. Blogs, pictures, and twitter feeds ARE FORMS OF PR!!!!!

      • Sure. I guess I felt defensive about David’s being singled out as “mainly (using) the blog as a PR outlet”. I can’t deny that it is, in fact, public relations. I know only too well that every facet of what we do in this business, once the kitchen door swings shut behind us, is PR.

        I really only commented because I don’t want people believing David is responsible for any silliness that shows up on the blog. As hopelessly naive as it sounds, that blog is a labor of love to me, and I look at it like I’m supporting some of the great work David is doing.

        Okay, so I also might even be a little defensive of Edgewood being called a “trek”. We get a bad rap, that way. We’re right in the middle of a bunch of excellent stuff. The neighborhood is, of course, Sweet Auburn, just east of downtown Atlanta, Georgia!

  3. You missed one! My blog is a baby, officially started on 9/6. However, I have been writing food articles for Atlanta’s Finest Dining for a couple of years. Hope you check it out! By the way, you are on my blogroll (of course!)

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