Sayonara ESPN Zone In Buckhead [Closings]

According to an article in today’s online edition of the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the ESPN Zone in Buckhead is a thing of the past.  A notice popped up today informing potential patrons that the sports bar was now closed. With the vast number of sports bars between me and the Zone, I can’t say I made it there frequently.  That said, I’m a little surprised to hear about this.  According to the article, all of the 140 employees received a 60-day administrative leave package, so that’s nice to hear.

[via Biz Chronicle]

UPDATE: Since this went up, 11-Alive posted a video that talks about the troubled times for Buckhead and its restaurants.

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  2. The reason why they closed down is because its dead down their….Once they closed the party district a couple of years ago which was the only reason I went down their. Traffic stopped and i’m sure they started to lose buisiness.Atlanta needs to look at the economics of things before they do stuff…Thet talk about making that area the rodeo drive of the south…in this economy no one has that kind of money to spend that idea is a complete waste of time and you are going to see more buisiness closing in the comin months-years…its really a shame to be honest..

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